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Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave

Today young mistress Cassidy is upbringing her newbie slave. He did not have such experiences before and does not have any skills; he is going to be touched what the humiliation and pain actually is. Being slapped on face and spit in his mouth he still pleases his mistress by kissing and licking her shoes. The lady checks out her servant’s genitals and slaps it with hand and stack. The slave has to resignedly handle out everything! After that, the slave turns into a toilet. Mrs. Squats on his face and uses it for her nasty needs. After drinking all till the last drop, the slave got to clean up her wet pussy with his tongue.

Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave   young mistress strict mistress spit in mouth slave pee drinking pain humiliation human toilet face slapping

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • spit in mouth femdom
  • toilet slave piss drinking

Double anal femdom trouble

It’s time to tame another naughty little male slave and young mistress Agatha is obviously someone who can take proper care of this uneasy task. In this scene you will see her playing with the moaning boy toy real rough – and drilling him with a strap-on until his asshole comes gaping wide open!

Double anal femdom trouble   young mistress strap on male slave gaping asshole double anal boy toy ass drilling anal femdom

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom male butthole

Face Time 2

Face Time 2   young mistress pussy licking mistress butt plug ass licking
Young and horny, Mistress Svetlana spends ten minutes on the slave’s face. She spreads Her pussy out wide and has him lick the clit hard then turns and has Her brown hole serviced. Splayed out over his face he sucks and licks Her until his jaw gets sore. She thoroughly enjoys the attention Her cunt and asshole receive. Mistress Svetlana grabs the vibrator and finishes Herself off on the slave’s face. She orders him over the horse and begins to beat his ass with a leather strap. She beats his ass for a bit and then orders him to sit and tilt his head back and applies Her asshole to his tongue. She wants to have the taste of Her ass fresh in his mouth during the beating. She beats him a bit more with the leather strap and switches to a hard slapper which starts to raise red welts. Down to the floor he goes and Mistress Svetlana puts Her asshole over his mouth and orders him to tongue and rim it. Back over the horse he is then beaten with the hard wooden paddle. He takes a ton of beating and then She moves to put the big black vibrating butt plug in his ass and turns it on. She resumes beating his ass with the cane as the vibrating plug is jammed up his ass. She canes him hard for a few minutes and then orders him to stand. She strokes his cock hard and then teases him a bit as She moves the black plate into position. She tells him She wants a big load and milks out his balls onto the plate. She jerks out a huge load and keeps pulling on his cock long after the last drop is out just to ruin any pleasure he has gotten. She orders him to sit and tips the contents of the plate down his throat.

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