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Midevil Brandi

Slave mutt has found himself tied to the whipping post in Mistress Brandi’s outside torture patio. Mistress Brandi starts off mutt’s punishment by flogging his back and ass while also putting some highly visible scratch marks on his back with her three inch nails. Next she indulges in single tail whipping, strapping, cock and ball whipping, and nipple torture. She then places mutt on her midevil stretching rack, lights a cigartette, and burns mutt’s cock, balls, and nipples. Also includes lots of Mistress Brandi ashing her cigarette into mutt’s mouth and spitting into his mouth. Mutt is then made to worship his Mistress’s heels.

Midevil Brandi   whipping torture spitting Mistress Brandi flogging ass worship (more…)

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Mistress Brandi
  • Fem Dom whipping
  • femdom ass mistress brandi
  • toilet slave works biqle

Nicole Whipass

This is the debut video of Mistress Nicole Masters. She comes home from work wearing a sleek black business suit and quickly becomes furious when she finds out her slave has not walked her dog. Shawn admits his mistakes and is punished with hard hand spanking, belt whipping, sexy smothering, face slapping and paddling. Mistress Nicole then changes into something more comfortable (a sheer nightgown) and continues Shawn’s lessons with some hard whipping on his ass and back before washing his mouth out with soap.

Nicole Whipass   whipping slapping paddling (more…)

This Femdom scene contains:

  • nicole whipass

Persephone Whipsmoke

Persephone looks magnificant in her blue latex gown. She is interviewing nimrod Nathan for the position of whipping boy. Nathan does not seem to be taking the job too seriously so Persephone decides to give him a tryout. This video is all about whipping as Mistress Persephone uses her short single tail whip, long martinets, buggy whips, floggers, and more on poor Nathan. Through out the video Persephone is smoking even while whipping Nathan with lots of good closeup smoking shots. By the end of the video, Nathan’s back and ass are covered with marks and welts. This video will make any masochist think twice about doing a whipping session with Persephone.

Persephone Whipsmoke   whipping smoking Mistress Persephone masochist (more…)

“Be Our Receptacle”

A slave is lucky enough to serve two FemDoms and be a receptacle for bodily fluids as well as a target for whipping. How lucky can one man get? One Mistress wants her bunghole swabbed by the slave’s tongue. Both mistresses see him as the perfect receptacle for both spit and piss. Whipping? Oh my, yes — he’s in for plenty of that too! Humiliation is the order of the day when the two Mistresses treat — or should we say MIStreat — their slave to a barrage of maltreatment that only a dedicated slave such as this guy would be willing to put up with!

Be Our Receptacle   whipping slave mistresses humiliation

Tease and Torment Time

A trio of dominatrixes works over a penitent captive in this hot little BDSM flick. This trio of cruel FemDoms enjoys tormenting their bound male captive, any way they can. Hmmm… as the famous poet said, “Let me count the ways.” Wanna count the ways they torment their guy? Well, to start, they enjoy toying with his cock. And then… let’s see… they also enjoy flashing cunt at him. Oh… and did Ii mention that they flash their twats at him while whipping him? Hmmm… I left that little detail out. But the Mistresses don’t leave anything out… or leave anything to the imagination.

Tease and Torment Time   whipping tormenting mistresses imagination dominatrixes cruel femdoms captive bound male bound BDSM

This Femdom scene contains:

  • mature domina tumblr

Daac Ramsey, Lorelei Lee

Daac Ramsey, Lorelei Lee   whipping tease and denial strapon Sabrina Fox Lorelei Lee cumming brutal bondage

Daac Ramsey, Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee pushes daac hard with difficult bondage, tease and denial, a brutal whipping and a clothespin zipper on his chest. he is sodomized by Lorelei’s big, black strapon cock and then he must prove himself a man by cumming on demand. Can daac do it?

Intricate shoot. Beautiful direction (Sabrina Fox, I presume?). Sexy doming from Lorelei, who has an awful presence on screen. With a little problem here, but I don’t know if there is a ‘regular’ problematic of CM shoots. Downhill racing. The guy has a wooden hard-on at start, and is a very little worm in the end. Is it the meaning and the intention of the shoot? I suspect Lorelei not to want to be fucked by men. The antithesis of Nika. While Nika’s problematic is to have men in pain in order to deserve her pussy, I feel Lorelei a ‘cold’ domme’ in this shoot, working only into humiliation of the guy. Why ask him in the end to be hard for her, if she NEVER shows him she could have a desire for his cock? Thus, this beautiful shoot is also a miss for me, into seductive dimension. My lonesome feeling.

— Atalanta

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Lorelei Lee femdom


Devaun   whipping suspension strapon slave slapping pussy flogging electro play bondage bitch beating


Tied up and used, suspension and electro play … all things Devaun likes a lot. But the bitch will need to earn her rewards. Chanta will make her slave earn these things by taking a good beating, flogging, slapping, and hard suspension bondage. Devaun’s pussy is tenderized with a solid whipping from the stinging cat-o-nine-tails. Suspended in a blindfold, the bitch agonizes and screams in pleasure at the same time. Finally she’s earned her biggest prize: a hard fuck from Chanta’s hard strapon cock.

Amen to that Chanta…I love what others have to say but so much negativity lately is getting trite. I would hope that foment was being sarcastic in the comment (if I wrote something like that I would meant for it being taken sarcastically but that is just how I am). I will come back tomorrow to comment on the shoot…but it was incredible.

— staceyp

This Femdom scene contains:

  • poisontube cattle prod

Phoenix Marie, Nika Noire and Les Moore

Phoenix Marie, Nika Noire and Les Moore   wormboy whipping strapon punishment Phoenix Marie pervert Nika Noire humiliated capturing bound abusing

Phoenix Marie, Nika Noire and Les Moore

les moore spies on Nika and Phoenix Marie making out after a night on the town. When he’s discovered, these two beauties waste no time in capturing the pervert and drag him into their room where he’s bound tight, stripped down, and punished with a sound whipping. The two ladies make fun of the wormboy for having a floppy penis, they order him to worship and lick both of their arse holes, and use his cock for their own pleasure. Finally they take out their strapon cocks and go to work on les’ mouth and arse, leaving him very worn out and humiliated.

«To be or not to be [hard]» – Part I : «To be [peep viewer] or not to be [off peep view]?». Lesbians scene, hurting and abusing a guy having not only bad tries at peeping private lesbian intercourse, but bad habits to be soft to his hard-on. A great scene, full of enthusiastic reciprocal playing, girls hysteria and clever story-line. Sound and fury. Les makes the scream music. Nika transmits the rhythm and Phoenix plays the counterpoint. I do not feel reproachable lacks in the acting, so present is the play of Nika, notably, showing she is not only a sadist, but gifted for comedy too, with amazing speed, intricate fluid face mimics and closeness to the partners. The pains for punishment sake and forced stimulations to have the peeper come are finely mixed. Little experience still from me of that sort of scenes, but the feeling we’re here on a true ground. A shoot abusively underrated at a 4.2 level. An delightful moment for me and a great shoot.

— regisjean

Nika Noire, Rico

Nika Noire, Rico   whipping strapon slave satisfaction pain Nika Noire bondage bitch

Nika Noire, Rico

rico suffers the consequence of a really dumb mistake: after telling Nika Noire that she’s soft with the whip, Nika flies into a fit of rage and really lets her bitch have it. Seeing the pain she inflicts on her slave gives her great satisfaction. rico is placed in severe bondage that pulls him up onto his toes, Nika shocks him repeatedly with her cattle prod, and shows rico how hard she can really use the whip. A heavy cement block is tied to rico’s balls, and as gravity takes it’s inevitable course, rico wished he had never opened his mouth. Nika milks her bitch’s cock before putting on her big black strapon cock for a fierce ass-fucking.

Nika is just unbelievably hot. Seeing someone this beautiful enjoying being this wicked is the best. When she was whipping him and he began to really feel the pain she continued and looked as if she was really into his torment. I would gladly take any torment from Nika just to have the chance to be body to body with her. Here’s to more sacrificing and serving up ourselves to beautiful Nika.

— wes

Divine Bitches