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Cum clean

A cock and ball whipping is used on a lazy maid when Princess comes home to a dirty house. Princess sticks a feather duster up Her slaves ass and spanks his cock and balls while making him clean. When his chores are done She rewards Her slave allowing him to fuck Her shoe and cum at Her feet. After the slave cums on Her shoes, She allows him the honor of licking them, and Shes going to make sure he gets them absoultely clean!

Femdom girl brags about her slave to a friend

Femdom girl brags about her slave to a friend   whipping sucking submissive slave mistress femdom blonde mistress BDSM ballbusting Princess No and her best pal are together for some coffee, a chat and to exchange their experiences, especially in the realm of BDSM fun. The blonde is already an expert when it comes to making men her personal boy toys and getting them to do whatever she tells them to, but her brunette friend has just started learning the tools of the BDSM trade and wants to pick up a few pointers and tricks. A well trained slave is called in for the brunette to learn how to handle men, she’s to sit by and watch as her blonde mistress uses her feet and her stern voice to get the slave to do anything she wants him to, starting from cleaning her shoes with his tongue to slowly and thoroughly sucking on each and every toe of hers. Only a completely submissive man would obey all of these commands with no physical encouragement in the form of BDSM whipping or ballbusting, the blond angel knows her stuff and her friend has a lot to learn from her.

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire   whipping slut slapping Nika Noire face slapping bondage fuckdoll bondage

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire

A new bondage superstar may have been found in Sindee Jennings. This hungry slut is more than happy to suffer through Nika’s slapping and harsh words in the hopes of a sexual reward. When vibrated she cums hard, when fucked tied up she is totally orgasmic and when she has the honor of putting her tongue in Nika’s asshole she does so hungrily and without hesitation. Sindee has all the qualities of a bondage fuckdoll: obedience, sluttiness, pain tolerance and an eagerness to please.

I agree with ITG that there should be enemas on this site. I loved Nika’s boots! Great strap-on and face slapping. Syndee was very enthusiastic! A little more whipping would be great. All in all a very good shoot.

— rhcp67

This Femdom scene contains:

  • dominatrix-face-slapping-tube
  • femdom face slap
  • fendom face slapping
  • femdom whipping tumblr

Trinity Post

Trinity Post   whipping strapon fucked strapon squirt pain orgasm flogged asshole

Trinity Post

Trinity is going to have work very hard to keep Chanta impressed today. In metal shackles, she is introduced to 2 kinds of pain before being stripped. An orgasm is ripped from her cunt and she is tied in doggy position for some anal electroplay. Hot wax falls on her asshole and feet as she suffers through the increased voltage. Having a huge orgasm from all of the sensations leaves Trinity exhausted but now it’s time to be anally strapon fucked. Spanked, flogged and whipped until her ass is red, and penetrated until her hole is stretched, Trinity can’t help but squirt everywhere. As she doesn’t ask permission for every orgasm, in the end there is some severe pain waiting for her.

Ok Trinity was being a bit of a coward. But, I dont know about you guys, but I find it quite amusing and entertaining, even a bit sexy, when the girl knows that Chanta is displeased with her and that she is going to get punished for it, and she doesnt want to get punished at all. And when she is, she hates it. Hoppla! – The last bondage, basic and simple and naked and accessible for the whip, was sexy and becoming. (As it is for all women…) But that whipping should have lasted 10 times longer! Nice shoot.

— frants

This Femdom scene contains:

  • lezdom tumblr
  • femdom whipping
  • nimrod femdom
  • Gestapo Whip Scenes

Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale   whipping Twisted Factory submissive strapon fucking strapon slapped painful flogging

Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale is late for her first lesbian domination. Her day at the Twisted Factory begins with painful electroshocks on her ass, hard strapon fucking and flogging. Fear of what’s to come is slapped into this collared lifestyle submissive. Finally Charlotte Vail is punished with 1 whipping for every one of the 19 minutes she arrived late. She’s tied down on the stretch rack and her cunt is abused, she’s had all day to look forward to this painful ordeal.

I agree that she reminds me of the Victorian submissive found in my imagining of the Pearl and other Victorian erotic literature; her beauty and curves are really a turn on – not the plastic too beautiful fakes we are blasted with everywhere we turn. Again, the real girl – the girl next door, the girl who works in your office or the bank – is so very very incredibly more erotic to watch – like the cerebral Kristine – so much sexier; (or could it be that it lets me put myself in their places much easier since I am a “real” girl, the girl next door, too.) Hope to see Charlotte again, but this time submitting to much harder pain that she obviously wanted and needed – she really enjoyed the flogging she got, but I wish that the entire shoot had been as fantastic and intense as the 19 cat-o-nine tails punishments she got while racked! And 19 was way too small a number for her tardiness, and thus it went by way too quickly for my taste! Being in the “lifestyle” she obviously needed a lot more for her to even feel it, so, hopefully, this shoot was just a small snipet of much more to come (I know, no pun intended). I can’t wait until I can see her subjected, by a woman, to the intensity she needs and obviously wants.

— softstorm

This Femdom scene contains:

  • painful femdom
  • femdom whip

Sara Faye

Sara Faye   whipping strapon pain slut face slapped electroplay bondage BDSM ass worship

Sara Faye

Kinky and innocent-looking is a powerful combination. Sara Faye is a pain slut and loves bondage. She’s spanked hard and often, her red ass a proof of the no-nonsense blows she’s received. Although a BDSM lover, Sara has never tried electroplay and has never been expertly face-slapped. Today this will change. Her cunt is warmed up with a solid whipping followed by a hard strapon fuck. She’s ordered to worship Chanta’s feet and to lick her large ass. So how did Sara like this new exposure to serious BDSM play? Click here to find out …..

Hurt me then burp me! These are salty gorgeous women to have over for a bite of dinner! :)

— jimbomio

All in Vinyl

The Vinyl Queen and Bart wanted to film one of their real CP scenes with no story or dialogue. This video is 100% pure ass thrashing from beginning to end. Vinyl Queen, dressed in a black cat suit and gestapo hat secures Bart to her whipping post and beats him with floggers, quirts, straps with spikes, wooden paddles, canes, and some nasty single tail whips that leave poor Bart with cuts and welts all over his ass. Vinyl Queen doesn’t just hit you with a paddle- she winds up and swings with her hips and does a full body follow-thru. Also includes scenes with Bart bent over a spanking horse..

All in Vinyl   whipping spanking All in Vinyl   whipping spanking All in Vinyl   whipping spanking All in Vinyl   whipping spanking
  • Beneath Her