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Ever heard of the Fruit Torture?

Ever heard of the Fruit Torture?   torture subslut femdom
Lady K. and her arrogant friend feel nothing but contempt for their little subslut pets. Claudia is forced to behave like a dog, and big-titted Babsi must lie naked on the dinner table and is fucked with various kinds of fruit and vegetables…

This Femdom scene contains:

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This male slave is nothing but scum for his Lady

This male slave is nothing but scum for his Lady   torture spank slave male slave femdom female slave
Syonera’s slave – his name is Number Three – is a pathetic creature. He licks his Lady’s shoes like a dog, and after that he bends over so that Kaya can spank and wax his ass. But that’s just the beginning. Kaya has several torture instruments that her slave has never experienced before. But in return for his indulgence, she orders a female slave to suck his dick…

Interrogated by a hooker

Kid dynamite is so happy that he won big in Vegas and he hires an expensive girl to come to his hotel suite. He can’t help running his big mouth and not only tell her about his winnings but also where they are, the only thing he needs is the code for the safe. Next thing he knows he was drugged and wakes up naked and handcuffed in a bathtub. She proceeds to dunk him over and over again and hold him under water for a long time with her hand and under her foot. Can he resist her torture or will he be forced to give up the code?

Interrogated by a hooker   under foot torture handcuffed

This Femdom scene contains:

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