• Glam Bitches

Cruel Domination

Painfull humiliation for our slave dog. We torture him in the cloak room. We kick his balls and I step on his useless body. We torture him with an electric fly flap. I step on his nipples pushing them into his body until they’re completely gone. At the end the slave has to lick the filthy floor in the cloak room while we just laugh at this pathetic loser.

Mistress’s torture tool

Mistress Anna is here to prove that you don’t have to be big to break real tough-ass bastards in. She is a tiny lady but… Just look at that huge jock of her slave. He’s pretty ripped, manly and strong – and still he is crawling at her feet like a guilty dog afraid of a hard beating. Better watch out, doggy – the mommy’s gonna torture you until your filthy cock turns into the center of your agony!

Mistresss torture tool   torture slave mistress beating

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • strong mistress beating her slave
  • mistress beatdown a male
  • Beneath Her