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Jerking off as a toilet slave

You, little toilet pig, will now jerk off for your mistress, but it’s going to be very perverted! You’ll jerk it the way I tell you and you’ll imprint into your slave brain what I’m telling you. You’ll jerk off and cum as you imagine to be my living toilet. You’ll imagine how I’ll piss and shit all over you. Your thoughts will only circle around me using you as a human toilet until I’ll use you as my real life some time! While you cum you’ll open your toilet mouth wide for me … I’ve to use it urgently!

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Be my fucking toilet slave!

Hey there! Useless piece of shit! I hate the feeling of toilet paper on my soft skin. I don’t want to use it anymore. So it’s good that YOU are here! You will clean me! Put your tongue out and lick my pussy clean. Lick every single drip of my pee! Yeah, that’s much better than using toilet paper! But you know I don’t have to pee only…! You will have to clean my ass too? Of course, also with your tongue!

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Training to be a toilet slave

So you really want to become my toilet slave? Did you give that enough thought? You know, once you cross this line, there’s no going back. Only my best slaves will have the honor of serving me that close – so you better work hard to satisfy me. In the beginning you’ll use your tongue to clean my toilet and later the real toilet slavery starts. I won’t need a normal toilet any more then as you’ll be used as my toilet then – for everything!

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