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Cum clean

A cock and ball whipping is used on a lazy maid when Princess comes home to a dirty house. Princess sticks a feather duster up Her slaves ass and spanks his cock and balls while making him clean. When his chores are done She rewards Her slave allowing him to fuck Her shoe and cum at Her feet. After the slave cums on Her shoes, She allows him the honor of licking them, and Shes going to make sure he gets them absoultely clean!

Cum clean   whipping spanks slave maid licking female domination cum ball whipping

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Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn, Berlin   tight asshole spanks slave pussy pain slut lesbian domination fuckdoll Cherry Torn Berlin BDSM ass licker

Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn becomes Mz. Berlin’s latest sex slave in her search for the best pussy and ass licker in BDSM today. Cherry’s tits are tied tight and she tries to hide some bruises she has with a slutty red skirt. When questioned, Cherry admits to receiving 22 birthday spankings from 3 different friends. Berlin reacts by giving her 66 spanks and cane hits before fucking her ass deep. Cherry worships Berlin’s boots before earning her wet pussy and tight asshole. Many forced orgasms are taken from Cherry as she swaps between sex gimp, pain slut and fuckdoll in this lesbian domination scene.

Well, better dive into rough waters naked of metaphors. Good shoot but no mind blower on the road. No real chemistry between the girls, not because of lack of game cleverness, but of link of personal empathy. I’m partial. For I feel empathy with Berlin, and I remember if this shoot is n° 342, her superb shoot with Daisy Strong is n° 346 at the Factory. So, I will bind myself to say I’m in empathy with this new turn into Mz_Berlin’s domming – the natural way to play the dome which is for me her greatest upcoming in recent times. But I’m afraid to recognize I am unable to feel empathy with Cherry, at least Cherry-342. This rather tough girl seems to me stranger to the scene, through defensive and smiling mood, so she suffers (an enjoys) but is not INTO it very much. The two personalities do not match closely. I have said my truth : you can cut me into pieces.

— regisjean

Harmony, Mark Frenchy

Harmony, Mark Frenchy   spanks slave Mistress Harmony humiliation fucking bound bitch boy

Harmony, Mark Frenchy

mark frenchy has the audacity to stick his cock through the glory hole. Mistress Harmony is not amused, she quickly grabs it and in no time has the balls tightly bound and secured. Incapable of controlling his urges, mark begs for Harmony to take his dick in her mouth, he’ll do anything, he promises. She bites down on his aroused dick and spanks mark hard. The poor bastard is abused both verbally and on his raw dick, which Harmony is focused on torturing. She continues her diversion by tying her slave to a chair and fucking herself with his tool. Now it’s bitch boy’s turn to get the shaft. Harmony secures him to a table with his legs spread wide open. She takes her bitch’s ass hard and rough until he can’t take it any more. His cock is milked and his juices are fed to him in a final act of humiliation.

Great Chemistry!! Harmony is at her best beating Frenchy,

— Madgrad

TJ West, DragonLily

TJ West, DragonLily   strapon spanks slapped pain slut foot worship flogging DragonLily

TJ West, DragonLily

tj west is a bad student who’d rather read comics in class than study. DragonLily takes her job seriously, and when a student is in need of discipline, she’s just the person to dish it out. She covers her bitch’s head with a hood, bends him over, and spanks him hard. tj is educated to the tune of nipple clamps, flogging, and foot worship. Next he’s stood up, still tied, and his dick is slapped and paddled. Wouldn’t you know it, tj is a pain slut and his cock immediately stands to attention, so DragonLily milks him then slaps his sensitive dick. She ties weights to his balls and lets them swing, jarring tj with pain. Then a sharp stiletto heel is pressed into tj’s cock before his ass is violated by DragonLily’s strapon cock. tj fails to thank DragonLily for such careful attention, so he’s ordered to deep-throat the strapon cock.

I think this Domme Role has been very theraputic for Dragon Lilly, she just gleams with life during this scene. TJ also did a good job of being a Sub.

— Madgrad

Vanity is a sin

Vanity is a sin   spanks punishment maid
Even though Lady K. is very pleased by the new white dress of her cute maid, she abhors the vanity of her sub. So the Lady decides that a little punishment is in order. First she spanks her sub’s little ass, and then she turns to more severe forms of punishment.

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Femdom Meaness

Berlin, Rocky

Berlin, Rocky   strapon spanks smothered mistress lick ass hand job dominatrix bitch Berlin

Berlin, Rocky

Already Berlin has had to wait around for a late patient. Now he also shows lack of respect by asking her to give him a hand-job, this brings out to Dominatrix in her which is the beginning of a trip into S&M that rocky will not easily forget. Dr. Berlin ties rocky to the exam table, balls and all. She begins shocking him with the wand, this makes him squirm and jerk, but every time he moves his tied balls remind him who’s in charge here. Smothered by Berlin massive tits, even rocky’s breathing is not in his control. Then he’s ordered to lick his Mistress’ ass before she flogs and spanks him. Seeing her bitch writhe and squirm is turning Berlin on. So she ties rocky down on his back and rides his cock hard. Satisfied, she turns rocky over and takes his ass with her large strapon cock.

i’m trying to figure out what Berlin likes more, Sodomizing her Bitch Boys or Verbally Abusing them?

— madgrad

  • Strapon Submission