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Mommy’s Little Pervert

Pervy Corbin Dallas is jerking off furiously when his stepmom Julia Ann walks in on him. There he is, in her bed, smothering his face with her panties, and Julia’s furious! After a quick verbal dress down, Julia realizes that this isn’t going to be enough to put her stepson in his place. So she climbs on the bed and gives him what he wants…and then some. First she stuffs her panties into his mouth, berating him and mocking him the whole time, daring him to keep jerking off. Then she takes his cock in her own hand and shows him how it’s supposed to be done. Corbin’s excited but confused, especially when Julia starts taking her clothes off and making him wear them. She puts him over her knee and spanks his ass, but that’s just the beginning of the punishment. She then ties him up and cracks out a huge fucking strap-on. But that giant cock goes straight into Corbin’s ass, and Julia delights in plowing him deep and hard. She orders him onto his back and then continues fucking his stretched hole, commanding that he make himself slide on it like the little pervy momma’s bitch he is. She jerks him off while he fucks himself on her strap-on, and makes him cum even as she’s telling him to hold it. The next punishment is wiping his load all over his face and leaving him there. Finally, Julia brings out the big guns and Corbin’s put into an inverted suspension and made to eat her pussy until she cums…repeatedly. The blood rushes to his head as Julia pulls his face straight into her wet pussy, using his mouth and tongue to cum. When she’s finished with him, she gets up and leaves him there, to think about what he’s done.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • mommy somination sex

Disobedient Masturbating Slave Punished and Fucked with a Fat Cock

Three days caged and captive in Veruca James’ divine dungeon and Ruckus can’t hold back his baser desires any longer. He looks around and slowly beings to masturbate. But slaves don’t get away with anything in Veruca’s lair! Veruca catches him almost sticky-handed and decides this selfish whore needs a lesson. Veruca shocks Ruckus all over with the zapper. He squirms in his cage as he futilely struggles to avoid getting zapped. Next Veruca crops him all over his body, paying special attention to his vulnerable balls. Then she brings out the cane and canes both his feet and legs. She places a mousetrap on his penis and clover clamps on his sensitive hard nipples. Ruckus’ face twists in pain as he takes his punishment from his Mistress. Next, it’s time for a game of hide and seek as Ruckus is gagged and tied with one leg up in the air. Veruca clover clamps his balls before hiding her fat cock in his tight asshole. Ruckus loves when his Mistress fucks him in the ass, and can’t stop moaning. After she’s done with his ass, she hides his face under her own juicy glorious ass, smothering him as he tries to breathe. Finally, Ruckus hangs upside down in an inverted suspension. Veruca flogs his body before letting him worship her pussy and her ass. Ruckus must prove himself and gets to work burying his face in Veruca’s ass. After she cums, she brings him down to the floor so she can watch this filthy slut cum all over himself. Obviously, Ruckus doesn’t get to cum first. Veruca masturbates over him and instructs him in how to jerk off and touch his cock and balls. After she cums multiple times, Ruckus is finally allowed the pleasure of cumming. Ruckus blows a fat load of cum all over himself and Veruca makes him clean up his mess. Ruckus is made to eat some of his cum, before Veruca rubs the remainder all over his face.

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Waiting For Her

Bea is home alone. She waits for Joss to come. She has nothing to do except she got one slave in the corner. What else to do than plays with slave boy. In the meantime, Joss comes in the house and find just a slave. Bea has gone to buy something for drink. And now Joss plays with the slave. Finally, they celebrate together and mistreat a guy.

Waiting For Her   trampling smothering foot worship foot fetish foot domination facesitting butt crush Extreme barefoot trample by Bea.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Butt Crushing Femdom porn

Chanel Preston Takes Payment From Reed Jameson in Painful Installments

The stunning goddess Chanel Preston is head of the Divine Investments Firm. This beautiful busty brunette demands your worship and attention. Dressed for business in her short skirt, stocking and high heels, this femdom mistress commands authority in her business. Today is a very special day though, it has come to her attention a pathetic worker Reed Jameson, a lead investor she has spent hard time training up, has been caught skimming. Tied up tight to a chair in rope bondage in the company basement, it’s time for him to pay back every penny. Still in his business suit, his pathetic cock hangs out ready for punishment. There is nothing this loser thief can say now to save his sorry ass. Chanel stuffs his mouth shut with a red ball gag to muffle his screams from the painful clover clamps on his nipples. It’s a good thing they are in the basement, because this pain slave gets a corporal punishment beating with the cane next before the flogger comes out. His thighs turn bright red before Chanel changes her focus to his sensitive cock and balls. Using her high heels she squashes that pathetic phallus as Reed squirms in pain. Chanel takes a bucket of clamps and slowly clips each one onto his sack. The pain gets Reed rock hard before Chanel takes her stocking foot and applies hard pressure to his most sensitive balls. Finally ripping each clamp off brings huge screams as she laughs in his face. And Chanel is just beginning. Tied up again in rope bondage, stripped naked, Reed is ready to pay everything back with his ass. With a big black strap-on Chanel pounds his horny hole. This deep anal causes Reed to scream even louder before she pulls out and shoves that cock in his mouth. Tied up once again with his hard cock out, it’s time for Chanel to take what she wants. Pussy licking, smothering, hard fucking, and foot worshipping brings this femdom mistress pleasure.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • bdsm tenderised balls
  • mistress pleasure cbt
  • rough cbt hqcollect

Fashion Model Ana Foxxx Turns Will Havoc Into Her Plaything – Ana Foxxx

The stunning Ana Foxxx is at a high fashion photo shoot with the nervous and sweaty Will Havoc. What could be distracting him soo much! Ana decides to turn this fashion slut into her very own play thing. Hard spanking on all his sensitive parts, cock and ball biting, and face sitting get her soo turned on and ready for more FemDomme Torment. She teases the ever begging Will with her beautiful ass and tight pussy smothering his face. The action gets hotter when Ana restricts Will with leather bondage and ties his pulsing cock up with rope before delivering a brutal flogging. While Will is still tied up, Ana delivers a deep fucking with her huge strapon. Finally Ana Foxxx makes will go down for some pussy licking before tormenting him one last time with edge fucking. After he shoots his trembling load, Ana spits it all back in his face and makes him eat it all up. Such a good boy.

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Cherry Torn’s Tea Service and Slave Punishment – Cherry Torn

It’s tea time in the Armory and Pathetic slave Artemis Faux is ready to worship and serve the exquisite FemDomme Mistress Cherry Torn. Restrained in leather bondage, Artemis is prepared for corporal punishment, face sitting, smothering and high heels foot worshipping. Cherry decides to tie her willing slave up for tight rope bondage cock torment before zapping him with electricity and strap-on fucking. Artemis finally pleases his mistress with a dildo gag orgasm all over his pathetic face.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • cherry torn tea service

Naughty, Naughty Chad – Mz Berlin, Dia Zerva, Chad Rock

Mz Berlin has given the naughty Chad Rock the perfect BDSM ultimatum take his punishment like a man and go home with super sexy Dia Zerva or face the wrath of Mz Berlin. First Chad is suspended by his feet as Berlin and Dia flog and cattle prod him into submission. Then Berlin and Dia take turns milking his pathetic cock and smothering his face with their beautiful asses. Finally, Berlin and Dia pound his tight little asshole with their giant strap-on cocks. After being fucked and humiliated, Chad is left with Dia and Dia will do whatever she sees fit to this naughty sub.

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Naughty, Naughty Chad   Mz Berlin, Dia Zerva, Chad Rock   submission strap on cocks smothering Mz Berlin humiliated Dia Zerva cattle prod BDSM

This Femdom scene contains:

  • mz Berlin chad rock
  • chad rock and mz berlin videos

Body Teasing – Lefty, Sativa Rose

Sativa knows she is beautiful, and that she can keep men bound for hours waiting for her to pay them any attention. lefty is tightly strapado’ed with his cock and balls bound but he will not complain about his predicament, as long as Sativa is there flogging him and teasing him with her body. his hard cock proves that he likes being used as a toy for a dominant woman’s amusement. Sativa ties him to the wall and pushes her ass against his face, smothering him as she masturbates and cums, all the while humiliating lefty with her words. Later, she roughly strokes his cock, ordering him to cum on command. Once milked, he is bent over like a bitch and fucked in the ass with Sativa’s ample strapon cock.

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Body Teasing   Lefty, Sativa Rose   strapon cock smothering Sativa Rose masturbates humiliating flogging dominant ass fucking

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