BDSM Torturing Live

Category : Femdom

BDSM Torturing Live   torturing slave mistress cock torture BDSM
BDSM Mistress Nicolette restrains her slave to a saltire cross and makes him go through cock torture live

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Femdom woman shows off her slave to a friend

Category : Femdom

Princess No and her best pal are together for some coffee, a chat and to exchange their experiences, especially in the realm of BDSM fun. The blonde is already an expert when it comes to making men her personal boy toys and getting them to do whatever she tells them to, but her brunette friend has just started learning the tools of the BDSM trade and wants to pick up a few pointers and tricks. A well trained slave is called in for the brunette to learn how to handle men, she’s to sit by and watch as her blonde mistress uses her feet and her stern voice to get the slave to do anything she wants him to, starting from cleaning her shoes with his tongue to slowly and thoroughly sucking on each and every toe of hers. Only a completely submissive man would obey all of these commands with no physical encouragement in the form of BDSM whipping or ballbusting, the blond angel knows her stuff and her friend has a lot to learn from her.

Femdom woman shows off her slave to a friend   sucking submissive slave femdom blonde mistress BDSM ballbusting

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BDSM Imprisonment Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Imprisonment Live   slave mistress lezdom imprisonment BDSM
Mistress Nicole Sheridans takes charge and imprisons her slave Felix Vicious in this BDSM lezdom live

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BDSM Mistress Nicolette Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Mistress Nicolette Live   slave mistress BDSM
BDSM Mistress Nicolette restrains her slave to a swing and gags him and hurts him real bad live

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Nasty BDSM Dominatrix Live

Category : Lezdom

Nasty BDSM Dominatrix Live   slave mistress dominatrix BDSM
Mean dominatrix Mistress Nicolette binds and gags her slave and flogs him in this BDSM roleplay live

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Cum clean

Category : Femdom

A cock and ball whipping is used on a lazy maid when Princess comes home to a dirty house. Princess sticks a feather duster up Her slaves ass and spanks his cock and balls while making him clean. When his chores are done She rewards Her slave allowing him to fuck Her shoe and cum at Her feet. After the slave cums on Her shoes, She allows him the honor of licking them, and Shes going to make sure he gets them absoultely clean!

Cum clean   whipping spanks slave maid licking female domination cum ball whipping

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These subs love it in the face . . .

Category : Femdom

These subs love it in the face . . .   suffocates slut slave femdom face sitting

Lady Lyona’s likes her big bald slave a lot. That’s why she administers a face-sitting on him that almost suffocates the poor guy. After that, he’s tied to a tree, and the blonde slut is ordered to rub his dick until his juice shoots all over her lovely face Click here to Download the full movie!

BDSM Mistress Christina Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Mistress Christina Live   slave mistress humiliates feet worshipping Christina Aguchi BDSM
Sexy Mistress Christina Aguchi humiliates her slave and makes him worship her feet in this BDSM roleplay live

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Brunette BDSM queen loves her sexy slave

Category : Femdom

Mia is her name and once you see this long legged brunette darling, you are always going to come back for more since she is very cruel and very creative when it comes to playing domina games with her slave who can?t wait to please her and do what he is told. This time she has decided to make him lick her legs and suck her toes all night long while she is sitting on a chair while wearing a tight fitting black dress and drinking beer. That is her version of a perfect Saturday night and there is no doubt that it is going to get even better if he does his job the way she wants him to? He better gives his best and start moving that tongue in all directions if he wants to get a chance to suck her toes once again, or if he wants something more and his goal is to lick her shaved tunnel of love. This domina mistress is always in the mood to torment guys, kick them in the balls and her favorite game is smothering until they start begging her for mercy?

Brunette BDSM queen loves her sexy slave   smothering slave mistress games domina cruel

Servants won’t be able to enjoy this picknick

Category : Lezdom

Servants wont be able to enjoy this picknick   torture slut slave orgasm fuck femdom dildo

Lady Lyona and Miss Joyce take their subs for a walk in the woods. The little dwarf gets spanked, the big bald slave is forced to fuck the blonde slut with a dildo, and in addition she gets to enjoy a stinging nettle torture – and none of them is allowed to orgasm. Click here to Download the full movie!