BDSM Roleplay Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Roleplay Live   slave mistress BDSM Anastasia Pierce
Mean Mistress Anastasia Pierce makes her slave cross dress and shaves his leg in this BDSM movie live

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BDSM Nipple Torture Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Nipple Torture Live   torture slave nipple torture mistress BDSM
BDSM Mistress Erzsebet gagged and restrained her slave Alsara Sin and nipple tortures her live

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Nasty BDSM Whipping Live

Category : Lezdom

Nasty BDSM Whipping Live   whipping slave mistress BDSM Anastasia Pierce
BDSM Mistress Anastasia Pierce asks her slave to get naked and whips his ass badly live

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Alpha Female

Category : Femdom

When fucking a male slave, always remember that a tightly bound cock will remain hard long after the male has cum. Binding the cock allows the Female rider both the reassurance of a satisfying orgasm, as well as the enjoyment of knowing the cock beneath Her suffers as She continues to pleasure Herself with it, long after the slave is spent. And of course any slave worth fucking is taught how to properly clean up after himself once the woman is thru with him. Using these techniques, any Woman can ride with confidence and pride, knowing She will be the only one enjoying the experience. Witness the power Woman has over man! Behold… Alpha Female!

Alpha Female   slave orgasm male slave fucking female domination cum bound cock bound

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Jade And Kat 2

Category : Femdom

Jade And Kat 2   training submissive strap on spanking slave pantyhose Mistress Jade latex Jade Indica fucks anal
Mistress Jade Indica in the second of Her sessions with slave kat. Here She focuses on the anal aspect of his training and milks him out in a 54 minute bed ridden adventure. Notable for his cock size and propensity to dress in tight latex, kat provides a good attitude and a big dick. Mistress Jade warms his ass up and then fucks him with Her strap-on. The drilldo gun is used to ream him out and then She concentrates on his cock and balls. A spanking interlude with Mistress Jade Indica as She has the tall, latex clad submissive bent over and presenting his ass for Her. It is framed in crotchless pantyhose and he has ballet boots on with nine inch heels. She needs no invitation and begins with a red whip, then a hard paddle and a break for him to sniff Her fragrant ass and pussy. With the smell still in his nose, She returns to his ass with a hard wooden paddle. Finally, a thick strap for his now red behind.

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A beaten cuck

Category : Femdom

A cuck get his ass and balls whipped when he asks to cum. The sweet and innocent side of your Princess is gone as She buckles down and beats Her cucks testicles and ass, hoping to rid him of his dirty thoughts. Are Her methods cruel? Perhaps. But rules MUST be followed, and She doesnt not tolerate a whining slave. She stripes his ass, kicks his balls and strips him of his dignity leaving him nothing more than… A beaten cuck!

A beaten cuck   whipped slave female domination cum cruel

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BDSM Torturing Live

Category : Femdom

BDSM Torturing Live   torturing slave mistress cock torture BDSM
BDSM Mistress Nicolette restrains her slave to a saltire cross and makes him go through cock torture live

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Femdom woman shows off her slave to a friend

Category : Femdom

Princess No and her best pal are together for some coffee, a chat and to exchange their experiences, especially in the realm of BDSM fun. The blonde is already an expert when it comes to making men her personal boy toys and getting them to do whatever she tells them to, but her brunette friend has just started learning the tools of the BDSM trade and wants to pick up a few pointers and tricks. A well trained slave is called in for the brunette to learn how to handle men, she’s to sit by and watch as her blonde mistress uses her feet and her stern voice to get the slave to do anything she wants him to, starting from cleaning her shoes with his tongue to slowly and thoroughly sucking on each and every toe of hers. Only a completely submissive man would obey all of these commands with no physical encouragement in the form of BDSM whipping or ballbusting, the blond angel knows her stuff and her friend has a lot to learn from her.

Femdom woman shows off her slave to a friend   sucking submissive slave femdom blonde mistress BDSM ballbusting

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BDSM Imprisonment Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Imprisonment Live   slave mistress lezdom imprisonment BDSM
Mistress Nicole Sheridans takes charge and imprisons her slave Felix Vicious in this BDSM lezdom live

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BDSM Mistress Nicolette Live

Category : Lezdom

BDSM Mistress Nicolette Live   slave mistress BDSM
BDSM Mistress Nicolette restrains her slave to a swing and gags him and hurts him real bad live

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