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Bound and helpless – hard slaps

With her bound and defenseless slave mistress Svenja has plans today. She will slap him. She will slap him hard? as long as she is in the mood. The slave does not enjoy it? Well? it?s not about his joy, but hers, and he will receive more slaps as long as the fancy takes her. Maybe he will enjoy it later?

You have to smell my feet

Mistress Svenja wants her slave to smell her feet today. She wants to hear him smelling intensively, and if he doesn?t he will get slapped. Mistress Svenja laughed to slap her slave! She likes to chastise her slave. Svenja orders him to smell both her feet, which have a strong odor in their socks. Of course, the slave has to lift her feet up and get down with his face on her feet boat but his Mistress isn’t satisfied. He has to smell more. So she slaps him again and again until he smells her feet to her satisfaction.

This Femdom scene contains:

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Degraded on the toilet by 2 fat girls

BBW Lady Cathy’s slave is humiliated and beaten by her and her girlfriend on the toilet. He gets faceslaps while he’s bound with toilet tissue – only to get his face pushed into the toilet bowl afterwards. Now the girls flush and have fun humiliation him while they continue to beat him. Faceslaps from the front and the back – while he has toilet tissue in his mouth.

This Femdom scene contains:

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Mistress Katja

Mistress Katja expects her slave to kiss her shoes and feet. He’s supposed to show her that he’s a good slave – on his knees in front of her. But Katja has a different point of view! With hard slaps to his face she shows the slave what she thinks of him. Useless slaves have no chance. While she has fun slapping him he has to endure the pain and gets her shoe pressed on his mouth!

His pain is her pleasure

Melissa really gets rid of some aggression with this slave. He has to endure hard face slaps and put his hands on the floor so she can dig her heels into them. His pain is her pleasure! She fixes his head between her hot tights and slaps him. Sits down on his back and slaps over and over again.

Mistress Janette gives him tough slaps

It’s very cold and snow is lying – the perfect circumstances for a rough femdom session! The life of Janette’s slave is no bed of roses anymore because he has to kiss her shoes and earns some really brutal faceslaps for his work – Ouch! The loser really has to endure a lot of nasty punishment!

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