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Under heavenly feet

It feels so good to have a perfect slave who is always there to spoil his Mistress – no matter how kinky her demands are… Mistress Scarlett is lucky to have one of these – a lovely boy toy that she literally wipes her feet on, even when he’s not misbehaving. And is there any need to say that he also worships her feet and her pussy perfectly? Go ahead and see it with your own eyes right now!

Under heavenly feet   worship feet under feet slave mistress boy toy

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Brutal femdom strapon initiation

Sexy dissolute mistress Marianna never misses a chance to fuck guys, and today she’s burning to explore another asshole with her enormous strapon. At first lustful mistress slowly pushes huge dildo into fella’s anal hole and then puts it on to drill slave’s ass really hard. Don’t miss the hottest femdom set!

Brutal femdom strapon initiation   strapon initiation strapon slave sexy mistress lustful mistress femdom strapon enormous strapon brutal femdom ass drilling anal hole

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Slave’s ass endures testing

Sexy Dana caught her lustful slave when he was jerking off while reading one of her numerous xxx magazines, and now the brunette is burning to punish the naked guy for taking it without permission. Kinky mistress will drill slave’s tight anal hole with her hard enormous strapon until the fella realizes his fault!

Slaves ass endures testing   tight anal hole slave naked guy kinky mistress jerking off enormous strapon brunette ass testing

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Sassy slave gets butt-banged

Mistress Kseniya enjoyed making her slave wait for her – sprawled on the floor with his legs tied together making escape impossible and waiting – enormously painful. He was almost happy to see her walk in but there was nothing to be happy about. Having warmed him up with some facesitting, the bossy beauty brought him down on all fours and rammed her huge strap-on into his vulnerable bare ass…

Sassy slave gets butt banged   slave mistress huge strap on facesitting butt banged bare ass

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Facesitted pee drinker

Though the slave has probably gotten his tongue all dirty when sucking on his domme’s high heels, she decides to treat him to her pussy and let him lick it a little. However, it doesn’t bring her the pleasure she was hoping for, so… The lazy submissive fucker ends up crawling at her feet again – this time to chug down a mouthful of delicious nectar streaming out of his Mistress’s pink flower.

Facesitted pee drinker   sucking high heels submissive fucker slave pussy licking pleasure pee drinker lick pussy facesitting domme

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Pegs and hot wax

This slave is used to harsh pain already but his evil Mistress keeps on inventing new ways to make him suffer more. Tight pegs all over his dick and in his nipples are no longer hurting him bad enough? Well, then she will burn him with candles and drip hot wax on him, pierce the most sensitive parts of his body with Wartenberg wheel and even scarify him! See that SLAVE brand on his back!

Pegs and hot wax   slave mistress harsh pain

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Domme’s freshest toy

Yes, the new slave of Mistress Linda is hung as a horse but… He will never get to touch his domme’s heavenly pink flower with that filthy shlong of his. It is nothing but a toy for the rude beauty that never hesitates to play with it in the most perverse way imaginable. Are you ready to witness her CBT show? Go ahead and see how it makes her sub break in and worship her beautiful delicate feet!

Dommes freshest toy   slave mistress feet worship domme

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Pissing on slave’s face

Mistress Eva is very strict towards her slave, which is why he always obeys her orders flawlessly. Licking the domme’s boots clean and eating her holes out are his daily duties that he has to take proper care of. Otherwise, he will get punished. Slapping him on the cheeks, spitting into his mouth and even making him drink urine and lick it off the floor… Mistress does it all without any remorse!

Pissing on slaves face   spitting slave pissing mistress drink urine domme boots licking

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Slave in double trouble

A chest is where this slave belongs. His dommes only let him out when they need something to be done around the house – or in their bedroom. Tonight he’s got a pussy licking project on his to-do list and he will sure complete it. But what’s with the foot worshipping that follows? He’s too slow to lick boots clean again and he’ll get punished for it! Done, boy? Now get the fuck back into your chest!

Slave in double trouble   slave pussy licking foot worshipping dommes

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Cowboy riding mistress’s strapon

Beautiful babe Lisa loves playing sex games with males, and today the hottie is going to bang another admirer of her amazingly looking body. This brawny fella says he’s ready for everything to be with her. The only way to stay with Lisa is to try her immeasurable strapon, and right now our lustful hottie is going to start drilling slave’s ass with a huge toy.

Cowboy riding mistresss strapon   strapon slave mistress ass drilling

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