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Morning Lick

Poor Rylie is exhausted this morning. She just got up and is still a bit groggy. She calls her pet over and makes him fetch her phone, and then she has him give her a morning licking. She enjoys the oral service while she catches up on some email, and then sends the slave away to go draw her bath while so goes back to snooze a little more.

Morning Lick   slave pussy licking oral service

This Femdom scene contains:

  • slave pussy linking

Midnight Lick

The urge for oral pleasure can strike at any time, even in the wee hours of the night. So when Katie feels the need to be licked just after midnight she goes and wakes up her slave, drags him outside and has him lick her while she enjoys a smoke.

Midnight Lick   smoking slave oral pleasure

This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom instill fear tumblr

A Little Oral

A Little Oral   slave oral service oral pleasure femdom dominatrix

Well here is a blast from the past! This is some lost footage filmed long time ago during the Dominatrix School series of videos. This was filmed after school where Ruby, Britney and Nicole use the slave for oral service. After a long day of Dominatrix School the girls needed to unwind, and what better way to do so than with an oral slave. Nicole is even on her period, so aside from oral pleasure she also gets licked clean down there. The girls were still novices in femdom at this point since it was just after Mistress Mina had finished exposing them to the femdom world, so it’s funny to see how far Ruby has progressed since then.

A Little Oral   slave oral service oral pleasure femdom dominatrix

Wanna Lick?

It’s worth suffering some pain for pussy isn’t it? Of course it is, at least that’s what Eva truly believes. So she will let this slave lick her womanhood if he can endure a suitable amount of whipping from her girlfriend Cherry. Good, now he is permitted to lick but only for a brief period of time after which he must suffer again to earn more. And so the cycle of pain and worship repeats until Eva is finally satiated.

Wanna Lick?   womanhood whipping suffering slave pussy worship pussy licking pain

He Suffers While Licking Her

It’s rare that a slave gets to lick Katie without some sort of pain element attached. That’s because licking her womanhood is the ultimate reward for any slave, therefore it’s natural that a slave must suffer to earn it. Katie likes to use the cock shocker on slaves that orally pleasure her because it serves the dual purpose of reminding him that he must suffer to earn her pussy, and because as it turns out slaves lick better when their cock is being electrocuted. So it’s win-win all around.

He Suffers While Licking Her   womanhood slave pussy licking orally pleasure cock shocker

Kick His Balls To Make Him Lick

This poor slave can’t catch a break. On the one hand he is thrilled to be granted the privilege of getting to lick Giselle’s pussy. On the other hand he is not so thrilled that Lyla is sitting comfortably behind him randomly kicking him right in the balls. That’s because Giselle finds slave licking performance improves if the threat of a kick to the nuts looms over. So it goes for the life of this male slave, he licks his best to please Giselle but inevitably takes multiple kicks right to the family jewels from Lyla.

Kick His Balls To Make Him Lick   slave pussy licking male slave kicks balls kicking balls

This Femdom scene contains:

  • mistresses laugh point balls

Oral Pleasure For Her

Dawn is watching a do it yourself show on tv, but she decides she doesn’t want to do it herself. Instead she calls her bitch over to do the work, to lick her pussy until she climaxes. The slave gets to work as Dawns whip guides him. ‘Suck on it harder’ she commands and the slave does his best. ‘Harder!’ she says and whips the slave to make sure he obeys. Dawn just lies back and enjoys herself, whipping the poor slave as he does his best to please her. ‘Did I say you could get off that pussy?’ she yells and whips the slave hard when he dares to slow down. When she’s finally satisfied she kicks the slave away and says ‘Go away, I don’t need you anymore’. The slave goes back to his chores and Dawn resumes comfortably watching tv.

Oral Pleasure For Her   whipping slave oral pleasure lick pussy climax

This Femdom scene contains:

  • lick my pussy clean caption tumblr

Painful Sex

Wow this clip is hot! Taylor has made significant progress in learning to dominate men. Now she desires sex, and the slave will provide it. ‘Don’t you cum, this is for me not for you’ she says, setting the tone for whats to come. She mounts the slave who is bound to the table for just such a purpose, and she begins to enjoy being penetrated at her pace. Her fingernails begin to mercilessly claw at the slaves chest as the fucking continues, leaving marks all over the slave. ‘Are you here to pleasure me?’ she reminds him, and she continues to enjoy herself while still scarring the slaves chest with her fingernails. As cruel as Taylor is, she briefly pauses to kiss the now very scarred slave, then resumes the torture and fucking. After much sex, the slave begs ‘Mistress I have to cum…please?’. Taylor acts so sweet to him, saying ‘You wanna cum? Think you deserve to cum?’. The slave thinks so and begs her for an orgasm. Instead, Taylor rakes all her finger nails deeply into the slaves already heavily scarred chest and sternly says ‘No!’ She then casually gets up and says ‘This is not for you’ as she walks out. How can such a sweet girl have become so dominant in such a short period of time? This is some great female dominated sex!

Painful Sex   slave pleasure femdom sex female dominated dominant

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