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Filthy submissive pee drinker

This slave is so in love with Mistress Linda that he literally gets drunk on the scent of her precious pussy. When she pushes her dirty panties into his face as if he were her dog, he feels anything but offended. But will he feel the same when she stands over him with her legs wide and gives him a huge and messy golden shower? Let’s see this wet and steamy femdom scene to find out!

Filthy submissive pee drinker   submissive slave pee drinker mistress golden shower femdom dirty panties

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Sheer strap-on madness

It looks like Mistress Jennifer’s slave has already reached that stage of ultimate submission when he fulfills even the wildest of his domina’s orders without any complaining but she still wants more. She wants to break him in so that he is as submissive as a dirty floor rug! Watch her test his obedience with the help of a monstrous rubber cock.

Sheer strap on madness   submissive strap on slave rubber cock mistress

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A mouthful of heels

That useless piece of flesh dangling between the slave’s legs… Mistress Tasha really loves beating it, smacking it with her hands, squashing it until her boy toy starts weeping. He’s such a wussy he’s got no chance to make it to her precious pink entrance. But her feet are always there for him to lick and worship – and when he does his job fine, he sometimes even escapes the beating! Lucky one!

A mouthful of heels   squashing balls slave mistress lick feet feet worship boy toy balls smacking balls beating

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For Her Pleasure

Poor sweet Leah, all that whipping that she inflicted on the slave made her tired. Time for some relaxation! She grabs a porn magazine, sits back comfortably and has her pet casually lick her womanhood. Ahhhh nothing like some post whipping cunnilingus to sooth her sore muscles. She doesn’t say anything to the slave, she just enjoys his devotion along with some afternoon delight.

For Her Pleasure   womanhood licking womanhood slave cunnilingus

Slap It And It Gets Harder

That’s all you have to do with this particular slave, humiliate him by having young cute girls slap him and he gets hard. The harder the slaps and the more degrading the better. How sad. Lady Edyn and Goddess Ela love it though, watching him get hard as they treat him like shit. It’s so much fun that they figure hey, why not ruin his orgasm as well. Let him stroke his small cock and let him think he will cum, then pull his hand away and ruin any pleasure he may have had. Good fun, maybe they will humiliate and ruin his orgasm again next week as well.

Slap It And It Gets Harder   young girls slave humiliate face slapping degrading

This Femdom scene contains:

  • faceslapping bitches
  • faceslapping humiliation

My Slave Loves Being Slapped

Yup, this slave sure loves being slapped. The degradation of it, the humiliation, and ultimately because it pleases Misti so whatever makes her happy makes him happy. It’s even more humiliating for him on this occasion because Misti is showing her friend Cadence what a slap whore this slave really is by bitch slapping him right in front of her.

My Slave Loves Being Slapped   slave humiliation face slapping degradation bitch slapping

Bitches Get Slapped

Bitches like this slave deserve to get slapped. It doesn’t matter if he has done something wrong or not, he’s a man therefore his face is always available to be slapped by girls like Katie and Mischa. The girls love degrading men like this, putting them back in their place with some well-placed bitch slaps. The slave enjoys it as well because he knows his humiliation pleases the girls, which is all he really wants.

Bitches Get Slapped   slave humiliation face slapping bitch slaps

Hit Him Again

If he doesn’t perform, than slap his face again. That’s what often work best for the male of the species, regardless of age sometimes young girls have to degrade and humiliate them in front of their girlfriends when they aren’t properly licking their shoes clean. Norah and Stacy have no problem with this, and will easily humiliate this slave without a second thought.

Hit Him Again   young girls slave humiliate face slapping

Morning Lick

Poor Rylie is exhausted this morning. She just got up and is still a bit groggy. She calls her pet over and makes him fetch her phone, and then she has him give her a morning licking. She enjoys the oral service while she catches up on some email, and then sends the slave away to go draw her bath while so goes back to snooze a little more.

Morning Lick   slave pussy licking oral service

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