BDSM Mistress Victoria Live

Category : Femdom

BDSM Mistress Victoria Live   whipping Victoria Sinn slave mistress BDSM ball gags
BDSM Mistress Victoria Sinn restrains her slave to a chair and ball gags him while whipping him live

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BDSM Domination Live

Category : Femdom

BDSM Domination Live   slave foot worship dominatrix domination Christina Aguchi BDSM
BDSM dominatrix Christina Aguchi enjoys foot worship and chokes her slave with her feet live

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BDSM Mistress Nicole Live

Category : Femdom

BDSM Mistress Nicole Live   slave mistress BDSM
BDSM Mistress Nicole Sheridans restrains her slave to a shackle and chokes him hard live.

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Mistress and his slave

Category : Femdom

What a good slave needs is a good mistress, and Goddess No fits the bill perfectly. Long hair, fantastic figure with hot curves and no shame at all when a man comes crawling on his knees. She’s ready to let him be her seat at first, nothing more than that, he’s not even allowed to look at her until she is sure he has been properly trained to constrain himself, only then does the slave get a chance to show if he is actually worth anything. Foot rub is just a start, he has to make sure his mistress’s feet are properly taken care of, he needs to clean them and to get them to shine with nothing but his tongue, and she’s been to work today so they are kind of sweaty and smelly. That’s not a problem, a diligent slave can do even amazing things like cleaning up feet that were in shoes for the most of the day, he just needs time he happily sacrifices in this hot feet worship scene.

Mistress and his slave   slave mistress feet worship

Just Desserts

Category : Femdom

Just Desserts   slave panties Mistress Alexis high heels fucking face sit domination session bound slave
Watch a super sexy domination session with long legged blonde Penthouse Pet Mistress Alexis as She teases and torments big slave david for 24 minutes before using Her talented pussy to milk him out into his condom. Down the hatch for his load but not before he worships Her high heels and pussy and gets a lot of oral attention to keep his cock swollen and his balls bursting. Mistress Alexis warms big slave david up by having him clean all the dirt from the bottom of Her high heels as She swings above the big bound submissive. She plays with Her wet pussy above his face and stimulates Herself. She belittles him and remove Her panties to push into his mouth for rinsing. She flops Her big pussy lips over his face and removes the gag to face sit him. Her warm wet mouth sucks his cock to get him hard for fucking. Her pussy in his face gets his cock hard and Her wet mouth sucks on it until it is rigid. She wants to use the bound slave as Her sex toy and he is anxious with anticipation as She slides the condom over his cock with Her talented mouth. She fucks him and teases him with Her mouth and pussy until finally Her tight box squeezes out a load as he fucks Her. The condom is filled with cum as She takes it off. She had put the O-ring gag in before Her pussy milked him and She pours the load down his throat and makes sure he swallows it.

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Cucumber lesbian femdom action

Category : Lezdom

Lesbian femdom is so much fun because the girls know exactly what to do to thoroughly humiliate other girls. Take for instance Goddess No and Princess Mya. They’ve been living together for a month now and their poor roommate has been trained to be completely obedient, she doesn’t flinch even when her cute brunette mistress whips out an icy cold cucumber and orders her to lift her ass high up in the air. She didn’t really think that the vegetable will end up down her pussy, but her mistress is a cruel one and she shoved it all the way in, producing a squeal that will produce an instant hard-on if you are into BDSM action. High quality videos show just what kind of poses is this obedient slave girl obligated to take while her mistress is having fun, they range from reverse cowgirl cucumber ride to a hardcore masturbation with spicy hot spanking that leaves ass of the poor girl all red and her pussy throbbing with pleasure.

Cucumber lesbian femdom action   spanking slave mistress masturbation lesbian femdom lesbian humiliate hardcore femdom

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Face sitting fetish

Category : Femdom

Meet delicious blonde Gloria, one of the most popular femdom princesses online and this time she is wearing a red micro bikini which is barely covering her amazing body as she is teasing her slave who has a leather collar around his neck and who is naked while kneeling on the floor and waiting to see what’s going to happen next. This dude has never been a slave before and it is hard for him to tell whether he likes it or not but one thing is for sure he is ready to start putting his tongue to use and licking her nasty orgasmic snatch. All Gloria needs to do is sit on his face and move her sexy butt in all directions, the way she wants in order to reach an intense orgasm as soon as possible. Her twat was wet even before she took off her bikini to show that tight vagina hungry for anything that is long and wet. She can’t imagine a day without playing BDSM games and making her slaves suffer and feel the pain, but today she is going to be gentle and let him play with her beaver.

Face sitting fetish   vagina twat snatch slaves slave pain orgasm face sitting

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Kinky BDSM Games Live

Category : Lezdom

Kinky BDSM Games Live   slave lezdom BDSM
Kelly Wells makes her slave Leah Wilde take her clothes off and plays with her cunt in this BDSM lezdom live

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Sexy BDSM Mistress Live

Category : Lezdom

Sexy BDSM Mistress Live   slave mistress eat pussy dominatrix BDSM
Nasty BDSM dominatrix Leah Wilde makes her slave eat her pussy and later slaps his ass live

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Wild BDSM Humiliation Live

Category : Femdom

Wild BDSM Humiliation Live   slave humiliation dominatrix BDSM
Hot dominatrix Leah Wilde restrains her slave to the cell bars and hurts him bad in this BDSM sexplay live

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