Mean BDSM Choking Live

Category : Lezdom

Mean BDSM Choking Live   slave mistress choking BDSM Alsara Sin
BDSM Mistress Erzsebet gags and binds her slave Alsara Sin and chokes her with a rope live.

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Naughty BDSM Games Live

Category : Femdom

Naughty BDSM Games Live   Victoria Sinn slave mistress BDSM movie BDSM
Mistress Victoria Sinn restrains her slave to a saltire cross and whips him all over in this BDSM movie live.

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Live Slave Humiliation

Category : Femdom

Live Slave Humiliation   toilet slave malesub Ice La Fox humiliation domina BDSM
Domina Ice La Fox shows her malesub partner who is boss by dunking his face on the toilet.

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This sub will learn a lesson she’ll never forget

Category : Lezdom

This sub will learn a lesson shell never forget   slave

Sharon and Lucy are best friends. So it’s no problem for them to share a male slave. His cock soon becomes the center of the girls’ attention. But, unfortunately for him, he is not allowed to fuck them. Click here to Download the full movie!

Cucumber girl on girl femdom action

Category : Lezdom

Lesbian femdom is so much fun because the girls know exactly what to do to thoroughly humiliate other girls. Take for instance Goddess No and Princess Mya. They’ve been living together for a month now and their poor roommate has been trained to be completely obedient, she doesn’t flinch even when her cute brunette mistress whips out an icy cold cucumber and orders her to lift her ass high up in the air. She didn’t really think that the vegetable will end up down her pussy, but her mistress is a cruel one and she shoved it all the way in, producing a squeal that will produce an instant hard-on if you are into BDSM action. High quality videos show just what kind of poses is this obedient slave girl obligated to take while her mistress is having fun, they range from reverse cowgirl cucumber ride to a hardcore masturbation with spicy hot spanking that leaves ass of the poor girl all red and her pussy throbbing with pleasure.

Cucumber girl on girl femdom action   spanking slave girl slave mistress masturbation lesbian femdom femdom

This sub even has to beg for water

Category : Femdom

This sub even has to beg for water   slave humiliate black slave

There are times when Lady K. almost feels pity for her little black slave. On the other hand, she loves to tease him – and to humiliate him to the point where almost he starts crying. Click here to Download the full movie!

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This slut gets more than she bargained for

Category : Femdom

This slut gets more than she bargained for   swallow cum subslut slave pain

Jenna is dressed up like a business lady, but Dona Lucia is not fooled by her appearance. Deep down, sweet Jenna is a typical subslut, willing to endure pain and to follow every order by her Lady. In the end, Dona Lucia even forces her to suck her slave’s dick, to get fucked by him and to swallow his cum! Click here to Download the full movie!

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Mean BDSM Mistress Live

Category : Lezdom

Mean BDSM Mistress Live   slave Nicole Sheridans mistress lezdom Felix Vicious BDSM
Mistress Nicole Sheridans takes charge as she and her slave Felix Vicious go for a kinky BDSM lezdom live

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Wild Lezdom BDSM Live

Category : Lezdom

Wild Lezdom BDSM Live   slave mistress lezdom Kelly Wells Brandi Lyons BDSM
Mistress Kelly Wells chokes and whips her slave Brandi Lyons in this nasty BDSM lezdom live

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BDSM Dominatrix Victoria Live

Category : Femdom

BDSM Dominatrix Victoria Live   Victoria Sinn slave foot worship dominatrix BDSM
BDSM dominatrix Victoria Sinn and her slave go for a sexy wax play and foot worship live

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