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Strapon brings enormous pain

There are few mistresses in the world who can treat their slaves like our amazing Tina. When this seductive lady with small perky tits is burning to play her favorite femdom game with you, be sure the party will be really hot. Take a look at Tina’s helpless slave who’s lying tied up patiently while his aroused mistress is exploring his anal hole with an enormous strapon!

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • enormous strapon femdom

Banging young femdom freak

Charming Tina and gorgeous Lara love nothing more than exploring guys’ steel asses, and today frisky chicks invite another fella to relax. At first horny babes order the slave to lick their hot pussies and only after that they surprise the guy with a huge strapon, which the bitches always carry in the handbag for occurrences like that. Enjoy the freshest strapon sex video set!

Banging young femdom freak   young femdom strapon sex slave pussy licking huge strapon

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Loving Mistress’s gorgeous body

This slave is probably dreaming to run his hands and his tongue all over his Mistress’s curvy body, lick her flat belly, savor her ample breasts, worship her yummy pussy and ass… Unfortunately for him, those are the dreams that Isabella Clark will never allow to come true. His filthy hands? Ugh! She won’t even let him touch her! He only deserves licking her dirty feet or getting facesitted, tops!

Loving Mistresss gorgeous body   slave mistress feet licking facesitted dirty feet ass worship

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Curvy Mistress, skinny slave

Her slave is getting less and less receptive to pain caused by nipple clamping and flogging? Well, it is just a little exciting challenge for the Mistress. Searching for the most sensitive spots on the kink’s body, she hogties him and comes caning his soft pink soles! Don’t fret though, boy – all your pain will be washed away with a delicate golden shower in the end of the day!

Curvy Mistress, skinny slave   slave pain nipple clamping mistress golden shower flogging

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • sub bi boy told how to orally pleasure captions

Pleasing The Female

Pleasing The Female   verbal debasement slave orgasm oral pleasure mistress climax chastity

‘Who do you live to serve?’ Harmony asks the slave. ‘You Mistress’ he responds almost out of reflex. ‘Prove it to me’ she demands as she lies back and enjoys his oral ministrations. His tongue licks with the fire only a slave in chastity can provide, as it probes all around her soft folds wherever she needs it the most. ‘How many days?’ she asks, curious how long she has kept his penis locked up. ’13 days’ the slave sadly replies, instantly resuming his licking after having answered her question. But he can’t catch a break today as Harmony adds ’13 more will do’, sealing his fate for another two weeks. But he knows better than to slack off now, anything other than peak licking performance will mean even longer without orgasm for him. ‘Nobody cares about your pleasure, you are at my disposal’ she adds, clearly not caring about how long he has had to wait for his own release. Harmony is quite horny today though, and eventually the slave does manage to get her off. But Harmony knows that slave ego is a bad thing, and she cuts him down quick with a heavy dose of post orgasm verbal debasement. ‘What gender is superior?’ she demands, ‘Women’ he sheepishly answers. ‘I’m done with you’ she finally adds, no longer having any use for him now that she has had her climax. Who knows, maybe the slave will get a chance at orgasm in 13 days. Maybe.

Pleasing The Female   verbal debasement slave orgasm oral pleasure mistress climax chastity

This Femdom scene contains:

  • sensually dom fem guides sub bicurious pleasuring

Strapon makes slave moan

Gorgeous Tori is burning to demonstrate you her favorite toy, but to give a complete picture she invites Pavlik who doesn’t suspect of babe’s intention. Some minutes pass and the guy appears on his knees with a huge strapon deep inside his asshole. View the whole gallery and enjoy the brunette doing her favorite dirty work!

Strapon makes slave moan   strapon slave brunette asshole fucking

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Squashing that dick

This pathetic slave says he knows a lot about pain? Well, Mistress Kristall Rush is here to make him understand he actually doesn’t know shit at all! He will writhe at her feet when she comes trampling him with her stiletto heels on and she will polish this already unbearable experience with something even rougher. Come see her grabbing him by the balls and giving him a truly insane CBT treatment!

Squashing that dick   trampling stiletto heels squashing dick slave pain mistress

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Under heavenly feet

It feels so good to have a perfect slave who is always there to spoil his Mistress – no matter how kinky her demands are… Mistress Scarlett is lucky to have one of these – a lovely boy toy that she literally wipes her feet on, even when he’s not misbehaving. And is there any need to say that he also worships her feet and her pussy perfectly? Go ahead and see it with your own eyes right now!

Under heavenly feet   worship feet under feet slave mistress boy toy

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Brutal femdom strapon initiation

Sexy dissolute mistress Marianna never misses a chance to fuck guys, and today she’s burning to explore another asshole with her enormous strapon. At first lustful mistress slowly pushes huge dildo into fella’s anal hole and then puts it on to drill slave’s ass really hard. Don’t miss the hottest femdom set!

Brutal femdom strapon initiation   strapon initiation strapon slave sexy mistress lustful mistress femdom strapon enormous strapon brutal femdom ass drilling anal hole

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Slave’s ass endures testing

Sexy Dana caught her lustful slave when he was jerking off while reading one of her numerous xxx magazines, and now the brunette is burning to punish the naked guy for taking it without permission. Kinky mistress will drill slave’s tight anal hole with her hard enormous strapon until the fella realizes his fault!

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