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The ass fuck bitch

The ass fuck bitch   slave sissy humiliating ass fuck Today I want to show my slave how he can widen the asshole of the other slave! Of course he will get some oil and has to use a finger first. The finger has to be put into the ass of the other slave! Then I couldn’t resist and had to test it for myself! The slave tries to resist and avoid the assfucking but that’s no problem… I take my whip while the other slave already uses a condom. Now he enters the ass of my slave. His hard cock digs deep into the asshole of the other slave. The slave is fucked very hard! I make fun of my sissy and laugh loud and also use my whip to hit them both until the dick cums into his ass – this was so humiliating for the two slaves!

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Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh   slave orgasms licking fuck forced orgasms flogging Audrey Leigh anal

Penney Play, Audrey Leigh

Penney desperately needs a job at the local strip club so that she can pay her rent….but with someone as tough as Audrey holding the auditions she doesn’t stand a chance. Audrey does find some interesting uses for Penney though! Lots of ass-licking, flogging, forced orgasms and a deep anal fuck while in tight bondage with a huge ball gag seem to keep Audrey entertained…and Penney may be asked back again, but not as a stripper, as Audrey’s fuck slave.

Penny is wonderful, never losing her innocence. both of her shoots I’ve seen sofr on this site are beautiful. Both Chanta and Audrey should be proud of their accomplishments with Penny

— lvripken

This Femdom scene contains:

  • audrey leigh and penny pay

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh   slave Chanta Rose Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose submits to true Sadist Audrey Leigh. Audrey hits hard, and hits a lot. It’s Chanta’s turn to be on the receiving end for once. Audrey fucks her slave hard and slaps her face harder. She finishes off by licking Chanta’s face, knowing that’s one thing Chanta hates.

Just what I wanted to see Chanta. If you cant take it dont give it.

— exsurgent

This Femdom scene contains:

  • lezdom gifs tumblr

Slaps for a bad performance

Amber holds the riding crop in her hand and orders her slave to kiss her heels. The slave tries it but she isn’t very impressed – and really dislikes his performance! To teach him that he has to do better she hits his back with the riding crop. It’s a really difficult task to fulfill her wishes but it’s a sure thing now that he will do better next time…!

You’re my personal living toilet

Well slave … should I show you what your future tasks will be and what you’re going to eat? Well, dirty pig, I’d like it best to just sit down on your face … with your mouth open … and then guess what? Can you already guess? Yeah, I’d just shit and piss right down your cakehole! That’d be your breakfast … I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Smell my jeans!

Well, pathetic slave, wouldn’t you love to smell my jeans? Yeah, I bet you would!? Give it a good sniff, little jerk! Yeah, just like that, sniff my jeans. I know you like it, so don’t hesitate to smell the back as well. Doesn’t that smell good? Do you like it? I bet you love sniffing my pants! Come on, take another deep sniff, pathetic worm!

Tidy up loser

Come on loser – now you’re going to tidy up my stuff. Better do it right and get going quickly! You don’t really call that tidy, do you? That’s calling for a beating – Cleo’s slave will learn to tidy up right and she’ll help him to learn it by slapping his face. Come on loser – tidy up for me – he’ll do that for her regularly from now on so he should learn to follow the commands and accept the slapping. And he better does it right or she’ll just drop it all again so he has to start over.

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