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Double the Pain – Nika Noire, Dia Zerva, Rico

Double the Pleasure, double the Pain Rico is 41 minutes late to his scene with the beautiful and vicious duo – Nika Noire and Dia Zerva. Very disappointed for being kept waiting, these latex-clad beauties waste no time punishing Rico for his tardiness. Dia and Nika take turns giving him some harsh spankings, floggings, and lots of face-slapping. Next, Rico is ordered to fuck and satisfy these dominant women. Once Rico’s pathetic cock satisfies both Nika and Dia, they turn the tables on him. Rico screams like a little fuck bitch as both Nika and Dia take turns fucking his mouth and his ass with their massive strap-on cocks. Hopefully Rico learns that you never keep two powerful women waiting!

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Double the Pain   Nika Noire, Dia Zerva, Rico   strap on cocks spanking slapping pain Nika Noire latex flogging face slapping dominant women Dia Zerva ass fucking

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Sativa Rose’s Bad Date – Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy

Sativa is not a happy girl, her date was late and has not even apologized so she locks him in her basement until she is ready to administer the discipline required. Entering in sexy lingerie, mark thinks this may be some kinky game but Sativa soon slaps the smile off his face. Pulling his jeans down she alternates between slapping his cock and sucking it…pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. Stripped completely with his balls tied, marks face is used as a seat for Sativa’s luscious ass. She grinds all over his lips and nose, ordering him to lick and smell her sex. Once she is aroused enough she rides his cock hard, making sure he understands that she must cum first. Satisfied, Sativa puts on her largest strapon to fuck mark’s ass. She expertly massages his prostate with her cock and he cums all over himself like a dirty little whore.

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Sativa Roses Bad Date   Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy   strapon slapping Sativa Rose prostate pleasure pain lingerie kinky discipline cock slapping ass fucking

Heavenly behind getting worshiped

The sub featured in this femdom video just won’t stop bringing his Mistress down, apparently. All that he had to do was clean her boots and… Guess what? He failed again! Unable to bear with his lazy ass anymore, the domme gives him a good slapping with still dirty boots, then puts him on a leash and starts the merciless doggy training. This nasty pup will end up drinking her pee!

Heavenly behind getting worshiped   slapping pee drinking mistress femdom video domme

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Hardcore show for Mistress

They are doomed to suffer every single second of humiliation and demonstrate endless submission because our experienced Mistress Megan does not show mercy and treats her sex slaves like trash. They will fuck and suffer whipping and slapping hoping for this ordeal to stop. They have no idea that their cool Mistress enjoys playing with her toys for hours. Watch the hottest femdom porn scenes right now!

Hardcore show for Mistress   whipping submission slapping sex slaves mistress humiliation hardcore femdom porn

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Charlotte Slander

Charlotte Slander   tit slapping strapon slapping slapped orgasms cum BDSM

Charlotte Slander

Charlotte is has never experience BDSM before, she’s fresh meat. She doesn’t know the etiquette, she comes to ChantasBitches with attitude and needs to be put in her place. Some tight rope and a few screaming orgasms will do the job. Charlotte is stretched out on machinery and tied in a strict elbows together. Chanta fucks her hard with her strapon cock before taking her to the wash basin to scrub off the dirt and cum.

A general remark, applies also here: Chanta, when there is a tit slapping action, could you ask the camera person to include the tits when camera zooms in on her face? It is still a close up, even with the action shown. They always zoom in on face only for a while, and then cut to full figure. I want to see those tits slapped. Esp when the are pretty tits like Charlotte’s.

— Frants

This Femdom scene contains:

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Darling   sucking strapado spitting spanking slut slapping orgasms bondage


Darling is probably the best bondage model in the world at this time. She can handle strict bondage like no other…but can she be a dirty little slut while tied up so tight? Chanta sits her big ass on Darling’s face while in a back-breaking arch, fucks her hard while in a very strenuous strapado and flogs her while she is pulled up on her toes by her tits….and all of this is before the forced orgasms, face slapping, spitting and more.

What a squeaking girl! With this sucking pig face! Chanta inflicted her some light pains (flogging : «Hum?-Ahii! Hum?-Ahii!», face slappping, spanking, and some mean caning : «whiii! whiii!») into restraining helpful rigging (she’s a bondage slut), just to have this cock slut come. And here, it’s something to see! Yes, 6 orgasms only, are you saying? But the first in 30 seconds, the third one in 15 seconds (!), she could have had her second in 22 seconds if Chanta hadn’t restrained her, and she managed to have a little one quite on the Q.T. What a frightening girl! Nice shoot, fair relationship, a beautiful fucking scene Darling in tortoise bondage position on a rattan stool, Chanta very white and thin (but not the ass concerned lol!), with a beautiful single hear plait : see what I was figuring the use of? – A singletail! Why not train to flog the models with this unique singletail?

— regisjean

This Femdom scene contains:

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Mika Tan

Mika Tan   slapping orgasm Mika Tan fuck forced orgasm flogging bondage ball gags

Mika Tan

Mika Tan’s beauty, determination and raw sexual energy. We honestly think she would let Chanta do anything to her and still smile afterwards. Hard (and we mean really hard) bondage, a nasty ass hook, large ball gags, electro-shock play, flogging, face slapping, forced orgasm after forced orgasm and a deep strap on fuck would be enough to make this an awesome scene…but there is more, yes, so much more….

Mika is truly one of the best!! I met her in person at the AVN and she was so beautiful and intelligent. A great shoot!!

— bladerdude

This Femdom scene contains:

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Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire   whipping slut slapping Nika Noire face slapping bondage fuckdoll bondage

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire

A new bondage superstar may have been found in Sindee Jennings. This hungry slut is more than happy to suffer through Nika’s slapping and harsh words in the hopes of a sexual reward. When vibrated she cums hard, when fucked tied up she is totally orgasmic and when she has the honor of putting her tongue in Nika’s asshole she does so hungrily and without hesitation. Sindee has all the qualities of a bondage fuckdoll: obedience, sluttiness, pain tolerance and an eagerness to please.

I agree with ITG that there should be enemas on this site. I loved Nika’s boots! Great strap-on and face slapping. Syndee was very enthusiastic! A little more whipping would be great. All in all a very good shoot.

— rhcp67

This Femdom scene contains:

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