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Divine Dungeon Punishment – Lily Lane

Mike Panic has spent a long time in Lily Lane’s divine dungeon, unaware that she locked him there for taunting her on the street. Now the tables are turned and Lily enacts her revenge. She paddles him, flogs him and pegs him hard and deep, turning him into her submissive little bitchboy. Lily then makes him pleasure her, giving her orgasm after orgasm until she discards him like the lowlife trash he is.

Divine Dungeon Punishment   Lily Lane   submissive punishment pleasure orgasm Lily Lane dungeon bitchboy

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Sativa Rose’s Bad Date – Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy

Sativa is not a happy girl, her date was late and has not even apologized so she locks him in her basement until she is ready to administer the discipline required. Entering in sexy lingerie, mark thinks this may be some kinky game but Sativa soon slaps the smile off his face. Pulling his jeans down she alternates between slapping his cock and sucking it…pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. Stripped completely with his balls tied, marks face is used as a seat for Sativa’s luscious ass. She grinds all over his lips and nose, ordering him to lick and smell her sex. Once she is aroused enough she rides his cock hard, making sure he understands that she must cum first. Satisfied, Sativa puts on her largest strapon to fuck mark’s ass. She expertly massages his prostate with her cock and he cums all over himself like a dirty little whore.

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Sativa Roses Bad Date   Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy   strapon slapping Sativa Rose prostate pleasure pain lingerie kinky discipline cock slapping ass fucking

A Bored and Horny Bitch – Kade, Penny Flame

Penny Flame only visits her basement when she is either bored or horny. Today she is both, which means kade will not only have to entertain her, he will also need to satisfy her sexual hunger! In an incredibly tight strapado with his balls pulled back to his ams and a huge gag stuffed in his mouth kade waits for Penny to enter. She flicks at his flaccid cock, telling him he is no use to her without a nice hard-on. kade’s chest and ass is flogged before he is taken to the bed and tied down to it by his balls. Penny rides his cock, using him for her pleasure before milking him and feeding him his cum. On all 4’s, kade suffers through heavy weights hanging from his balls. His ass is fucked by Penny’s strapon cock, using only his saliva for lube. Penny craves one more orgasm so she orders kade to worship her feet while she masturbates. kade can smell her cum, but he has not earned tasting it.

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A Bored and Horny Bitch   Kade, Penny Flame   worship feet strapon cock strapado pleasure Penny Flame orgasm milking masturbates ass fucking

This Femdom scene contains:

  • penny flame and kade

Miss Audrey’s Slaves – Audrey Leigh, Chad Rock, Sarah Jane Ceylon

Miss Audrey keeps 2 slaves for her pleasure, a male and a female. Sometimes, when one is good they are rewarded by receiving sexual favors from the other. Audrey keeps chad’s cock in a metal ‘u-turn’ chastity device when she is away to ensure he does not get hard without her but today Audrey wants to tease his chastised cock by having blondie run her tongue over it while she flogs his chest. Later, with balls tied separately Audrey hits chad mercilessly with the riding crop while pleasuring herself to orgasm. Blondie obediently sucks chad’s cock as he is struck and gets him rock hard. She is rewarded by being permitted to cum. Lastly, chad is tied with his legs spread wide and his cock and balls bound tighter than ever before. he is displayed perfectly for a hard anal fucking, the kind Audrey gives better than anyone else!

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Miss Audreys Slaves   Audrey Leigh, Chad Rock, Sarah Jane Ceylon   slave pleasure orgasm chastity device Audrey Leigh anal fucking anal

The Wormboy – Secret Agent, Brooke Banner

Secret Agent is no match for Brooke Banner’s beauty and he knows it. He tries to play it tough but after a few harsh strikes of the cane he learns his place and becomes a very obedient sex slave to be used for her pleasure. After worshiping Brooke’s feet he is given the honor of tasting her pussy while she milks his tightly bound cock and balls. Once she has cum all over his face she bends him over and fucks his virgin ass with her large strapon cock. To pop a bound sub’s ass cherry is one of Brooke’s favorite pastimes but when Secret Agent does not thank her she brings out the cane again. Somehow, we think this wormboy is going to need a lot more training!

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The Wormboy   Secret Agent, Brooke Banner   worshiping feet virgin ass tasting pussy strapon cock slave sex slave pleasure Brooke Banner bound cock ass fucking

This Femdom scene contains:

  • brooke banner pegging kink wormboy

Slave’s pain for pleasure

This young boy toy is in a whole lot of trouble even though he doesn’t quite realize it yet. He was unlucky enough to submit to two incredibly kinky BDSM mistresses – inimitable Jade and Alexa and this means that soon his ass is going to withstand a very brutal treatment! Watch the bitches humiliate him and drill him with a monstrous strap-on toy!

Slaves pain for pleasure   young boy toy strap on slave pleasure pain mistresses humiliate BDSM

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • OBFK

Facesitted pee drinker

Though the slave has probably gotten his tongue all dirty when sucking on his domme’s high heels, she decides to treat him to her pussy and let him lick it a little. However, it doesn’t bring her the pleasure she was hoping for, so… The lazy submissive fucker ends up crawling at her feet again – this time to chug down a mouthful of delicious nectar streaming out of his Mistress’s pink flower.

Facesitted pee drinker   sucking high heels submissive fucker slave pussy licking pleasure pee drinker lick pussy facesitting domme

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Bored domme’s fucking toys

Merciless and arrogant Mistress Valery finds a couple of young teens, who are looking for a place to fuck and takes them to her den. Little do the silly fuckers know that they are in the hands of harsh femdom queen who will destroy their pride and will turn them into dirty sex slaves who will scream with pain and moan with pleasure at her command. Follow the freaks on the way of humiliation & submission.

Bored dommes fucking toys   young teens young couple teen couple submission sex slaves pleasure pain mistress humiliation femdom queen

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Blonde destroys slave’s butt

Showing a strap-on to this slave is like showing a cane to a stray dog – he starts whining and trying to hide immediately. But there’s no escape from Jessie Gold! Watch her pull the fucker out by the leash and stick her monumental rubber shlong into his lazy ass! Hey, it will also make him get a boner and even bust a nut! What a pathetic worm, can’t even hide the pleasure that pain brings him!

Blonde destroys slaves butt   strap on slave pleasure pain blonde

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Subs taste domina’s strapon

Welcome to the thrilling world of femdome porn. Meet the best Mistress Iolanda on the web. You can dream of the lady every day, but she decides what you feel the following moment – sharp pain or throbbing pleasure. Take humiliation as the greatest joy you are offered and show her your endless submission. Then she will let you lick her shiny boot and fuck your slave partner under her vicious supervision.

Subs taste dominas strapon   strapon pleasure pain mistress humiliation femdome porn domina

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