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Mistress breeds her slaves

She likes pulling her slaves’ hair, blindfolding them, tying them, spanking them and making them feel helpless. The cool Mistress Iolanda knows that it is the best way to make any creature show submission. Then she makes the humiliation unbearable by ordering her slaves to lick her boots and pose for her dirty femdom porn pics. One more lesson and the freaks enjoy pain and humiliation and ask for more!

Mistress breeds her slaves   submission spanking slaves pain mistress lick boots humiliation hair pulling femdom porn blindfolding

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • handkerchief femdom
  • בחורות אסיתיות זקנות

Bored domme’s fucking toys

Merciless and arrogant Mistress Valery finds a couple of young teens, who are looking for a place to fuck and takes them to her den. Little do the silly fuckers know that they are in the hands of harsh femdom queen who will destroy their pride and will turn them into dirty sex slaves who will scream with pain and moan with pleasure at her command. Follow the freaks on the way of humiliation & submission.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • teen beaten humiliated

Ball crushing femdom training

How does this worm dare to come home from work late while the house is so dirty? Does he expect his bossy wife to clean all this mess up? Damn, looks like he needs to be taught a good lesson here! His journey into the land of pain will begin straight from the moment he walks in. Watch the dominant beauty tie his balls up to make them more sensitive and then greet him with an extreme CBT session!

Ball crushing femdom training   pain femdom training dominant beauty ball crushing

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Blonde destroys slave’s butt

Showing a strap-on to this slave is like showing a cane to a stray dog – he starts whining and trying to hide immediately. But there’s no escape from Jessie Gold! Watch her pull the fucker out by the leash and stick her monumental rubber shlong into his lazy ass! Hey, it will also make him get a boner and even bust a nut! What a pathetic worm, can’t even hide the pleasure that pain brings him!

Blonde destroys slaves butt   strap on slave pleasure pain blonde

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • fem pain com
  • Femdom Dona Lueia Pain a Punishment

Subs taste domina’s strapon

Welcome to the thrilling world of femdome porn. Meet the best Mistress Iolanda on the web. You can dream of the lady every day, but she decides what you feel the following moment – sharp pain or throbbing pleasure. Take humiliation as the greatest joy you are offered and show her your endless submission. Then she will let you lick her shiny boot and fuck your slave partner under her vicious supervision.

Subs taste dominas strapon   strapon pleasure pain mistress humiliation femdome porn domina

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The Whip Oral Factor

What is the whip oral factor? It’s the now well-known fact that males, while fully capable of licking a woman’s pussy without pain actually perform said task better when pain is applied. In this case the pain device would be the whip. Its mere presence instills fear in the male because given that his face is buried in Giselle’s and Lyla’s womanhood means he has no idea if and when the whip will strike. So he performs at a much greater peak efficiency this way, putting extra effort into his licking to make sure to orally please both girls.

The Whip Oral Factor   womanhood whipping pussy licking pain orally please

This Femdom scene contains:

  • mistress jasmine pantyhose

Wanna Lick?

It’s worth suffering some pain for pussy isn’t it? Of course it is, at least that’s what Eva truly believes. So she will let this slave lick her womanhood if he can endure a suitable amount of whipping from her girlfriend Cherry. Good, now he is permitted to lick but only for a brief period of time after which he must suffer again to earn more. And so the cycle of pain and worship repeats until Eva is finally satiated.

Wanna Lick?   womanhood whipping suffering slave pussy worship pussy licking pain

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh   pain orgasms forced orgasms foot worship bound Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei has never, ever been tied up, and she’s certainly never done porn…so why is she here? Because like so many “girl’s next door” she has fantasies, she has desires…and they involve being bound, controlled, punished and fucked. Audrey expertly introduces Mei to pain, forced orgasms, foot worship and more. This is part 1, Chanta will continue the education in Part 2.

Yeah really cute Mei!

— Smisko

This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom lezdom


Star   young slut rough sex punishment pleasure pain slut pain orgasms


Star is a hard-core pain slut…but we’re not sure why. She takes everything we dish out but seems sullen and aloof…but then, this is part of her appeal. Cute, young and with a tight little body that begs to be fucked we take her to the Boiler Room for some punishment and rough sex while bound. Star’s tits take some hard bondage and nasty clothespins in every position and although she is rewarded with a hard cock we discover the greatest torment of all for Star is to force her to orgasm time and time again. We even manage to get some tears out of this pretty little face before leaving her tied to the ghetto sybian to cum uncontrollably yet again. After all was said and done, Star was an exhausted but happy bitch to add to the collection.

Ah! bare lands… There is a Far-West still for the pioneers into America! Star compared to Harmony (neighboring shoots) is like Little Red Riding Hood to Full Metal Jacket. This sucking pig-headed girl (as we say in France) is a noisy one : she squeaks plaintively in pains (not very tough here, unless a mean inverted position, but she just doesn’t like pains) and she squeaks in pleasure too (3 orgasms, one of them without vibrator). From laughing to crying, she learned some discipline into Chanta’s boiler room (I hear : «ruum» : australian diction?) ; Chanta, as needed here, always on the soft side.

— regisjean

This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom corporal punishment tumblr
Strapon Submission