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Double the Pain – Nika Noire, Dia Zerva, Rico

Double the Pleasure, double the Pain Rico is 41 minutes late to his scene with the beautiful and vicious duo – Nika Noire and Dia Zerva. Very disappointed for being kept waiting, these latex-clad beauties waste no time punishing Rico for his tardiness. Dia and Nika take turns giving him some harsh spankings, floggings, and lots of face-slapping. Next, Rico is ordered to fuck and satisfy these dominant women. Once Rico’s pathetic cock satisfies both Nika and Dia, they turn the tables on him. Rico screams like a little fuck bitch as both Nika and Dia take turns fucking his mouth and his ass with their massive strap-on cocks. Hopefully Rico learns that you never keep two powerful women waiting!

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Double the Pain   Nika Noire, Dia Zerva, Rico   strap on cocks spanking slapping pain Nika Noire latex flogging face slapping dominant women Dia Zerva ass fucking

This Femdom scene contains:

  • cocks slapping tits tumblr
  • sensually dom fem sluts out bi boy captions

First he Must Earn Her Pussy – Shy Love, Lefty

lefty is back to submit to the beautiful, sexy and cruel Mistress Shy Love. Today, Shy is feeling horny. She wants a slave that can please her sexually but first he must earn her pussy. Tied in a very strict position where only his balls are pulling him up, lefty moans in pain from the predicament he is in. If he relaxes he will pull harder on his balls. Shy enters and promptly sits on his face. She requires a slave that can perform under pressure! Later, while gagged, lefty is repeatedly flogged on his ass and chest. His cock is hard and ready to please his Mistress so she pushes it deep into her pussy and orders lefty to fuck her hard. Of course she cums first and as a show of mercy she milks his cock. As one final act of humiliation lefty has his balls clothespinned and his ass fucked!

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First he Must Earn Her Pussy   Shy Love, Lefty   slave Shy Love pain humiliation gagged flogged cruel mistress ass fucked

Sativa Rose’s Bad Date – Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy

Sativa is not a happy girl, her date was late and has not even apologized so she locks him in her basement until she is ready to administer the discipline required. Entering in sexy lingerie, mark thinks this may be some kinky game but Sativa soon slaps the smile off his face. Pulling his jeans down she alternates between slapping his cock and sucking it…pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. Stripped completely with his balls tied, marks face is used as a seat for Sativa’s luscious ass. She grinds all over his lips and nose, ordering him to lick and smell her sex. Once she is aroused enough she rides his cock hard, making sure he understands that she must cum first. Satisfied, Sativa puts on her largest strapon to fuck mark’s ass. She expertly massages his prostate with her cock and he cums all over himself like a dirty little whore.

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Sativa Roses Bad Date   Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy   strapon slapping Sativa Rose prostate pleasure pain lingerie kinky discipline cock slapping ass fucking

Nasty actions for rude femdom

Tonight is going to be the best night in this slave’s pathetic life as he’s being passed on into the hands of gorgeous Mistress Taya. This rude beauty loves being in full control of her slaves’ erections, humiliating them verbally and physically as she plays with them. Her new boy toy, for instance, will get the stocking treatment – come see him with tight nylon wrapped around his balls, keeping him erect and leaving his nuts perfectly bare for the domme to spank and whip, making him writhe in pain like the worm he is. As soon as she is done with that part of the training, she generously allows him to worship her beautiful legs with his tongue.

Nasty actions for rude femdom   worship legs rude femdom pain nylon mistress humiliating domme

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom double team domination

Satisfies from punishing the slave

Russian Mistress Kayla is putting her new slave through sheer hell tonight. The tight chastity device on his cock hurts him even when he’s completely flaccid, so… Can you even imagine what he experiences when the merciless beauty starts fluffing him up? The harder he gets, the bigger the pain! That’s it – no more boners when he sees the one he craves so badly, period!

Satisfies from punishing the slave   slave russian mistress punishing pain chastity device

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Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave

Today young mistress Cassidy is upbringing her newbie slave. He did not have such experiences before and does not have any skills; he is going to be touched what the humiliation and pain actually is. Being slapped on face and spit in his mouth he still pleases his mistress by kissing and licking her shoes. The lady checks out her servant’s genitals and slaps it with hand and stack. The slave has to resignedly handle out everything! After that, the slave turns into a toilet. Mrs. Squats on his face and uses it for her nasty needs. After drinking all till the last drop, the slave got to clean up her wet pussy with his tongue.

Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave   young mistress strict mistress spit in mouth slave pee drinking pain humiliation human toilet face slapping

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Dominatrix Femdom Slapping
  • faceslap femdom
  • mistress rudly

Slave’s pain for pleasure

This young boy toy is in a whole lot of trouble even though he doesn’t quite realize it yet. He was unlucky enough to submit to two incredibly kinky BDSM mistresses – inimitable Jade and Alexa and this means that soon his ass is going to withstand a very brutal treatment! Watch the bitches humiliate him and drill him with a monstrous strap-on toy!

Slaves pain for pleasure   young boy toy strap on slave pleasure pain mistresses humiliate BDSM

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Good vibes

Right now, Maddy and Meg are the craziest girls on our site. They are full of positive energy, good vibes and talks. Together, they are atomic bomb who wait to explode and raise some hell. The guy is in the middle of the field and too lucky to die beneath such girls.

Good vibes   trampling tortures scissorhold pain humiliation female domination facesitting face slapping cruel Trample fun for the girls.

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Almost tearing balls off

Full awareness of her slave’s fears and weaknesses makes this luscious Mistress almost omnipotent with him. Watch her clamp and pinch his nipples making him moan and gnash his teeth, still too scared to resist the bossy beauty. And the teeth gnashing will soon give way to loud shrieks of pain when the brutal beauty gets down to tugging on his dick and balls, almost tearing them apart!

Almost tearing balls off   slave pain mistress brutal beauty bossy beauty

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