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Humbled Hurt And Milked

Humbled Hurt And Milked   spittoon slave punishing pain nipple punishment Mistress Victoria Mistress Lia mistress humiliation double team CBT bondage ass worship
Savor 51 minutes of action as Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia double team slave Cucky. These two may look wholesome but they bring on the pain and humiliation as Cucky endures these sexy blondes punishing his manhood as he stands in spread legged bondage. He is made to dance and perform deep ass worship before being brought into the other room and put into strict bondage on his back. He is used as a spittoon after nipple punishment and CBT with the violet wand and then completely drained out onto Mistress Victoria’s black boots by Mistress Lia’s milking hand.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Nipple Torture Corporal Punishment

Gwen Diamond

Gwen Diamond   submissive nipple punishment Gwen Diamond forced orgasms electro play dominant bound bondage ass worshiping anal fingering

Gwen Diamond

In order to have a model agree to be bound and beaten, a Dominant must agree to give the submissive all of their favorite things. For the very sexy Gwen Diamond that means lots of tight rope bondage, forced orgasms, tickling while tied and harsh nipple punishment. Of course, no scene would be complete without a nice, deep ass worshiping for Chanta and some rough anal fingering and electro play for Gwen.

Just great I comment “after the battle”, here and now : I may rate this shoot 4 without trouble… 5 for Chanta : good job of domming from her, very cool, very black and white, extraordinary fountain of hair in the end down to calf (and I got a hint here! She seams not to be a true blonde!), untertaining tickling along… 3 for the model (sorry guys!), but, on this Valentine Day, she is not exactly my Valentine (I prefer to ride my appaloosa)! She is very shy and week about suffering pains, quite boring speaking around, somewhat superficial in pleasure and not the most attractive looking girl onto earth. She had only C at highschool, anyway… So some lack of chemistry between the two, and no real psychological process. But, one thing into an other, a good shoot overall, thanks to Chanta.

— regisjean

This Femdom scene contains:

  • gwen diamond femdom

Julie Night

Julie Night   slave slap punishment pain orgasms nipple punishment little bitch leather

Julie Night

Julie Night is one horny little bitch. Slap her, she gets wet, whip her, she wants more, sit on her face, she’s in heaven. The shoot starts rough early and Julie learns the hard way that it is not wise to wear a studded leather belt to a scene with Chanta. The cane and a stingy flogger follow along with some of the cruelest nipple punishment ever. Lots of hard, forced orgasms and a nice, deep anal fuck, followed by an ATM show what a dirty little pain slut Julie Night really is.

This is off the record, delete it and dont post it, please. Just a hint: I avoid the intro interviews as for me it is a turnoff to hear the negotiatons with the “slave” or sub about what they like and dont like and limitations. What I enjoy is your brilliant play of domination. Now of course all subs do have their limits and dislikes, but all that belongs outside the play. Once the the play starts, you know all that but you dont talk about it. You play within the limits. So if a girl doesnt take face slapping (Roma), just dont mention it and just dont slap her face. Slap her tits instead, if allowed. And if a model says in the interview that she likes hard spankings and whippings, please then give her (us!) that. And dont disappoin us (her!) – But this said Chanta, you are a better dom than all the men in those sites you know. New male doms should learn from you. You know how to go ruff and how to go gentle. I loved to see you gently and intimately holding a woman’s head to your chest when dildo fucking her. It reveals a person who undestands about orgasms. I like your site. Respectfully and with a hug from Frants Frank.

— Frants

  • Strapon Submission