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Mistress Sabrina Rules

Mistress Sabrina Rules   strap on training slave Mistress Sabrina mistress loads of saliva footboy ass worship
Revel in 71 minutes with the most gorgeous, long legged red haired Mistress in the world as Mistress Sabrina takes on, and breaks down, footboy and slave jack in a stunning debut performance. First footboy absorbs loads of saliva, pussy and ass worship and the violet wand before She removes the cock pump and relieves the pressure in his balls by way of a milking. Next, jack gets intense strap-on training, both orally and anally, before being reduced to Her ashtray.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • mistress sabrina stockings

Generous Mistress Sabrina

Generous Mistress Sabrina   slave pussy Mistress Sabrina licking Step into Mistress Sabrina’s world, where pussies are for licking clean, pins are for sticking into slaves, and cocks are for a Mistress to have fun with. If you’re Mistress Sabrina’s slave, you’re in for a rough time of it. (Although, of course, if you’re a slave, you enjoy that sort of treatment.) But from Mistress’s point of view, things couldn’t be better! With slaves to do her bidding, life is wonderful. The slave depicted in this movie WILL obey her… OR ELSE. And Mistress wants her pussy licked… NOW. Will the slave do her bidding? You know he will!

Fantastic Feet

Fantastic Feet   worshipping twat stockings slave Mistress Sabrina licking feet high heels harsh kicking feminized A hooded slave is feminized by being made to wear stockings, and then he is made to kiss stern Mistress Sabrina’s high heels. Sultry Mistress Sabrina’s feet are for kissing, and for worshipping… but they are also for kicking with, and after he has finished worshipping her feet, he is required to submit to a harsh kicking by those same high heels. But Mistress Sabrina has a kind side as well, which she displays when the slave is allowed to lick her twat, as a reward, after he has displayed proper subservience by licking and kissing her feet and her shoes.

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