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Boot Bottom Cum

Boot Bottom Cum   treatment submissive slave punishment nipple clamps Mistress Lia cum bondage
Blonde Dominatrix CBT at its best as slave bull has his manhood and dignity ruined by the extremely sexy Mistress Lia for 57 minutes. This big dicked submissive endures corporeal punishment, violet wand treatment, ass eating, nipple clamps, ball bondage as Mistress Lia flaunts Her body and plays with Herself throughout his session. His final release at the end generates a huge load on the black cum plate. Mistress Lia feeds him from the bottom of Her boot as a reward for finally being able to make his mistreated cock ejaculate for Her amusement. ‘Sniff My pussy’, orders Mistress Lia and slave bull’s treatment begins. Mistress Lia teases him with Her body and has him worship Her ass, deep tonguing and cleaning Her hole. She turns and discovers all that ass cleaning has made his cock extremely hard. Her skilled hands, encased in black opera gloves handles his shaft and then She applies the crop to the back of his large balls. Leaning over, She comes up with the violet wand and the rake shoots lightning bolts into his cock and balls as She delights in causing him discomfort.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • mistress hurt my cock tumbler
  • mistress lia tube

Mistress In Heat

Mistress In Heat   slut slave Mistress Lia Mistress Elizabeth face slapping cum slut bound
A 60 minute escapade featuring Mistress Elizabeth playing with slave tiny and cum slut tosha. Watch as Mistress Elizabeth is orally serviced throughout the film. She allows both submissives to penetrate Her and allows tosha to release on Her perfect breasts. He then consumes his spew during the finale. Mistress Lia felt like spending the afternoon sexually using Her slaves. She opened with slave tiny eating Her to orgasm and then calling in cum slut tosha to lick Her pussy while making slave tiny watch and play with his cock. Grinding Her face on slave tiny helped satisfy Her pussy itch but Mistress Lia felt like connecting Her ass with tosha’s face while She sucked and bit on slave tiny’s cock. After a while She ordered tosha down and tiny lunched on Her ass while She gave Her cum slut some pleasure with Her mouth. Stretching Herself on the table, Mistress Lia had cum slut tosha eat Her from behind. She allowed him to enter Her for a bit and then resumed play with slave tiny. She used Her wet mouth as She ground on his face until he was hard and then lay back and enjoyed being serviced. Mistress Lia spread Her legs wide apart in the swing. She had just finished getting solidly fucked by slave tiny and had cum slut tosha between Her legs cleaning Her off. She used his face as a cum rag and then ordered him on his back on the table. His hands were bound under him as She applied a condom and started fucking him while clawing and slapping his face. Mistress Lia pull cum slut’s tosha’s cock out of Her and sat on his face for a little while. She found She had to pee and straddled the metal bucket and relieved Herself. She ordered tosha to act as Her toilet paper and clean Her pussy of any remaining drops of golden nectar and then put his head into the bucket. Back on the table She allowed him to eat Her pussy and ass. She then lay back on the table and told him to ejaculate onto Her breasts and lick his cum off.

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Give Him More

Give Him More   willing victim vixens strap on pussy worship predicament bondage Mistress Lia Mistress Autumn mistress humiliation cum slut CBT
Take a spin for 80 minutes as Mistress Autumn debuts with Mistress Lia to put the big squeeze on cum slut Tosha. The Ladies have some new suspension tricks up their sleeves and some predicament bondage is just the tonic for their wet pussies and punishing hands. Lots of pussy worship, CBT, strap-on and tons of humiliation, as these two vixens show no mercy to their willing victim.

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Spread Your Cheeks

Spread Your Cheeks   sexy mistresses pantyhose Mistress Victoria Mistress Lia mistress
Mistress Lia rides Michael and gives him a good look at Mistress Victoria’s pussy. Now on his back, the big submissive is treated to feet in his mouth and ordered to give them both foot massages. The Ladies tie him up, hand and foot, with pantyhose and each sensuously slips on their own pair of pantyhose. The two sexy Mistresses then lie on the bound submissive and softly rub their feet and legs all over his body.

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Humbled Hurt And Milked

Humbled Hurt And Milked   spittoon slave punishing pain nipple punishment Mistress Victoria Mistress Lia mistress humiliation double team CBT bondage ass worship
Savor 51 minutes of action as Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia double team slave Cucky. These two may look wholesome but they bring on the pain and humiliation as Cucky endures these sexy blondes punishing his manhood as he stands in spread legged bondage. He is made to dance and perform deep ass worship before being brought into the other room and put into strict bondage on his back. He is used as a spittoon after nipple punishment and CBT with the violet wand and then completely drained out onto Mistress Victoria’s black boots by Mistress Lia’s milking hand.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Nipple Torture Corporal Punishment
  • Strapon Slaves