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Alpha Female

When fucking a male slave, always remember that a tightly bound cock will remain hard long after the male has cum. Binding the cock allows the Female rider both the reassurance of a satisfying orgasm, as well as the enjoyment of knowing the cock beneath Her suffers as She continues to pleasure Herself with it, long after the slave is spent. And of course any slave worth fucking is taught how to properly clean up after himself once the woman is thru with him. Using these techniques, any Woman can ride with confidence and pride, knowing She will be the only one enjoying the experience. Witness the power Woman has over man! Behold… Alpha Female!

Alpha Female   slave orgasm male slave fucking female domination cum bound cock bound

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • male slave to alpha women

There’s no love lost for these male subs . . .

Theres no love lost for these male subs . . .   treatment torture slave male slave femdom anal treatment anal

You really wouldn’t wanna be a male slave in Lady K.’s little empire. Or would you enjoy a hard anal treatment, adminstered with a big a strap-on by a female sub? Or an ice cube torture while you are naked and chained up and completely defenseless? Or hot wax on your sole of foot? Click here to Download the full movie!

This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom caption under water

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