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Slave’s ass endures testing

Sexy Dana caught her lustful slave when he was jerking off while reading one of her numerous xxx magazines, and now the brunette is burning to punish the naked guy for taking it without permission. Kinky mistress will drill slave’s tight anal hole with her hard enormous strapon until the fella realizes his fault!

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Jerking off as a toilet slave

You, little toilet pig, will now jerk off for your mistress, but it’s going to be very perverted! You’ll jerk it the way I tell you and you’ll imprint into your slave brain what I’m telling you. You’ll jerk off and cum as you imagine to be my living toilet. You’ll imagine how I’ll piss and shit all over you. Your thoughts will only circle around me using you as a human toilet until I’ll use you as my real life some time! While you cum you’ll open your toilet mouth wide for me … I’ve to use it urgently!

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Sucking Three Other Guys’ Cum

Sucking Three Other Guys Cum   slave orgy mistress jizz jerking off helpless fem dom cum eating Oh boy — it’s a cum-eating orgy. But this helpless slave doesn’t only have to swallow his own load of jizz — oh, no — he has to clean up after three other guys and their loads, too. You see, Mistress starts out with seeming benevolence, jerking off the slave du jour. But she aims his cock at a bowl, and that’s where his cumload lands. (You can see what’s going to happen next, right?) After she jerks him off into the bowl, she requires him to drink his own cum. But that’s not all. Next this FemDom squats over her captive’s face and makes him suck her cunt clean of the cum of the three guys who had fucked her earlier.

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