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Milked and battered

Men surely love to masturbate their cocks a lot and most especially to have someone who will extract cum out from it, either by handjob or fucking. What we have here is a man, who?s longing so much to have a fuck with someone. And just when he thought he?d get to pump his cock on two ladies? pussy holes, he?s totally wrong.

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Milked and battered   pussy pain masturbate gloryhole fucking fuck forcedmen cum

Indeed, two ladies are there to help him with his cock, which should already let him feel lucky. But then, what these ladies want is neither a fuck nor a plain pleasurable handjob. The man is asked to lie on his stomach on a table, and he?s surprised that his cock is inserted through a gloryhole. Now he knows what?s bound to happen on him. The ladies are under the table for his cock. They held his cock only to give it so much pain. They grip on it real tight and even tied his balls. They slap his cock, but at the same time, they as well give it a handjob. This man should remember the saying? no pain, no gain.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • milking table tumblr

Cock in gloryhole

Men definitely want to have someone who would masturbate their cock. Perhaps they?d do anything and everything just to have their cocks masturbated. Well you must be careful if you?re one of those men because you might just end up suffering total pain than experiencing total pleasure.

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Cock in gloryhole   pleasure pain mistress masturbate gloryhole forcedmen beating

This is just what happened to this very horny man. Instead of pleasure, all he felt was pain on his cock during the entire time the mistress has his cock. He is actually demanded to lay down on his stomach on a table not knowing there?s a hole that is perfectly fitted for his cock. The mistress then began beating his cock through that unwanted gloryhole. She slaps the cock and even uses a belt to totally put him in pain.

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CFNM & tied handjob

Want a handjob? Well be careful to whom you ask it from because you might just land on someone who?s as domineering as who we have here. What you are about to see is a man who longs for a handjob and he got himself a lady he never expected.

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CFNM & tied handjob   tied handjob pleasure masturbating forcedmen dominated domina cum cfnm

Before he gets masturbated, the lady wants him to agree with her that she?ll take all his cum. The man said yes of course since he always wanted to have someone to handjob his cock. But then again, after he got naked, he?s surprised that his hands are tied on his back. The lady is indeed another domineering woman and so now he?s bound to get dominated. The domina in eye glasses then started masturbating his cock. The man seems not having fun and pleasure since he?s just very quiet. But then again, the domina is eager to extract all his cum until his cock dries up!

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • tied handjob tumblr
  • tumblr femdom fleshlight
  • cfnm handjob tumbir
  • tumblr forced handjobs cfnm pussylick
  • tied no hands cum tumblr
  • tied and wank cfnm tumblr
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Ebony wrestles man

?Who?s your momma now??? These are the words that the chubby ebony domina uttered when she knew she is dominating this man in a wrestling match. This weak man dared to fight her and so she knew she has to be strong. Well, even if she has no practice, she would still and would surely defeat this guy.

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Ebony wrestles man   wrestling wrestles mistress forcedmen ebony dominating domina

The white man is brave enough to challenge the chubby ebony mistress. He is actually giving her a good fight at first, but as time passes, it becomes a little boring since he cannot anymore bring the same energy he has at the start. She moves her body up on his so he would have a hard time moving. She even got her legs wrapped around him, which actually turned out to be a great tactic of keeping him down. As a result, this domina is obviously the winner of the match.

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Gaintess smothers

Dominas are truly playful. Perhaps all they think of everyday is how to play? not the usual games for kids though, but play in a sense that theyre playing with men. They want to be the domineering ones, while the men always get the slave role. Another of such is what you are about to see when this domina decides to have a physical game against a man.

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Gaintess smothers   smothers slave forcedmen domina

While on the mattress and while in her bikini, she disturbs the poor mans television relaxation. The man is indeed surprised since this domina actually slams his weak body with her giantess built. She is indeed much taller and she sure is also a heavy woman, but she cares for nothing. All she wants is to lie on her stomach, using the mans as her own mattress. They seem to argue for the remote control, and of course, this lady wont allow herself to lose. She then smothers the man while still on top of him, putting his head in between her big legs. This would only end until her favorite television program ends.

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