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Daffodils: BBW Juicy Smother Fuck Indulgence

Welcome back AVN BBW of the Year April Flores and the debut of Mimosa to Divine Bitches! This homage to Vera Chytilova’s 1966 banned film, Daises, where two mischievous women believing the world to be spoiled, embark on a series of pranks in which nothing – food, clothes, men, war – is taken seriously. Is is femdom cinema at its finest and our film is no different!! Sebastian confesses his love to April and her and Mimosa plot to chew him up and spit him out! He’s bound into a mattress and crushed under the pressure of each and every curve of their perfect bodies! He’s made to devour and clean their big, beautiful round asses while flogged, smothered and hot waxed! His ass is invaded as the girls double team him with their strap-on cocks! The girls take a slippery milk bath filled with wet juicy fruit and tease their prey then use his cock for their pleasure until both girls cum all over his dick but deny him any release at all!

Daffodils: BBW Juicy Smother Fuck Indulgence   strap on cocks smothered smother Mimosa flogged BBW

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • bbw facesitting mimosa
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Cherry Torn Beats Sleazy Porn Producer Down

When arrogant porn producer, D. Arclyte tries to pull his usual misogynistic bullshit on Cherry Torn he quickly is made to regret it. D. suffers in elaborate bondage as he is whipped, flogged, caned, fed his own thick nasty filth, and fucked deep in his ass. Cherry administers intense CBT as he begs for her forgiveness for being such a wretched waste of space. Cherry gets her own pleasure by watching him lick her sweaty asshole as she cums all over his face.

Cherry Torn Beats Sleazy Porn Producer Down   whipped sweaty asshole flogged Cherry Torn caned bondage asshole licking ass fucking

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • 高跟FUCK

First he Must Earn Her Pussy – Shy Love, Lefty

lefty is back to submit to the beautiful, sexy and cruel Mistress Shy Love. Today, Shy is feeling horny. She wants a slave that can please her sexually but first he must earn her pussy. Tied in a very strict position where only his balls are pulling him up, lefty moans in pain from the predicament he is in. If he relaxes he will pull harder on his balls. Shy enters and promptly sits on his face. She requires a slave that can perform under pressure! Later, while gagged, lefty is repeatedly flogged on his ass and chest. His cock is hard and ready to please his Mistress so she pushes it deep into her pussy and orders lefty to fuck her hard. Of course she cums first and as a show of mercy she milks his cock. As one final act of humiliation lefty has his balls clothespinned and his ass fucked!

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First he Must Earn Her Pussy   Shy Love, Lefty   slave Shy Love pain humiliation gagged flogged cruel mistress ass fucked

The Unprofessional Doctor – Wild Bill, Madison Young, Audrey Leigh

Miss Audrey catches Doctor bill seducing his patients and decides she will administer the necessary discipline! In order to do so she takes polaroids of bill in the act so that he must do anything and everything she asks! Both Doctor and patient are bound and gagged while being flogged and zapped with the violet wand. Later, Audrey orders bill to lick madison’s pussy while she is tied to the gyny table. Then she challenges him, if he’s so turned on then why not just fuck her? bill attempts to enter but fails so Miss Audrey pushes his cock into madison’s pussy and spanks him hard as he thrusts! Clearly, bill needs to learn how to fuck! He is placed in doggy position and deep throated while being sodomized! Lastly, bound on the cold floor he worships Audrey’s feet while madison rides him. In the end he has been drained of his energy, his cum and his pride.

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The Unprofessional Doctor   Wild Bill, Madison Young, Audrey Leigh   violet wand sodomized Madison Young gagged flogged feet worship discipline Audrey Leigh

Mistress Natalya Sadici

Mistress Natalya Sadici   slut slave panties nipple clamps mummification Mistress Natalya flogged
Mistress Sadici was surprised and angered that slave bull was not in position to start his session. This was Her first playtime with the slut and he had already broken protocol and was wearing frilly panties. Ordering him naked to his knees, She commanded he hold his ass cheeks apart and irrigated him with a bottled enema. She stimulated his nipples and ridiculed his large, stiff cock straining the panties. Satisfied the enema was doing its work, Mistress Natalya brought slave bull to the ST. Andrews cross. She hand spanked him and then flogged his ass until it was a bit red. She reminded him he must not expel any of the fluid in his bowels. Knowing how sensitive his nipples were, She turned Her attention to them and applied adjustable nipple clamps. She remarked on what a good job he was doing holding his enema in. The shiny sharp pinwheel and clothespins were employed to insure his cock was fully disciplined. She was not done however as She put multiple pins on his aching nipples and strung them together and behind his head. Mistress Natalya then showed why mummification was one of Her areas of expertise as She bound every inch of his body. Encased in the green plastic, She laid Her subject down and enjoyed describing how She was going to leave him. His face and head were last and after fully encasing him, she departed.

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Trinity Post

Trinity Post   whipping strapon fucked strapon squirt pain orgasm flogged asshole

Trinity Post

Trinity is going to have work very hard to keep Chanta impressed today. In metal shackles, she is introduced to 2 kinds of pain before being stripped. An orgasm is ripped from her cunt and she is tied in doggy position for some anal electroplay. Hot wax falls on her asshole and feet as she suffers through the increased voltage. Having a huge orgasm from all of the sensations leaves Trinity exhausted but now it’s time to be anally strapon fucked. Spanked, flogged and whipped until her ass is red, and penetrated until her hole is stretched, Trinity can’t help but squirt everywhere. As she doesn’t ask permission for every orgasm, in the end there is some severe pain waiting for her.

Ok Trinity was being a bit of a coward. But, I dont know about you guys, but I find it quite amusing and entertaining, even a bit sexy, when the girl knows that Chanta is displeased with her and that she is going to get punished for it, and she doesnt want to get punished at all. And when she is, she hates it. Hoppla! – The last bondage, basic and simple and naked and accessible for the whip, was sexy and becoming. (As it is for all women…) But that whipping should have lasted 10 times longer! Nice shoot.

— frants

This Femdom scene contains:

  • lezdom tumblr
  • femdom whipping
  • nimrod femdom
  • Gestapo Whip Scenes

Karrlie Dawn, Phoenix Marie

Karrlie Dawn, Phoenix Marie   sucking strapon fuck pussy Phoenix Marie forced orgasms flogged BDSM

Karrlie Dawn, Phoenix Marie

New hottie Karrlie Dawn is willing to try anything. Will she like BDSM? It turns out getting flogged doesn’t do it for her, but the forced orgasms, well, who can say no to those? Phoenix Marie places her in a hogtie and sinks an electrode in her pussy. While being shocked from the inside, Karrlie is ordered to lick her Mistress’ pussy and ass. Now it’s time for a hard strapon fuck, which leaves Karrlie begging for mercy.

O mighty Phoenix Marie is a Valkyrie goddess. I can’t believe that she didn’t get her big beautiful ass licked with fervor, as promised. her disappointment was real and I felt it, since I think she was surprised that her pussy was not received with more enthusiasm. If only god would make me a 21 year-old girl. I could show her what sucking her gorgeous pussy and ass should feel like!!! I liked it, because of the sincerity of the shoot on Phoenix’s part. I guess Karrlie just wanted to get beaten, not give some love.

— Romeolo

Harmony, Daac Ramsey

Harmony, Daac Ramsey   pain Mistress Harmony flogged face sitting dungeon cumming bitch abuse

Harmony, Daac Ramsey

A new dungeon client tells Mistress Harmony that all he wants is pain in his session. Mistress Harmony is not the kind of Domme you make demands of, regardless of what you are paying. She’s going to show daac how good bondage and sex can feel. In tight cock-and-ball abuse, daac is flogged hard and his ass is taken deep by Harmony’s strapon. Harmony satisfies her desires by face-sitting her bitch, riding his cock, and cumming all over him.

I’m gay and Daac is breathtaking! But just as impressive is Harmony-even I would give complete control over to her;she’s beautiful. Strange:I know I’d be hard all during the session with her! Kudos to both of them!!

— coyote09

Audrey Leigh, Riley Parker

Audrey Leigh, Riley Parker   strapon cock strapon mistres labia fucking flogged dildo bondage BDSM Audrey Leigh

Audrey Leigh, Riley Parker

Local girl Riley Parker has no idea if she likes BDSM. Audrey Leigh breaks in this bondage virgin in a sexy introductory scene. In rope bondage, Riley is flogged, clamped and vibrated. Audrey quickly realizes that she can step it up a notch with this bitch and ties her spread-legged, covering her tits in clothespins and her labia with electrical sticky pads. Riley screams as she is shocked but falls in love with the deep fucking from the samurai. On her back, a dildo gag is shoved into her mouth and Riley must learn to please her Mistress. As a reward for suffering so well throughout, Riley is bound in a doggy position and fucked hard by Audrey’s large strapon cock.


— ingmec

Jordan Jagger

Jordan Jagger   strapon fucked strapon slapped lick ass forced orgasm flogged cunt Chanta Rose ass eating whore

Jordan Jagger

Jordan Jagger has come all the way from south-east London for a Twisted education at the hands of Chanta Rose. She’s stripped, tit-slapped, spanked and struck with a yard stick, and that’s only the first 5 minutes. Out comes the rope, and Jordan must balance on a cinder block while being caned, flogged and experiencing her first ever forced orgasm. Electro pads on her huge tits and a samurai buried deep in her cunt send Jordan into sensory overload before she is tied in doggy position and strapon fucked. Jordan may say she doesn’t lick ass but Chanta enters it into the lesson plan, determined to make an ass-eating whore out of this proper Brit before the end of detention.

Yesssssssss!!!!! finally:).

— pjoseph

This Femdom scene contains:

  • chanta rose Jordan jagger
  • Strapon Slaves