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Mark Frenchy, Phoenix Marie

Mark Frenchy, Phoenix Marie   strapon slave pleasure Phoenix Marie mistress female superiority dominant bitch

Mark Frenchy, Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie orders her slaves for delivery by phone. When they are arrive they are completely bound and encased like a package. Phoenix drags her new slave around before opening it up to see its face and cock. he is told to lick her pussy and ass and when he does not do a good job his balls are tied up and his feet are punished with the riding crop. Phoenix uses his hard cock for her own pleasure but even in that department he could use a lesson, so is tied spread-legged and fucked with her strapon cock like a little bitch. In the end he crawls around with a pigs tail sticking out of his ass, grunting and squealing like an animal.

mistress PHOENIX is just incredible. She is very beautifull, bossy,very verbally dominant and she has a certain “class” that gives her the true female superiority. I certainly ‘d like to earn the honour of serving her all the way she wants, financially,domestically,distance control,chastidy etc…

— slbart

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