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Domestic Husband Training – Jessica Ryan

The sultry and devilish Jessica Ryan makes her Divine Bitches debut to train the neglectful and selfish husband Tony Orlando in how to serve his wife. Tony resists at first but quickly learns that Jessica is not to be trifled with and becomes enchanted with her witchy fem-dom ways. Protocol must first be established and Jessica teaches Tony how to properly respect and arouse his wife’s pussy and to accept that he is a FREAK! Once order has been established Jessica pounds Tony’s asshole into submission and brings him to the heights of mystical ecstasy. Later Jessica takes a bath in magical potion which intoxicates Tony into a sexual frenzy. He voraciously sucks and deep throats her feet and then worships her divine ass until Jessica decides she is done with him and orgasms on his face. But was it all a dream? Was he bewitched? Tony will never know but he will never forget the hard lessons that he learned and will forever see Jessica is his wet dreams!!!

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What has he done to deserve this?

What has he done to deserve this?   wet pussy fem dom dildo
Officer Dona knows how to treat her jailbirds. In this case, she forces a prisoner to take a dildo into his mouth, then stick it into her hot wet pussy and shove it forcefully back and forth until she cums. And his only reward is more punishment!

This Femdom scene contains:

  • high heel trample double team human ashtray extreme no mercy

Abject Slave Serves Two Mistresses

Abject Slave Serves Two Mistresses   slave paddling fem dom Serving two Mistresses, an abject slave does as he is told, including serving his two FemDom mistresses as they require, being a receptacle for their piss, submitting to a severe paddling, and letting them invade his ass with a vibrator. This unworthy, abject slave is abused totally by the two FemDoms, who not only paddle him and piss on him, but demand he service them… and what about that enema bag hanging in the corner? You know it will come into play before the movie is finished. FemDoms rule, and they certainly are triumphant in this kinky movie, to the dismay of their poor subservient.

Sucking Three Other Guys’ Cum

Sucking Three Other Guys Cum   slave orgy mistress jizz jerking off helpless fem dom cum eating Oh boy — it’s a cum-eating orgy. But this helpless slave doesn’t only have to swallow his own load of jizz — oh, no — he has to clean up after three other guys and their loads, too. You see, Mistress starts out with seeming benevolence, jerking off the slave du jour. But she aims his cock at a bowl, and that’s where his cumload lands. (You can see what’s going to happen next, right?) After she jerks him off into the bowl, she requires him to drink his own cum. But that’s not all. Next this FemDom squats over her captive’s face and makes him suck her cunt clean of the cum of the three guys who had fucked her earlier.

This Femdom scene contains:

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  • femdom forced slave to suck each others cock for her pleasure
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  • men forced to suck cock and swallow sperm

Kick ‘Em in the Balls

Kick Em in the Balls   treatment slaves punishment pantyhose nylon mistress fem dom dominating agony This FemDom has got her hands full… she is dominating two slaves at once. But our Mistress is in total control and has no problem subjugating both dudes simultaneously. She has them dressed in pantyhose, but the nylon is no protection against Mistress’s wicked feet. Yes, you guessed it: She’s the placekicker, and their nutsacs are the footballs. She dropkicks their balls till the guys are in some REALLY serious agony. Maybe that is why they obey her orders… because they know what the punishment will be if they don’t. Or maybe they are simply serious submissives who enjoy this type of treatment. Mistress enjoys it too!

  • Pantyhose Supremacy