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Nika Noire, Wild Bill

Nika Noire, Wild Bill   worship ass strapon spanking sodomized smothering punishing Nika Noire humiliated fellatio cock rope bondage bitch ball gag asshole

Nika Noire, Wild Bill

bill really can’t afford the beauty or skill of Nika Noire and when he pulls out a lousy $3 and his limp dick for her time, Nika’s bitch switch goes into overtime. Tight rope bondage and a big ball gag start bill’s night in the hooker hotel. he is flogged and his balls are covered in clothespins. Nika sits on bill’s face, smothering him and ordering him to worship her ass. She cums all over his face before punishing his purple balls and using his cock for her pleasure. Nika ties bill in doggy position, calling him a little bitch and has him perform fellatio on her strapon cock. Once wet enough she rams his tight asshole, spanking him hard and making him scream. He is left, sodomized, humiliated and with three lousy dollars stuffed in his mouth.

Ok, this shoot was FUN to watch. Nika with her eyes and voice completely overtook Wild! He is always fun to watch get f’d :) I liked Nika using the vibe while making him lick her – I loved the dominance and pleasuring there. The video angles on the strapon sex were exciting – especially with the foreground of Nika’s comments and the back background of Wild’s moaning like a bitch boy that he is! Nicely done to both!

— Serina

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