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Femdom Youth

A new 18 year old girl Stella comes in our kingdom. Tiny but very pretty, she comes with huge desire to become domina. Her teachers are Sonny and Daria, experienced sadistic girls, also made in DuneFeet school of female domination. They will learn young little Stella how to treats man and simultaneously have fun.

Femdom Youth   trampling sadistic girls humiliation faceslapping facesitting domina 18 year old Full weight face and head crush.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • bondage domina

Femdom SpiderWeb

Spiders are strange creatures, but when they are in female human forms, you better runaway. They catch their victim, release the poison in their body and do with him whatever they want. The poison is not deadly or paralised, the poison goes through his brain and makes him enchanted. Spiders are Teodora and Bea.

Femdom SpiderWeb   trampling foot fetish faceslapping facesitting butt crush Cruel head and stomach trample.

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Hot Shots With Subtitles

Misty is on the special mission. She talks on the phone and mistreats her slave. She speaks with her girlfriends and her boyfriend. Conversations go so faraway that she brokes up with her jellaous boyfriend. This is serbian language and you have the subtitles on every clip. The great stories and the best role of pretty Misty.

Hot Shots With Subtitles   under ass trampling foot fetish faceslapping facesitting face smother face riding Before first call, she enjoys in riding his face.

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Riders From The Relly

Teodora and Misty, straight from the relly, go in the apartment of their tiny slave. Eager for the games after cheerleading, they lead the race on poor guy and ride him.

Riders From The Relly   trampling scissorhold foot worship foot fetish female domination faceslapping facesitting butt crush Double trample.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • 最狠的cock crush
  • Butt crush femdom porn
  • DRS3
  • Pantyhose Supremacy