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Brutal cocksucker slapping

This new slave have absolutely no experience sucking cock and it totally shows. He need some firm cock sucking training and I am going to take care of it. He displease me repetitively by rubbing his teeth on my strapon so i correct him with some hard face slapping each time. INCLUDES: FACE SLAPPING, STRAP ON, COCK SUCKING, HUMILIATION.

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Mistress In Heat

Mistress In Heat   slut slave Mistress Lia Mistress Elizabeth face slapping cum slut bound
A 60 minute escapade featuring Mistress Elizabeth playing with slave tiny and cum slut tosha. Watch as Mistress Elizabeth is orally serviced throughout the film. She allows both submissives to penetrate Her and allows tosha to release on Her perfect breasts. He then consumes his spew during the finale. Mistress Lia felt like spending the afternoon sexually using Her slaves. She opened with slave tiny eating Her to orgasm and then calling in cum slut tosha to lick Her pussy while making slave tiny watch and play with his cock. Grinding Her face on slave tiny helped satisfy Her pussy itch but Mistress Lia felt like connecting Her ass with tosha’s face while She sucked and bit on slave tiny’s cock. After a while She ordered tosha down and tiny lunched on Her ass while She gave Her cum slut some pleasure with Her mouth. Stretching Herself on the table, Mistress Lia had cum slut tosha eat Her from behind. She allowed him to enter Her for a bit and then resumed play with slave tiny. She used Her wet mouth as She ground on his face until he was hard and then lay back and enjoyed being serviced. Mistress Lia spread Her legs wide apart in the swing. She had just finished getting solidly fucked by slave tiny and had cum slut tosha between Her legs cleaning Her off. She used his face as a cum rag and then ordered him on his back on the table. His hands were bound under him as She applied a condom and started fucking him while clawing and slapping his face. Mistress Lia pull cum slut’s tosha’s cock out of Her and sat on his face for a little while. She found She had to pee and straddled the metal bucket and relieved Herself. She ordered tosha to act as Her toilet paper and clean Her pussy of any remaining drops of golden nectar and then put his head into the bucket. Back on the table She allowed him to eat Her pussy and ass. She then lay back on the table and told him to ejaculate onto Her breasts and lick his cum off.

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Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire   whipping slut slapping Nika Noire face slapping bondage fuckdoll bondage

Syndee Jennings, Nika Noire

A new bondage superstar may have been found in Sindee Jennings. This hungry slut is more than happy to suffer through Nika’s slapping and harsh words in the hopes of a sexual reward. When vibrated she cums hard, when fucked tied up she is totally orgasmic and when she has the honor of putting her tongue in Nika’s asshole she does so hungrily and without hesitation. Sindee has all the qualities of a bondage fuckdoll: obedience, sluttiness, pain tolerance and an eagerness to please.

I agree with ITG that there should be enemas on this site. I loved Nika’s boots! Great strap-on and face slapping. Syndee was very enthusiastic! A little more whipping would be great. All in all a very good shoot.

— rhcp67

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Charley, Berlin

Charley, Berlin   strapado squirts slapped pussy painful suspension lick ass forced orgasm foot worship face slapping breasts bound bondage fuckdoll Berlin

Charley, Berlin

We have found another amazing bondage fuckdoll in Charley Chase! In a strapado tie, her clothes are cut from her body, she is gagged, flogged, slapped and given a forced orgasm before one leg is lifted, and the other, leaving her in a painful suspension. Next, with her breasts bound, Charley is spanked, ordered to crawl around, taught how to suck cock and lick ass, and squirts everywhere when given permission to cum. She is fucked hard in a difficult piledriver position and is then made part of the wall. Her elbows tied together and her pussy hooked leave her completely immobile for foot worship, face slapping and more forced orgasms! We think Berlin may be in love with this fresh piece of meat.

Diesel said it all…Charley will you marry me?..Mz Berlin is my favorite domme all time..what do you guys at tf call this set/room?…awesome shoot 5.0…

— russjob

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Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz   strapon strapado slapping mistress gagged fucking flogging face slapping dominant Chanta Rose bitch Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz

This bitch has been around the block a few times. But she’s never been Chanta Rose’s bitch. Until now. Claiming to be more of a Dominant, today she will be slapped back to the sub age. Black cloth is wrapped around Annie Cruz’s head, she’s gagged, and she’s left in tight strapado to wait for her Mistress. When Chanta arrives, she wastes no time in showing Annie who’s top dog around here. A solid flogging on her ass, heavy weights hung from her tits, and a severe face slapping are just the beginning. Annie’s cunt is fingered and clamped in a warm-up for the inevitably harsh strapon fucking that follows. Chanta sits on her bitch’s face and smothers her before taking her ass with her strapon cock, hard and deep.

Chanta should make it mandatory that all of her bitches get fucked in the ass. Just my opinion — make it a “deal-breaker.”

— rimdatass

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Lashed By Lola

Mistress Lola plays the part of a creative marriage counselor with a sadistic side. Her newest client Tony has been sent by his wife, as a last ditch effort to curtail his abhorrent behavior. Lola does not believe in sparing the rod- or the strap, cane, paddle, birch, hairbrush or singletail whip when disciplining her clients, as she uses all these implements viciously on Tony. Also includes scenes of face slapping and foot worship.

Lashed By Lola   slapping sadistic face slapping (more…)

Battered Husband

Mistress Persephone comes home to find her slave/husband, played by Bart, in the kitchen with an apron on trying to whip her up a meal. She immediately begins verbally abusing him and chastising him for his poor culinary skills before taking a seat in a straight back chair and making him bend over her lap for some much needed discipline. She starts off with her hand and paddle over his jeans before taking them down and blistering Bart’s ass with a belt, strap, and a few paddles. This video is kind of a reverse spouse abuse scenario with a retro flavor to it. Other action in cludes lots of hard face slapping and smothering. Mistress Persephone has proclaimed this one of her favorite videos to date.

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Slapped Bullwhipped

Mistress Pandora storms into her dungeon and fires off a barrage of stinging face slaps to her humble slave. She then secures him to the cross and delivers lash after vicious lash with her brand new bullwhip. Mistress Pandora shows no mercy in bullwhipping her slave as you can see from the marks on his back. Lots of face slapping and bullwhipping in this action packed video.

Slapped Bullwhipped   slave Mistress Pandora face slapping dungeon bullwhipping (more…)

Nika Noire, Skin Job

Nika Noire, Skin Job   submission smoking slave Nika Noire mistress flogging face slapping domination

Nika Noire, Skin Job

skinjob wants to be a feisty slave that is a challenge to break. Clearly he has no idea who Nika Noire is and she quickly crushes him like a bug into submission. Demanding respect with her sharp tongue, vicious face slapping and smoking hot, latex-clad body, skinjob is stripped, flogged and berated for his tiny cock. he is milked, covered in clothespins and fucked in the ass. Nika takes great pleasure in showing a newbie not to fuck with her, or any of the Captive Male Mistresses ever again.

wow great flogging, Nika has such a great aproch to domination she is very very sexy, i will dream of her whipping me tonight, and needless to say she has a great voice, and is pure Dom. and a great ass, if she told me to eat her shit i would say yes mistress thank you. she is great, keep up the heavy flogging, with love to you Nika

— ptferrell

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DragonLily   strapon slave pussy lesbian domination forced orgasm face slapping electroplay DragonLily bondage bitch anal


DragonLily is back after some time off from porn. Who else to do her first shoot with other than Chanta Rose. The lesbian domination shoot that follows is anything but a soft welcome back. DragonLily is subjected to all manners of abuse, including electroplay, tight bondage, face slapping to bring the tears out of the toughest bitch, and of course lots of forced orgasms. Chanta Fucks her slave hard with her strapon both in the pussy and anal, weighs her nipples down with heavy weights, and finally more face-fucking and slapping.

I loved the Shoot! I really enjoyed seeing Chanta flip between tenderness and sweet cruelty to Dragon Lilly as the emotions that Dragon Lilly released were very over powering. The sentimental way Chanta made Dragon Lilly clean here anal toys was fantastic. The face slapping was intense, but it was all worth it to see a happy Dragon Lilly at the end realeasing her joy through tears. P.S. I was also glad to see Chanta get some strap-on fun with DL’s ass, as it sucks when Chanta’s denied her thing by other subs.

— Madgrad

This Femdom scene contains:

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Mistress Tangent