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Combination X

Joss is the lightest girl on the site with 52 kilos and Bea is youngest and heaviest with 73 kilos. It’s known that small girls are poison and that is Joss. Sadistic nature and girl who knows to have fun. Bea is different. She is cold as ice and she is aware of her weight. She uses the weight to crush anything under her body. Slaves runaway from her.

Combination X   trampling foot licking foot fetish foot domination female domination facesitting face standing face slapping butt crush Trample party.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Cruel femdom faceslapping clip
  • WTGG

Double the Pain – Nika Noire, Dia Zerva, Rico

Double the Pleasure, double the Pain Rico is 41 minutes late to his scene with the beautiful and vicious duo – Nika Noire and Dia Zerva. Very disappointed for being kept waiting, these latex-clad beauties waste no time punishing Rico for his tardiness. Dia and Nika take turns giving him some harsh spankings, floggings, and lots of face-slapping. Next, Rico is ordered to fuck and satisfy these dominant women. Once Rico’s pathetic cock satisfies both Nika and Dia, they turn the tables on him. Rico screams like a little fuck bitch as both Nika and Dia take turns fucking his mouth and his ass with their massive strap-on cocks. Hopefully Rico learns that you never keep two powerful women waiting!

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Double the Pain   Nika Noire, Dia Zerva, Rico   strap on cocks spanking slapping pain Nika Noire latex flogging face slapping dominant women Dia Zerva ass fucking

Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave

Today young mistress Cassidy is upbringing her newbie slave. He did not have such experiences before and does not have any skills; he is going to be touched what the humiliation and pain actually is. Being slapped on face and spit in his mouth he still pleases his mistress by kissing and licking her shoes. The lady checks out her servant’s genitals and slaps it with hand and stack. The slave has to resignedly handle out everything! After that, the slave turns into a toilet. Mrs. Squats on his face and uses it for her nasty needs. After drinking all till the last drop, the slave got to clean up her wet pussy with his tongue.

Strict mistress rudely punishes her slave   young mistress strict mistress spit in mouth slave pee drinking pain humiliation human toilet face slapping

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • slave piss drinking humiliation

Hard Slaps

Here comes another cruel and sadistic faceslapping clip with me and my friend Mistress Blackdiamoond. We really beat the shit out of the slave in this clip. We take turns slapping our bound kneeling slave to see who can get the hardest slap in. We both have a good laugh thinking about what losers this guy is to let himself be abused like this. These slave knows the only way to even be in the same room with beautiful princesses like us, they must be willing to take a beating with a lot of humiliation to go with it. The slave gets the faceslapping of his worthless life. Again and again we slap his stupid face so hard that his head is really shaking from one side to the other. There’s only a short break when the loser has to kiss and lick my boots but after that the loser has to take it again.

Good vibes

Right now, Maddy and Meg are the craziest girls on our site. They are full of positive energy, good vibes and talks. Together, they are atomic bomb who wait to explode and raise some hell. The guy is in the middle of the field and too lucky to die beneath such girls.

Good vibes   trampling tortures scissorhold pain humiliation female domination facesitting face slapping cruel Trample fun for the girls.

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Friends will be friends

Meg and a new girl Britney are the best friends in real life. And she has become our friend too. She heards about some recording of fetish clips and that makes her interested. As every new girl, Britney is a little shame in the beginning, but after few minutes she likes it and becomes a beastt.

Friends will be friends   trampling smother sit on face foot fetish foot domination female domination facesitting face slapping Trample lesson. This tiny guy is perfect carpet for their feet.

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  • Mistress Tangent