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Rico, Berlin

Rico, Berlin   strapon pain milking electro shocking caning brutal bound bitch Berlin

Rico, Berlin

rico makes the mistake of calling Mz Berlin a bitch. What follows is a brutal lesson in respect and obedience involving the cattle prod, the cat-o-nine tails whip, a huge strapon cock, and the cane. In between these furious moments of inflicting pain, Mz Berlin uses rico’s body for her own enjoyment; riding his cock while electro-shocking him and milking him at her will.

Possibly the best scene of Mz Berlin as a domme. Great visuals – quality of picture, lights, colors and camera framing together. But mostly, an outstanding animation of the acting. Ah! Rico is a guy who CAN move in restraint, and a fucking hysteric at screaming. And Mz B. was specially unbound as a punisher here with two sequences of anthology : the cattleprod and the caning. What an hilarious contrast between the serious composure of her face and her frenetic gestures! With a pleasant use of the ‘double bind’ : call me bitch! If not, I electrify you / if so, you deserve the cattleprod lol. Good sex scenes in the middle. A masterpiece of live play.

— Atalanta

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