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Aiden Starr pounds fresh meat

Aiden Starr devotes her day to testing out potential slave Rick Fantana. Rick is tied, with e-stim pads on his thighs and a mask over his face. Aiden turns up the electricity and breaks out the zapper. Rick screams a electricity courses through the pads, causing his muscles to seize. He follows Aiden’s every instruction, hoping that he will be worthy of being her slave. Aiden inserts a large metal butt plug into Rick’s greedy ass and attaches it to the tens unit. The butt plug pulses with electricity adding to Rick’s sensory overload. Aiden puts nipple clamps on Rick and edges him until he’s begging to cum. His cock leaks with pre-cum but this pathetic meat knows he’s not allowed to cum without permission. Next, Rick is tied on all fours. Aiden face fucks him and Rick takes every inch of her fat cock. His gags make Aiden giggle in delight. He begs her to fill his slutty fuckhole and groans as Aiden pushes her thick strap-on into his asshole. She fucks him hard, pounding every inch of her cock into this worm. Rick is a true buttslut and his cock is hard and leaking the whole time. Finally, Aiden uses Rick’s face and his cock to orgasm. Her perfect pussy bounces up and down on his dick. She makes him lick her beautiful asshole. Once she cums, perhaps it’ll be Rick’s turn. Aiden edges Rick, tormenting his hard weeping cock. Eventually she grants him permission and he cums hard. Aiden pushes all his cum down his throat and then grasps his sensitive cock, jerking it hard as Rick screams in agony.

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Rubber Special – Chapter Two – Carmen Rivera, Herrin Anna von Sax, Gummi-Objekt

Immersed in the ‘bizarre latex world’ of Anna von Sax, the two adept ladies control his horniness anew. Unknown dimensions await the slave as he is fastened and fixated inside the inflated rubber bed, which helps his cock in particular to electronic input.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • herrin anna von sax

Plug & Play: Chapter Two – Carmen Rivera, Mistress Hidest, Chris ‘Schock’ Cock, Sling King

You must be bad if you want to fuck! Indeed, Lady Carmen Rivera and her playmate Mistress Hidest from New York are definitely bad! Here the two boy toys are under close scrutiny: electrodes for the twitching cocks create the right MOVES and the mistresses’ vast dildo collection provide the right GROOVES in their slave asses. Plugged up and let’s go.. Plug & Play!

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Cherry Torn’s Tea Service and Slave Punishment – Cherry Torn

It’s tea time in the Armory and Pathetic slave Artemis Faux is ready to worship and serve the exquisite FemDomme Mistress Cherry Torn. Restrained in leather bondage, Artemis is prepared for corporal punishment, face sitting, smothering and high heels foot worshipping. Cherry decides to tie her willing slave up for tight rope bondage cock torment before zapping him with electricity and strap-on fucking. Artemis finally pleases his mistress with a dildo gag orgasm all over his pathetic face.

Cherry Torns Tea Service and Slave Punishment   Cherry Torn   strap on fucking smothering slave punishment rope bondage orgasm mistress leather bondage high heels foot worshipping face sitting electricity dildo gag corporal punishment cock torment Cherry Torn

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Cock in a Mousetrap

Cock in a Mousetrap   torture slave mistress electricity CBT Mistress has some VERY creative methods of cock torture, and she’s trying them out on a slave who seems ready for anything… even this. But can he withstand everything she’s going to dish out? And will this be the penultimate sacrifice — that of losing his cock? After all, among the things she’s doing — and Mistress is indeed displaying some very devious methods here — she’s got his cock in a mousetrap, with electrodes inserted into the shaft. Jolts of electricity are zapping through his cock. Can he withstand it? Will he lose his cock, or his cock’s ability?

This Femdom scene contains:

  • penis torture mouse trap

Annette Schwarz

Annette Schwarz   training strapon slave sex slave pussy pleasure german slut gagged fucking electricity dominating domina bound

Annette Schwarz

Do you have a wet cunt Chanta asks Annette Schwarz when she enters the room where her bitch is tied up. Annette begins her training by being gagged, stripped, and flogged without mercy. She is tied so strictly she can’t move, all to the pleasure of her Domina. Bound to a sawhorse, Annette is strapon fucked. She’s then ball-tied and her raw pussy shocked with electricity, but the pleasure is such she squirts uncontrollably. Finally the sex slave is chained up and locked away for the night.

Chanta looks so hot fucking Annette’ s pussy and ass. I love Chanta with blue painted toe- and fingernails and not to forget totally naked in the end. Annette looks also hot wiggling her feet and toes. Thanks Chanta for dominating and fucking this german slut (I hope You will fuck her ass soon again!) and showing us Your gorgeous body totally naked.

— Orwell

Sandra Romain, Cherry Torn

Sandra Romain, Cherry Torn   strapon strapado sluts slapping Sandra Romain pussy punishment pounding objectification fucking face slapping electricity breast bondage

Sandra Romain, Cherry Torn

Cherry is caught spraying graffiti on the classroom walls by strict teacher Miss Romain who has her own brand of detention for disobedient little sluts. Lesson 1: Objectification and pussy punishment with the flogger while in a strict strapado. Lesson 2: Tight breast bondage and hard strapon fucking, tit slapping, face slapping and hard pussy pounding have Cherry begging for mercy. Lesson 3: Electro-shock therapy, just to reinforce the earlier lessons. A large acrylic plug is pushed deep inside Cherry’s fucked pussy and the electricity is turned all the way up. Forced orgasm after forced orgasm are torn from her body in a detention she will never forget.

Fantastic Scene. Sandra is brilliant and cherry is fantastic. The pink hair is striking and superb

— loopy

Sydnee Capri

Sydnee Capri   vicious slave orgasms mistress imagination flogging electricity discipline

Sydnee Capri

Sexy Sydnee Capri admits that she needs regular discipline…and it’s been almost 2 years since she was last dominated so it’s long overdue. She loves rope, but we make her earn it starting with harsh metal restraints, flogging and lots of nipple weights. Once tied up, Sydnee’s cunt is electrified and her ass is strap-on fucked. She worships Chanta’s ass, feet and begs to cum. Covered in baby oil Sydnee gives us a strip show while being caned and begs to not have to wait 2 years to do it all again.

I am not a PC prude, Shaun, I am a MAComaniac! You point something here, black and white fantasy, slave and mistress… Savage sex too, with Chanta quite vicious here, and Sydnee a very noisy girl into orgasms. I had no trip into imagination here, no “metaphore” transfer, but I enjoyed the hard way of things coming along : hard flogging, electricity a.s.o., and hard orgasms as rewards for the pains (she screams hard into them!). Well, overall, IMHO – I prefer to ride my appaloosa…

— regisjean

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