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Denice K

Denice K   strapon squirting fucking forced orgasm electrical shock cunt Chanta Rose bitch BDSM

Denice K

Denice K is anxious about what awaits her when she meets Chanta Rose. She’s thrown in head first with a solid flogging on the stretching rack. The forced orgasms administered here are followed by more ripped from her cunt on the ghetto Sybian. Still on the giant vibrator, she’s stimulated with electrical shocks and cums uncontrollably while being slapped and zapped. These mixed emotions leave the bitch begging to be fucked hard, but instead she must worship her Mistress’s feet and let her tits be flogged. Finally Denice is rewarded with a fierce strapon fucking so pleasurable it leaves the bitch squirting cunt juices all over the floor.

I enjoyed this shoot as Denise is to BDSM as Private Pyle was to Full Metal Jacket, I really enjoyed seeing the conflict in Denise’s Brain of Logic (This Hurt’s I need to get away) vs. (God This Really Hot and I don’t know why). The chemistry and reaction between her and Chanta were priceless. I really think Denise K is Painslut deep in the making, possibly approaching Julie Nite Level but only time will tell. Chanta, thank you for ruining Denise K for all those Wanna Be Dommes in LA who are going to brag they are tough, it’ll be fun to see Denise shatter their egos when she tells them that “Chanta Rose is the Toughest Domme Around” I just can’t wait to see Denise K brought up to cinder block level after you’ve trained her enough. Good Job!!

— Madgrad

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