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Humbled Hurt And Milked

Humbled Hurt And Milked   spittoon slave punishing pain nipple punishment Mistress Victoria Mistress Lia mistress humiliation double team CBT bondage ass worship
Savor 51 minutes of action as Mistress Victoria and Mistress Lia double team slave Cucky. These two may look wholesome but they bring on the pain and humiliation as Cucky endures these sexy blondes punishing his manhood as he stands in spread legged bondage. He is made to dance and perform deep ass worship before being brought into the other room and put into strict bondage on his back. He is used as a spittoon after nipple punishment and CBT with the violet wand and then completely drained out onto Mistress Victoria’s black boots by Mistress Lia’s milking hand.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Nipple Torture Corporal Punishment

Daac Ramsey, Berlin and Robyn Truelove

Daac Ramsey, Berlin and Robyn Truelove   trample strapon smother slave double team bitch Berlin

Daac Ramsey, Berlin and Robyn Truelove

Miss Robin has come from the UK to visit her friend Mz. Berlin. As a welcome present Mz. Berlin has brought along her slave daac ramsey. Both these Dommes are very demanding and require a hard cock to keep them satisfied. Berlin orders daac to enter Miss Robin from behind and thrust her hard. Mean time she flogs daac on his back to remind him who’s boss. All tied up and ordered to satisfy, daac is nothing more than a dildo at the service of his captors. The Ladies trample and fuck their bitch, they smother him and milk his hard cock on their feet, then order him to lick their feet clean. But this is just the beginning, now they put on their strapon cocks and double-team their poor slave and leave him sodomized and exhausted.

Daac is your best sub.He has a great body that looks good shaved and when it’s trimed. We should get to see him next time with his full body hair. Maybe he could get clipped and shaved in his next video. Lots more of Daac please.

— troy

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