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Helena Locke Takes Down The Douchebag

Divine Bitches introduces the beautiful and powerful Helena Locke as she takes on partyboy douchebag Lance Hart, who’s just begging to be put in his place. Lance hires Helena to clean his pool, all the while lobbing sexist insults her way. But she turns the tables on him, binds him to the rafters and unleashes her dominating will. Helena flogs and crops him, punishes his cock and balls, then uses his hard cock to get off and cum while he’s collared like a dog. She pegs him deep and hard, using his hole to utterly subjugate him. When Lance has surrendered and can’t hold back any longer, he cums all over himself. Helena scoops up his load and feeds it to the douchebag pig, pushing it straight down his filthy throat.

Helena Locke Takes Down The Douchebag   pegging Helena Locke flogging dominating

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  • helena locke takes down the douche

He feels great from being fucked

Megan is strong and highly dominating. When she’s towering above you, equally beautiful and dangerous, you can only whimper in obedience. She has gorgeous feet and loves a good foot worshipping. Work as hard as you can, but this won’t get you out of the oral and anal strapon pounding she already has in mind for you. You’re Megan’s property now, so you better enjoy licking that strapon clean after it turned your ass into a mess!

He feels great from being fucked   strapon pounding foot worshipping dominating anal strapon pounding anal strapon anal pounding

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Kick ‘Em in the Balls

Kick Em in the Balls   treatment slaves punishment pantyhose nylon mistress fem dom dominating agony This FemDom has got her hands full… she is dominating two slaves at once. But our Mistress is in total control and has no problem subjugating both dudes simultaneously. She has them dressed in pantyhose, but the nylon is no protection against Mistress’s wicked feet. Yes, you guessed it: She’s the placekicker, and their nutsacs are the footballs. She dropkicks their balls till the guys are in some REALLY serious agony. Maybe that is why they obey her orders… because they know what the punishment will be if they don’t. Or maybe they are simply serious submissives who enjoy this type of treatment. Mistress enjoys it too!

Annette Schwarz

Annette Schwarz   training strapon slave sex slave pussy pleasure german slut gagged fucking electricity dominating domina bound

Annette Schwarz

Do you have a wet cunt Chanta asks Annette Schwarz when she enters the room where her bitch is tied up. Annette begins her training by being gagged, stripped, and flogged without mercy. She is tied so strictly she can’t move, all to the pleasure of her Domina. Bound to a sawhorse, Annette is strapon fucked. She’s then ball-tied and her raw pussy shocked with electricity, but the pleasure is such she squirts uncontrollably. Finally the sex slave is chained up and locked away for the night.

Chanta looks so hot fucking Annette’ s pussy and ass. I love Chanta with blue painted toe- and fingernails and not to forget totally naked in the end. Annette looks also hot wiggling her feet and toes. Thanks Chanta for dominating and fucking this german slut (I hope You will fuck her ass soon again!) and showing us Your gorgeous body totally naked.

— Orwell

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