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Used By Mistress Victoria

Used By Mistress Victoria   slave Mistress Victoria humiliation helpless dominates cum
A 32- minute symphony of humiliation, pain and pleasure served up by the gorgeous Mistress Victoria. She never stops the verbal humiliation the entire session and the pleasure in his suffering is evident in Her face as She totally dominates slave bull. The ending of this clip captures on of the finest milking finishes we have ever shot and She does not stop even after the last drop has been extracted. The exquisite Mistress Victoria sits on slave bull, hand spanking and whipping him. She warms up his ass with the strap and makes him perform high heel worship. He cleans the bottoms of Her shoes, which She tells him have dried cum on them and deep throats Her spiked heels. She talks constantly to him in a soft commanding voice. She tells him what a low life he is; fit only to worship the bottom of Her shoes. Continuing to spank the large slave between Her legs, She orders him to smell the pussy that had been fucked by three real men that day. She orders him up and grabs the wooden paddle, which she uses on his backside. She orders him to his knees and he eats Her pussy from behind as She steps on his massive cock. She sits and continues to abuse his cock with Her feet. She places slave bull on his back, hands bound behind and legs chained and spread. He is totally open and helpless as She fetches the violet wand and begins to work on his hard cock and balls. Mistress Victoria delights in using the violet wand on the helpless slave bull. She jolts cock, balls, nipples and feet as She laughs at his futile attempts to twist away. She feels the need to relieve Herself and do so in front of him into a large vase. She pours some of Her nectar onto his cock and balls, making him even harder. She pulls on long black opera gloves and milks his huge cock out. He erupts, spurting over and over but She does not stop even after the last drop has been drained.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Mistress Victoria Whips

My Toy Tonight

My Toy Tonight   whipping tease slave pantyhose Mistress Victoria face sitting dominates
34 minutes with the lovely Mistress Victoria who is clad in sheer black pantyhose and has a nasty attitude as She completely dominates the big dicked slave bull. Pantyhose bondage, whipping, face sitting, foot tease, cock pump, suction cups, this scene has it all. Mistress Victoria speaks continually in a soft commanding voice as she works over her toy for the night.

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Ruthless slave abuse

Ruthless slave abuse   wormboys strapon Sativa Rose dominates cum cruel

Chad Rock, Sativa Rose

Sative Rose is back and sexy and cruel as ever. Sativa dominates through her sex appeal. She makes the wormboys lust for her, she teases them with her body and mouth before slapping them back to reality with her hand or by ruthlessly ripping clothespins from their genitals. She teaches them how to please her sexually and then demonstrates good sex with her strapon cock in their ass. By the end of the session chad is desperate to cum, the question is will Sativa allow such release or will he have been teased and denied?

Ruthless slave abuse   wormboys strapon Sativa Rose dominates cum cruel

Lexi Love

Lexi Love   suspension slut pain orgasm mistress Lexi Love dominates bondage abuse

Lexi Love

Dirty little slut Lexi Love says she’s an innocent girl, but admits she loves getting fucked hard in the ass – how innocent is that … Chanta wastes no time in getting it across to her that there will be no lying and half truths here. The intensity and pain of the bondage and verbal abuse are all too real. Lexi is placed in suspension bondage and several powerful orgasms are ripped out of her. She is powerless, her Mistress dominates her totally and dishes out the orgasms as she pleases.

Lexi Love is so hot. Just wish she’d trim that pussy a bit better.

— assman

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