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FemDomme Audrey Leigh Gives Dick Richards Low Grades

When Miss Audrey Leigh’s daughter receives an F in class, she knows something must be completely wrong. She approaches the inferior teacher and demands the grade be immediately corrected and when Dick Richards refuses she searches his desk, finding rope and a ball-gag. Dick is ordered to strip and is tied in the students chair. his nipples are clamped and he takes a hard flogging. Next, Miss Leigh orders him to write lines on the white board with his mouth before tying up his useless cock and balls and putting on her strapon. dick is sodomized on the teachers desk, unable to move from the tight rope bondage he suffers the ordeal promising to change the grade, but in the end it is Miss Leigh that gives dick a big F.

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This Femdom scene contains:

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Red Ass – Wild Bill, DragonLily

DragonLily knows exactly how to discipline wild bill when he comes to her dungeon. She uses her body to drive him wild and make him her little bitch boy that replies ‘I will’ to any request she may have! Tight cbt, plenty of face sitting and one well milked cock may have bill thinking his session is over but DragonLily is just warming up! Flogging and hard spanking leave bill with a red ass begging to be fucked. In doggy position he is sodomized before DragonLily gives him some deep throat training with her long, black, strapon cock!

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • dragon lily butt plug femdom

Dick On A Sawhorse – Mz Berlin, Lefty

Mz. Berlin is a no-nonsense Mistress intent on teaching good manners and enforcing strict discipline on her male slaves. lefty knows that if he accepts his bondage and punishments well he may be rewarded by being permitted to worship Mz. Berlin’s feet or perhaps even her ass. His cock and balls are mercilessly bound to the saw horse and clothespins and nipple clamps are applied to his chest. He must concentrate on not getting a hard-on or else the cock-and-ball bondage will get tighter! In a very tough suspension he has the pleasure of watching his Mistress cum before she decides it’s time to fuck lefty’s ass while pulling on his balls! In the end his hard cock is milked of every last drop so that he will be unable to jerk off later that night!

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Sativa Rose’s Bad Date – Sativa Rose, Mark Frenchy

Sativa is not a happy girl, her date was late and has not even apologized so she locks him in her basement until she is ready to administer the discipline required. Entering in sexy lingerie, mark thinks this may be some kinky game but Sativa soon slaps the smile off his face. Pulling his jeans down she alternates between slapping his cock and sucking it…pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain. Stripped completely with his balls tied, marks face is used as a seat for Sativa’s luscious ass. She grinds all over his lips and nose, ordering him to lick and smell her sex. Once she is aroused enough she rides his cock hard, making sure he understands that she must cum first. Satisfied, Sativa puts on her largest strapon to fuck mark’s ass. She expertly massages his prostate with her cock and he cums all over himself like a dirty little whore.

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Shocking Discipline – Harmony, Danny Wylde

daniel is tied tight in severe predicament bondage and Harmony skillfully lets the electro dominate him with her at the controls. From the violet wand to a shocking electro strapon fuck daniel suffers from the intense play. With his cock completely wired, he is milked while mummified and gagged. This is a bonus femdom update.

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This Femdom scene contains:

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The Unprofessional Doctor – Wild Bill, Madison Young, Audrey Leigh

Miss Audrey catches Doctor bill seducing his patients and decides she will administer the necessary discipline! In order to do so she takes polaroids of bill in the act so that he must do anything and everything she asks! Both Doctor and patient are bound and gagged while being flogged and zapped with the violet wand. Later, Audrey orders bill to lick madison’s pussy while she is tied to the gyny table. Then she challenges him, if he’s so turned on then why not just fuck her? bill attempts to enter but fails so Miss Audrey pushes his cock into madison’s pussy and spanks him hard as he thrusts! Clearly, bill needs to learn how to fuck! He is placed in doggy position and deep throated while being sodomized! Lastly, bound on the cold floor he worships Audrey’s feet while madison rides him. In the end he has been drained of his energy, his cum and his pride.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • bill and madison bdsm

Amber Rayne, Berlin

Amber Rayne, Berlin   strapon fisting discipline Berlin anal satisfaction Amber Rayne abuse

Amber Rayne, Berlin

Amber Rayne has been put in detention once more. This student doesn’t seem to know how to stay out of trouble, this time she falls asleep in class and her dreams begin. She dreams her hot teachers abuse her by fisting her and fucking her with strapons. They discipline her with the promise of anal satisfaction. Her ambition is to receive full marks in fisting, so she takes Mz. Berlin’s entire fist, followed by a sizable portion of her foot, followed by her large strapon cock.

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