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My Slave Loves Being Slapped

Yup, this slave sure loves being slapped. The degradation of it, the humiliation, and ultimately because it pleases Misti so whatever makes her happy makes him happy. It’s even more humiliating for him on this occasion because Misti is showing her friend Cadence what a slap whore this slave really is by bitch slapping him right in front of her.

My Slave Loves Being Slapped   slave humiliation face slapping degradation bitch slapping

Slap The Slut

Sluts get slapped, which is why Adrianna is slapping this slut. She doesn’t need a reason, nor does she have to bother explaining herself to this pig. She just spits on him and slaps his face without care, because being a male is more than enough reason to earn such degradation.

Slap The Slut   spits face slapping degradation

Penny Flame, Oscar Beyer

Penny Flame, Oscar Beyer   smoking slave humiliation degradation bound

Penny Flame, Oscar Beyer

oscar has once again been caught smoking in class and placed in detention. Miss Flame will soon cure him of his addiction. Ordered to strip, oscar is quickly placed in a tight chest harness with an electrode up his ass. Miss Flame wants to see if she can give oscar an “A”, which would mean 90+ on the TENS unit. He manages a “B” and is rewarded by having his tied balls drained of their cum by Miss Flame’s skilled mouth. Now it’s oscar’s turn to please Miss Flame. In a very tight crab tie Miss Flame’s shoves her pussy and ass in the slave’s face as he is given a lesson in how to satisfy a strong demanding woman. Not convinced that oscar will behave in future, he is made to suffer through one final act of humiliation. Miss Flame enters with her largest black strapon cock and rams oscar’s ass while he is bound in doggy position…turns out oscar is a bitch boy because at the end of it he’s all smiles.

The good looks, playfulness, and verbal degradation done by Penny Flame in this scene was hot, it made even more sexy to me than normal. The best part was in the behind the scenes where admitted that being a Domme over men was “Thearpy” for her and the she got to Break Oscars BDSM cherry. Penny really excels at beating boys–I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

— Madgrad

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Kelly Wells

Kelly Wells   tickle torture strapon ass fucking punishment orgasms degradation

Kelly Wells

This slutty blonde is known as Kelly Fuck’n Wells…because, well because she likes to fuck, but does that mean she likes to be fucked up. Chanta takes Kelly on a journey of self worth to see exactly how tough she is. Regardless of the punishment, orgasms or tickle torture Kelly must yell “I am a strong girl” or risk being pushed harder. In the end it is being left in the cold basement stairwell for a deep strapon ass fucking that has her begging…but begging for what? To cum, or to be released? We don’t even think Kelly Fuck’n Wells knows.

Mistress Chantra missed an opportunity for total degradation; she should have given Kelly her “Golden Nectar.” (Scene 7, Basement). As I look back on other vids, Mistress Chantra can punish but is remiss in total degradation. Please keep this in mind for future shoots. Thank you.

— pacolvin

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