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Bobbi’s Bitch – Kade, Bobbi Starr

kade just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. First off, he finds himself kept after class with Bobbi and then he tries to hit on her. When he says he wants to play Bobbi pulls out the rope and ties his balls tight to the ground. There is a change in her personality, with every scream she rips from kade an evil smile spreads across her face. Watching him suffer is pure delight…but even more fun is seeing how desperate he is to try and fuck her wet pussy while bound. ‘Can you spell desperate’ Bobbi hisses before making herself cum hard on kade’s bound cock. kade is permitted to cum but is then ordered to lick up his mess before being lead to a cold warehouse to be tied tight and fucked hard in the ass. This final act of submission he finds hardest of all but then, most men would do anything for Mistress Bobbi Starr.

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