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Charlotte Slander

Charlotte Slander   tit slapping strapon slapping slapped orgasms cum BDSM

Charlotte Slander

Charlotte is has never experience BDSM before, she’s fresh meat. She doesn’t know the etiquette, she comes to ChantasBitches with attitude and needs to be put in her place. Some tight rope and a few screaming orgasms will do the job. Charlotte is stretched out on machinery and tied in a strict elbows together. Chanta fucks her hard with her strapon cock before taking her to the wash basin to scrub off the dirt and cum.

A general remark, applies also here: Chanta, when there is a tit slapping action, could you ask the camera person to include the tits when camera zooms in on her face? It is still a close up, even with the action shown. They always zoom in on face only for a while, and then cut to full figure. I want to see those tits slapped. Esp when the are pretty tits like Charlotte’s.

— Frants

This Femdom scene contains:

  • strong filthy femdom tumbir
  • foot 女王调教
  • tumbir mistress

Jezzebelle Bond

Jezzebelle Bond   suspension spanking orgasm humiliation fucking fuck cum bound

Jezzebelle Bond

The beautiful Jezzebelle Bond loves bondage and SM, she likes to be tied up in her personal life for flogging, spanking and humiliation. She enjoys being told what to do and is obedient so that she may earn a nice deep fuck with a big cock. Orgasm after orgasm rip through her body as she is bound, hit and finger fucked…but it’s the suspension and strap-on fucking at the end that will make her cum hardest of all.

Jezebelle – truly one of the most beautifel women to appear on any site. I look forward to future encounters between Chanta and Jezebelle so that we can see Jezebelle’s improvement as a sub – 4 stars

— lvripken

Used By Mistress Victoria

Used By Mistress Victoria   slave Mistress Victoria humiliation helpless dominates cum
A 32- minute symphony of humiliation, pain and pleasure served up by the gorgeous Mistress Victoria. She never stops the verbal humiliation the entire session and the pleasure in his suffering is evident in Her face as She totally dominates slave bull. The ending of this clip captures on of the finest milking finishes we have ever shot and She does not stop even after the last drop has been extracted. The exquisite Mistress Victoria sits on slave bull, hand spanking and whipping him. She warms up his ass with the strap and makes him perform high heel worship. He cleans the bottoms of Her shoes, which She tells him have dried cum on them and deep throats Her spiked heels. She talks constantly to him in a soft commanding voice. She tells him what a low life he is; fit only to worship the bottom of Her shoes. Continuing to spank the large slave between Her legs, She orders him to smell the pussy that had been fucked by three real men that day. She orders him up and grabs the wooden paddle, which she uses on his backside. She orders him to his knees and he eats Her pussy from behind as She steps on his massive cock. She sits and continues to abuse his cock with Her feet. She places slave bull on his back, hands bound behind and legs chained and spread. He is totally open and helpless as She fetches the violet wand and begins to work on his hard cock and balls. Mistress Victoria delights in using the violet wand on the helpless slave bull. She jolts cock, balls, nipples and feet as She laughs at his futile attempts to twist away. She feels the need to relieve Herself and do so in front of him into a large vase. She pours some of Her nectar onto his cock and balls, making him even harder. She pulls on long black opera gloves and milks his huge cock out. He erupts, spurting over and over but She does not stop even after the last drop has been drained.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • Mistress Victoria Whips

Slave For Svetlana

Slave For Svetlana   tongue slave submissive slut slave slapped slap nylon Mistress Svetlana masochist cum
Mistress Svetlana takes this little masochist to task for 46 minutes as She plows him up the ass and makes him Her tongue slave. She is an Amazon Dominatrix as the little submissive is buried under Her pussy and ass while his jewels are roughly handled and slapped about. Lots of foot worship and a powerful milking right into nylon for the teased submissive. The Amazon drills Her slut’s hole until he is about to pass out. Her long legs give Her good leverage and the spreader bar holds his cheeks apart so She can drive the black cock deep into his hole. The slut is getting tongue tired as Mistress Svetlana’s sweaty size 10 feet dance on his face. Her toes probe deep into his mouth and he licks and kisses for all he is worth. Now that his tongue is tired She can ride his face and make him work even harder. She straddles his face and first makes him rim out and clean Her asshole completely. When that is finished She turns and spreads super wide and makes him tongue Her pussy hole out. Humiliated and tongue tired beneath the Amazon’s pussy, the slave struggles to keep licking as fast as ordered. She ties up his cock in a pair of pantyhose and begins to slap and flick his balls. This makes him shriek and cry under Her pussy hole, exactly as She planned. Finally, Her big hand takes him close to the edge and then over and he begins to spurt his cum. She moves the nylon over the cock as he shoots and his cum load is trapped in the nylon. She continues to milk and pump every single drop of him out until the glistening head of the nylon cock is covered in his filth and he lays under Her ass weak and broken.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • asianfemdoms faceslapping
  • masochists seeking doms

Hard To Punish

Hard To Punish   worthless tease and denial slave Mistress Crimson milking kicking foot worship cum CBT
Watch a high energy 31 minutes of cock centered action with Mistress Crimson. She puts slave dipshit through his paces with foot worship, tease and denial, CBT (slapper and violet wand) and then finishes with a dick draining milking into a glass bowl. He is fed his remains and She is extremely amused at his gagging and coughing. Mistress Crimson has slave dipshit on his knees in front of Her where he belongs. She holds hi s leash and starts kicking his huge cock. She tells him what a worthless creature he is and makes him beg for CBT. He worships Her feet and is ordered to lie on his back where he continues foot worship as his cock is stomped. Mistress Crimson tells him She had two lovers the night before and both shot cum into Her pussy and ass. She sits on his face and orders him to suck the cum out through Her panties.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • cbt tumbir

Sniff And Shoot

Sniff And Shoot   whipped spanking slave Mistress Ariana long legs cum
In less than 30 minutes, Mistress Ariana extracts a second huge load from tall slave. He had just shot in the previous scene but She felt he wasn’t drained sufficiently. She utilized the whip and violet wand for entertainment, pulling and squeezing his shaft and sack. He sniffed Her pussy as She informed him there was still cum from Her lover inside and then was put on the table, face sat and milked onto the black cum board. Mistress Ariana had milked this large dicked slave in the previous scene and wanted to get a second load from him. She knew how to stimulate him. Whipping, hand spanking and the violet wand were used as his long legs were held open by the spreader bar allowing Her total access to his dangling balls. Rubbing sensuously on the large male pig, Mistress Ariana enjoyed his helplessness. She reached under and fondled his balls and then whipped, cropped and zapped him some more. His ass was turning a perfect shade of red as She raked Her nails down his legs. His long legs twitched as She squeezed his balls.

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Boot Bottom Cum

Boot Bottom Cum   treatment submissive slave punishment nipple clamps Mistress Lia cum bondage
Blonde Dominatrix CBT at its best as slave bull has his manhood and dignity ruined by the extremely sexy Mistress Lia for 57 minutes. This big dicked submissive endures corporeal punishment, violet wand treatment, ass eating, nipple clamps, ball bondage as Mistress Lia flaunts Her body and plays with Herself throughout his session. His final release at the end generates a huge load on the black cum plate. Mistress Lia feeds him from the bottom of Her boot as a reward for finally being able to make his mistreated cock ejaculate for Her amusement. ‘Sniff My pussy’, orders Mistress Lia and slave bull’s treatment begins. Mistress Lia teases him with Her body and has him worship Her ass, deep tonguing and cleaning Her hole. She turns and discovers all that ass cleaning has made his cock extremely hard. Her skilled hands, encased in black opera gloves handles his shaft and then She applies the crop to the back of his large balls. Leaning over, She comes up with the violet wand and the rake shoots lightning bolts into his cock and balls as She delights in causing him discomfort.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • mistress hurt my cock tumbler
  • mistress lia tube

Alpha Female

When fucking a male slave, always remember that a tightly bound cock will remain hard long after the male has cum. Binding the cock allows the Female rider both the reassurance of a satisfying orgasm, as well as the enjoyment of knowing the cock beneath Her suffers as She continues to pleasure Herself with it, long after the slave is spent. And of course any slave worth fucking is taught how to properly clean up after himself once the woman is thru with him. Using these techniques, any Woman can ride with confidence and pride, knowing She will be the only one enjoying the experience. Witness the power Woman has over man! Behold… Alpha Female!

Chastity cock tease

I’m going to show you what you’ll never get to fuck. Watch your dick as it strains in your chastity belt. Look at My pussy! And think about all the other guys I let fuck me. Imagine how good it must feel. I want you to think about all those other Men who get to fuck Me and cum in My pussy while I leave you at home with your little dick all locked up.

This Femdom scene contains:

  • locked cock captions

A beaten cuck

A cuck get his ass and balls whipped when he asks to cum. The sweet and innocent side of your Princess is gone as She buckles down and beats Her cucks testicles and ass, hoping to rid him of his dirty thoughts. Are Her methods cruel? Perhaps. But rules MUST be followed, and She doesnt not tolerate a whining slave. She stripes his ass, kicks his balls and strips him of his dignity leaving him nothing more than… A beaten cuck!

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