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First he Must Earn Her Pussy – Shy Love, Lefty

lefty is back to submit to the beautiful, sexy and cruel Mistress Shy Love. Today, Shy is feeling horny. She wants a slave that can please her sexually but first he must earn her pussy. Tied in a very strict position where only his balls are pulling him up, lefty moans in pain from the predicament he is in. If he relaxes he will pull harder on his balls. Shy enters and promptly sits on his face. She requires a slave that can perform under pressure! Later, while gagged, lefty is repeatedly flogged on his ass and chest. His cock is hard and ready to please his Mistress so she pushes it deep into her pussy and orders lefty to fuck her hard. Of course she cums first and as a show of mercy she milks his cock. As one final act of humiliation lefty has his balls clothespinned and his ass fucked!

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First he Must Earn Her Pussy   Shy Love, Lefty   slave Shy Love pain humiliation gagged flogged cruel mistress ass fucked

Lefty, Shy Love

Lefty, Shy Love   slave Shy Love pussy pain fuck cruel mistress ass fucking

Lefty, Shy Love

The sexy and cruel Mistress Shy Love is feeling horny. lefty will first have to earn her pussy before he’s permitted to satisfy her sexually. lefty is tied in a horribly precarious position where the only thing holding him up are his balls. He groans in pain and fear. Mistress Shy Loves expects her slaves to be able to handle the pressure, to test lefty she sits on his face in this most difficult of positions. Once lefty is rock hard, she takes his cock deep in her pussy and orders her slave to pump hard. Having satisfied herself, She takes pity on her slave and so milks his cock. Finally lefty submits to a hard ass fucking in which his balls are also covered with clothes pins.

Shy is one hot dommina,she can fuck me anytime…I love her tits and the way she fucks her man

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  • Mistress Tangent