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Submissive rimming pro

This busty Mistress is one of those that never get enough, no matter how much pain and abuse they expose their boy toys to. She got her precious holes licked dry, she trampled her slave and gave him a scrotum-tightening ballbusting treatment but… That still wasn’t the end of it all! Watch her bring the pathetic worm’s humiliation to its climax by showering him with her sparkling golden pee!

Submissive rimming pro   trampled submissive rimming pain humiliation golden shower climax busty mistress boy toy ballbusting abuse

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Pleasing The Female

Pleasing The Female   verbal debasement slave orgasm oral pleasure mistress climax chastity

‘Who do you live to serve?’ Harmony asks the slave. ‘You Mistress’ he responds almost out of reflex. ‘Prove it to me’ she demands as she lies back and enjoys his oral ministrations. His tongue licks with the fire only a slave in chastity can provide, as it probes all around her soft folds wherever she needs it the most. ‘How many days?’ she asks, curious how long she has kept his penis locked up. ’13 days’ the slave sadly replies, instantly resuming his licking after having answered her question. But he can’t catch a break today as Harmony adds ’13 more will do’, sealing his fate for another two weeks. But he knows better than to slack off now, anything other than peak licking performance will mean even longer without orgasm for him. ‘Nobody cares about your pleasure, you are at my disposal’ she adds, clearly not caring about how long he has had to wait for his own release. Harmony is quite horny today though, and eventually the slave does manage to get her off. But Harmony knows that slave ego is a bad thing, and she cuts him down quick with a heavy dose of post orgasm verbal debasement. ‘What gender is superior?’ she demands, ‘Women’ he sheepishly answers. ‘I’m done with you’ she finally adds, no longer having any use for him now that she has had her climax. Who knows, maybe the slave will get a chance at orgasm in 13 days. Maybe.

Pleasing The Female   verbal debasement slave orgasm oral pleasure mistress climax chastity

This Femdom scene contains:

  • Chastity Oral

Oral Pleasure For Her

Dawn is watching a do it yourself show on tv, but she decides she doesn’t want to do it herself. Instead she calls her bitch over to do the work, to lick her pussy until she climaxes. The slave gets to work as Dawns whip guides him. ‘Suck on it harder’ she commands and the slave does his best. ‘Harder!’ she says and whips the slave to make sure he obeys. Dawn just lies back and enjoys herself, whipping the poor slave as he does his best to please her. ‘Did I say you could get off that pussy?’ she yells and whips the slave hard when he dares to slow down. When she’s finally satisfied she kicks the slave away and says ‘Go away, I don’t need you anymore’. The slave goes back to his chores and Dawn resumes comfortably watching tv.

Oral Pleasure For Her   whipping slave oral pleasure lick pussy climax

Tristan Kingsley, Nika Noire

Tristan Kingsley, Nika Noire   worship feet Twisted Factory strapon fuck slave Russian Goddess pussy punishing orgasm denial Nika Noire climax BDSM

Tristan Kingsley, Nika Noire

When Chanta’s away, Nika will play with any hot girl she can find in the Twisted Factory. Tristan is nervous about BDSM but becomes an awesome bound sex slave for Russian Goddess Nika Noire. After being flogged and having her nipples clamped, Tristan’s mouth is put to work. She is used to lick pussy, ass and worship feet as Nika swaps between punishing her, and cumming on her face. This is a lesson in orgasm denial for Tristan who has to wait until the final hard strapon fuck before she is permitted to climax.

FYI, this shoot was directed by JJ, one of our new staff members at Twisted Factory. He would love your feedback on the shoot. Take care, Chanta!

— Chanta

Amber Rayne, Rico

Amber Rayne, Rico   wormboy strapon slave pleasure fucks face sits domina cunt cock rope climax buttplug bondage Amber Rayne abuses

Amber Rayne, Rico

Amber Rayne is a lot of Domina in a small package. rico may be fooled into thinking that this petite Woman doesn’t have power, but the initial cock slapping is enough to change that opinion. Amber gags her slave and orders him to crawl on all fours, she makes him get his cock hard so she can use it to fuck and pleasure herself. The more she verbally and mentally abuses her wormboy, the closer she comes to climaxing. After placing rico in rope bondage, she suspends him and fucks him fiercely with her strapon before shoving a huge buttplug up his ass. Now on his back, Amber face-sits him and pleasures herself, releasing cunt juices all over her slave’s face.

amber rocks

— stuships

TJ West, Mika Tan

TJ West, Mika Tan   slave mistress Mika Tan fuck flogging climax bitchboy

TJ West, Mika Tan

Upon finding cum mess in her slave’s bathroom, Mistress Mika confronts tj, who reluctantly fesses up to pleasuring himself without permission. For this he is punished with a hard flogging, and teased without being allowed to climax. She ropes her bitchboy up tight, orders his dick hard, and makes him fuck her in doggy. Reversing positions, Mistress Mika shows tj just how hard a doggy fuck should be.

Mika is my Queen hw i wish 2 serve her 4ever and be her slave ,,,,the shot is very hot ,,,and nice video quality,,,,i hope i will see more & more from my only Queen Mistress Mika…i love u…

— hushus13

This Femdom scene contains:

  • mika tan femdom
  • Nylon Femdom