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Cherry Torn Beats Sleazy Porn Producer Down

When arrogant porn producer, D. Arclyte tries to pull his usual misogynistic bullshit on Cherry Torn he quickly is made to regret it. D. suffers in elaborate bondage as he is whipped, flogged, caned, fed his own thick nasty filth, and fucked deep in his ass. Cherry administers intense CBT as he begs for her forgiveness for being such a wretched waste of space. Cherry gets her own pleasure by watching him lick her sweaty asshole as she cums all over his face.

Cherry Torn Beats Sleazy Porn Producer Down   whipped sweaty asshole flogged Cherry Torn caned bondage asshole licking ass fucking

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • 高跟FUCK

Lusty Cherry Torn Teases, Torments and Fucks K Dynamite

Cherry Torn is a brunette goddess, and an intimidating, determined dom to Kink newcomer, K Dynamite. His nervousness and apprehension are on full display as he submits to Cherry, and she takes immense delight in toying with that nervousness. Cherry starts out kind, teasing K with the light brushing of a flogger, before striking him with it increasingly hard. K Dynamite wears a mask with his mouth covered, so Cherry teases him with her luscious wet pussy, right up against his face. She leans over so he can feel her beautiful body against him, such an overwhelmingly wonderful sensation, as she licks and then bites his cock. The whole time all he can do is stare straight into her perfect pussy, just out of tongue’s reach. The torment continues as Cherry works K Dynamite for his absolute devotion, and a promise that he’ll offer up his asshole for her to fuck. He’s clearly not looking forward to that pounding, but he wants to please his mistress, so he’ll do what she demands. Cherry gets fucking crazy turned on by K Dynamite’s fear, and just as excited by his enthusiasm. A slave can be afraid, but brave, and K is both. Cherry starts him off with a finger in his ass, just to ramp up his fears. He knows her cock is going to slide inside him soon, and she’s going to peg him deep. But he’s ready to please. Ready to take that cock. Cherry flips him onto his back so she can see the look in his eyes when she finally rams her hard cock inside him and pegs him to within an inch of his life. She is not disappointed. She slides that hard strap-on in and out of K Dynamite’s insanely tight ass, and at the same time shoves her feet into his mouth. It’s a huge challenge for him, but he take it and takes it. He loves foot worship, but he struggles through the ass fucking. Cherry finally cums hard, satisfied by the predictability of a vibrator and the eager wetness of K’s hungry mouth and tongue. And once she’s satisfied, she concludes that K Dynamite–while a good sport and a dedicated submissive–has served his purpose.

Lusty Cherry Torn Teases, Torments and Fucks K Dynamite   vibrator slave rough sex pussy eating prostate stimulation pegging orgasm denial mask male sub humiliation foot worship fingering femdom feet face sitting dominatrix Cherry Torn CBT brunette bondage BDSM

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Husband Shaming: An Anal Attitude Adjustment – Cherry Torn

Cherry Torn is fed up with her husband Ruckus sneaking all over the house jerking his dick to filthy porn when he isn’t keeping her pussy satisfied. After another boring night in bed alone she catches him red handed, obsessing over tight little buttholes getting blown wide open by fat cocks. Suddenly it all becomes clear, she’s been a sweet little wifey for her “macho man”, when what he really needs is an anal attitude adjustment. Cherry decides to purge Ruckus’ shame and guilt surrounding the male asshole by fucking the toxic masculinity right out of him. This treatment will continue until he can admit his true desires. For the sake of their marriage. Her lessons includes caning, flogging, pussy licking, ass worship, chastity, and deep, hard strap on fucking.

Husband Shaming: An Anal Attitude Adjustment   Cherry Torn   strap on fucking pussy licking flogging Cherry Torn chastity caning ass worship

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Cherry Torn’s Tea Service and Slave Punishment – Cherry Torn

It’s tea time in the Armory and Pathetic slave Artemis Faux is ready to worship and serve the exquisite FemDomme Mistress Cherry Torn. Restrained in leather bondage, Artemis is prepared for corporal punishment, face sitting, smothering and high heels foot worshipping. Cherry decides to tie her willing slave up for tight rope bondage cock torment before zapping him with electricity and strap-on fucking. Artemis finally pleases his mistress with a dildo gag orgasm all over his pathetic face.

Cherry Torns Tea Service and Slave Punishment   Cherry Torn   strap on fucking smothering slave punishment rope bondage orgasm mistress leather bondage high heels foot worshipping face sitting electricity dildo gag corporal punishment cock torment Cherry Torn

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • cherry torn tea service

Cherry Torn, Audrey Leigh

Cherry Torn, Audrey Leigh   sucking fuck dildo gag cunt Cherry Torn breast bondage bondage Audrey Leigh

Cherry Torn, Audrey Leigh

Audrey Leigh returns to fuck and dominate the true submissive Cherry Torn in a gorgeous scene filled with beautiful rope bondage. After being ordered to crawl around and worship Audrey’s shoes, Cherry is inspected, her ass is spanked until red, and her nipples are pinched until she screams. Electrodes are then placed on either side of her cunt, shocking the vulva as Audrey pushes a metal hook in. In tight breast bondage, Cherry is flogged before being ordered to please Audrey with a dildo gag. In a final bent-over strapado tie, Cherry demonstrates her hungry cock sucking skills and gets fucked hard by Audrey’s strapon cock.

cherry proves life ia a bowl of cherries fifty percent pits [pain] to go with the tasty fruit

— pingomatic

This Femdom scene contains:

  • dildo gag tumblr

Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn, Berlin   tight asshole spanks slave pussy pain slut lesbian domination fuckdoll Cherry Torn Berlin BDSM ass licker

Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn becomes Mz. Berlin’s latest sex slave in her search for the best pussy and ass licker in BDSM today. Cherry’s tits are tied tight and she tries to hide some bruises she has with a slutty red skirt. When questioned, Cherry admits to receiving 22 birthday spankings from 3 different friends. Berlin reacts by giving her 66 spanks and cane hits before fucking her ass deep. Cherry worships Berlin’s boots before earning her wet pussy and tight asshole. Many forced orgasms are taken from Cherry as she swaps between sex gimp, pain slut and fuckdoll in this lesbian domination scene.

Well, better dive into rough waters naked of metaphors. Good shoot but no mind blower on the road. No real chemistry between the girls, not because of lack of game cleverness, but of link of personal empathy. I’m partial. For I feel empathy with Berlin, and I remember if this shoot is n° 342, her superb shoot with Daisy Strong is n° 346 at the Factory. So, I will bind myself to say I’m in empathy with this new turn into Mz_Berlin’s domming – the natural way to play the dome which is for me her greatest upcoming in recent times. But I’m afraid to recognize I am unable to feel empathy with Cherry, at least Cherry-342. This rather tough girl seems to me stranger to the scene, through defensive and smiling mood, so she suffers (an enjoys) but is not INTO it very much. The two personalities do not match closely. I have said my truth : you can cut me into pieces.

— regisjean

Cherry Torn, Daac Ramsey and Julie Simone

Cherry Torn, Daac Ramsey and Julie Simone   strapon slave pussy pleasure painful Julie Simone flogging Cherry Torn bitchboy

Cherry Torn, Daac Ramsey and Julie Simone

Julie Simone hears that daac ramsey is a very good male slave, with a cock that’s always hard and ready. She wants to find out for herself. With cherry torn tied up in the corner, she ties daac’s balls tight with painful twine before flogging his chest and body. Painful clothespins are applied all over daac’s balls and cherry is ordered to pull them off with her mouth, then her mouth is pushed down onto daac’s dick. Julie places a hood over daac’s head before she fucks his ass viciously with her strapon cock, all the while forcing her bitchboy to pleasure cherry’s pussy.

I loved this MORE PLEASE!!!

— chainh_yus

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