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Rancher Mona Wales Breeds New Beefcake Pierce Paris

Tough rancher babe Mona Wales brings on new ranch hand Pierce Paris to help her around the farm. Pierce is 100% Grade A Beef and a bonafide horndog. All the blood in his body rushes straight to his huge boner as his hot new boss shows him around. Once Mona leaves him to work, he whips out his fat cock. But as soon as he starts pullin’ the pud, Mona returns and catches him redhanded. Mona knows there’s only one thing to do with farmboys like Pierce — treat ’em like the cattle she breeds and this here young buck looks like he’ll be proper breeding stock. She stuffs his mouth full of hay and instructs him to continue jerking off until he spills his seed. She inspects his balls and crushes his face with her ass. She covers his balls in closepins and makes him moo as she jerks him off into a bucket. Then she ties him up on all fours and shoves her big fat cock into his tight ass. Pierce struggles in bondage but is unable to escape Mona’s relentless pounding. Once Pierce is all stretched out, she uses his own cum to fist his asshole. She deposits his load of cum back in his ass and continues to jerk him off. Now that he’s stuffed full of jizz, she strings him up. Pierce hangs upside down, unable to move. Mona flogs him all over his front before letting him lick her asshole. Mona cums hard all over his stupid animal face and brings him down so she can take his meat for a test drive. He worships her cunt with his eager tongue and then begs her to use her cock. Mona is ready to see how well this stock breeds and slides her cock right into her wet warm cunt. She rides Pierce rough and dirty, and makes him moo like the cow he is. Her orgasms keep coming as she squirts all over his pathetic face. Once he blows his final load, Mona decides it’s time to use the cattle prod to mark her new piece of meat.

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Sandra Romain’s Captive Cargo Submits to Inspections

The stunning busty Femdomme Sandra Romain dressed in stockings and high heel boots has been waiting for her shipment to finally arrive. All tied up and pathetic Oscar Beyer arrives tied up in rope bondage on a shipping palette. This helpless slave submits to corporal punishment by the beautiful Sandra. Is this sad loser worthy enough to please his mistress? Will he earn the right to taste her precious delicious dripping shaved cunt? Not until his ass is bright red! Let’s not forget his loser tiny cock. That small soft dick and balls are also tied up in rope bondage. His cock isn’t even worthy enough to fuck with, but Sandra knows what to do. She starts fucking his cock hole with her finger. His dick pussy gets worked over hard before she switches over to tormenting his balls. Tied up even tighter in rope bondage she stretches his cock and ball sack to the limits. Finally someone needs to get fucked and Sandra reveals her huge strap-on cock ready for his asshole to be pounded. His screams can only be amplified more when Sandra brings out the cattle prod to zap the fuck out her slave.

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Naughty, Naughty Chad – Mz Berlin, Dia Zerva, Chad Rock

Mz Berlin has given the naughty Chad Rock the perfect BDSM ultimatum take his punishment like a man and go home with super sexy Dia Zerva or face the wrath of Mz Berlin. First Chad is suspended by his feet as Berlin and Dia flog and cattle prod him into submission. Then Berlin and Dia take turns milking his pathetic cock and smothering his face with their beautiful asses. Finally, Berlin and Dia pound his tight little asshole with their giant strap-on cocks. After being fucked and humiliated, Chad is left with Dia and Dia will do whatever she sees fit to this naughty sub.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • mz Berlin chad rock
  • Divine Bitches