• Divine Bitches - Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys: Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

Phoenix Marie, Nika Noire and Les Moore

Phoenix Marie, Nika Noire and Les Moore   wormboy whipping strapon punishment Phoenix Marie pervert Nika Noire humiliated capturing bound abusing

Phoenix Marie, Nika Noire and Les Moore

les moore spies on Nika and Phoenix Marie making out after a night on the town. When he’s discovered, these two beauties waste no time in capturing the pervert and drag him into their room where he’s bound tight, stripped down, and punished with a sound whipping. The two ladies make fun of the wormboy for having a floppy penis, they order him to worship and lick both of their arse holes, and use his cock for their own pleasure. Finally they take out their strapon cocks and go to work on les’ mouth and arse, leaving him very worn out and humiliated.

«To be or not to be [hard]» – Part I : «To be [peep viewer] or not to be [off peep view]?». Lesbians scene, hurting and abusing a guy having not only bad tries at peeping private lesbian intercourse, but bad habits to be soft to his hard-on. A great scene, full of enthusiastic reciprocal playing, girls hysteria and clever story-line. Sound and fury. Les makes the scream music. Nika transmits the rhythm and Phoenix plays the counterpoint. I do not feel reproachable lacks in the acting, so present is the play of Nika, notably, showing she is not only a sadist, but gifted for comedy too, with amazing speed, intricate fluid face mimics and closeness to the partners. The pains for punishment sake and forced stimulations to have the peeper come are finely mixed. Little experience still from me of that sort of scenes, but the feeling we’re here on a true ground. A shoot abusively underrated at a 4.2 level. An delightful moment for me and a great shoot.

— regisjean

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