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Audrey Leigh, Madison Young and Wild Bill

Audrey Leigh, Madison Young and Wild Bill   worthless tormented strapon gagged flogged deep throats captive bound ass worship

Audrey Leigh, Madison Young and Wild Bill

Dr. bill is caught seducing and behaving inappropriately with a patient. Audrey quickly grabs a camera and snaps a couple of compromising pictures to blackmail him with. Caught in the act, bill now must submit to any kinky game Audrey wants to play. Both bill and his patient are bound and gagged, flogged and tormented with electrical toys. dirty and kinky games follow where doctor and patient are ordered to do things to each other. Audrey orders bill to fuck madison, and she realizes the doctor needs to be taught how to fuck. So she binds bill in doggy and fucks him in the ass with her strapon while madison deep-throats him with hers. Next he’s turned onto his back and ordered to worship Audrey’s feet while madison is commanded to ride the worthless doctor until he’s drained.

There aren’t nearly enough male/female co-captive scenes on the net. They illustrate my favorite fantasy. This one was awesome. More please.

— Pet Slave

Tease and Torment Time

Tease and Torment Time   whipping tormenting mistresses imagination dominatrixes cruel femdoms captive bound male bound BDSM A trio of dominatrixes works over a penitent captive in this hot little BDSM flick. This trio of cruel FemDoms enjoys tormenting their bound male captive, any way they can. Hmmm… as the famous poet said, “Let me count the ways.”Wanna count the ways they torment their guy? Well, to start, they enjoy toying with his cock. And then… let’s see… they also enjoy flashing cunt at him. Oh… and did Ii mention that they flash their twats at him while whipping him? Hmmm… I left that little detail out. But the Mistresses don’t leave anything out… or leave anything to the imagination.

This Femdom scene contains:

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Kind Captor

Kind Captor   torture slave satisfaction pleasure mistress humiliation hardcore fucking captive BDSM A benevolent mistress gives her captive real pleasure. His hands are tied behind his back, but the rest of him is free… except his cock, which is condomized, indicative of the fact that Mistress has plans for him that extend beyond mere torture or humiliation. Still, there’s plenty of that in this movie, too, and fans of hardcore BDSM won’t be disappointed. But it is nice to know that a slave can sometimes get satisfaction from a benevolent Mistress who looks out for her slave’s pleasure and takes care of his needs. Watch the slave happily fucking his benevolent Mistress!

How to Treat a Cock

How to Treat a Cock   stockinged feet slave mistress cruel captive BDSM Here’s a Mistress with a kind streak — but not to worry: She also has a cruel side. You see, she stomps on her slave’s cock… among the other nasty things she does to him. She really knows how to hurt a guy! But then she lets her captive get off: She gives her slave a treat by jerking him off between her stockinged feet. Back and forth his cock slides between her nyloned insteps. Is it kind to be cruel or is it cruel to be kind? In the BDSM world, that’s a tough question to answer, but a valid one. So… is this Mistress kind, cruel, or both?

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