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Nothing For Pantywasters – Chapter One – Carmen Rivera, Miss Emelie Bentley

Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie Bentley suddenly have a big slave-fish on their fishing-rod while they were enjoying the dat at their personal lake. As a welcome gift he gets a severe kick into his bowels. Both of the Mistresses are proving that even fishes can be afraid to drown. A merciless lashing of a peeping-tom makes this bizarre day perfect!

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Nothing For Pantywasters   Chapter One   Carmen Rivera, Miss Emelie Bentley   water boarding voyeur takedown slave single tail rope bondage pain outdoors male sub leather cuffs latex high heels gimp flogging femdom domination corset corporal punishment Carmen Rivera caning boot worship bondage bizarre ball gag

This Femdom scene contains:

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Husband Shaming: An Anal Attitude Adjustment – Cherry Torn

Cherry Torn is fed up with her husband Ruckus sneaking all over the house jerking his dick to filthy porn when he isn’t keeping her pussy satisfied. After another boring night in bed alone she catches him red handed, obsessing over tight little buttholes getting blown wide open by fat cocks. Suddenly it all becomes clear, she’s been a sweet little wifey for her “macho man”, when what he really needs is an anal attitude adjustment. Cherry decides to purge Ruckus’ shame and guilt surrounding the male asshole by fucking the toxic masculinity right out of him. This treatment will continue until he can admit his true desires. For the sake of their marriage. Her lessons includes caning, flogging, pussy licking, ass worship, chastity, and deep, hard strap on fucking.

Husband Shaming: An Anal Attitude Adjustment   Cherry Torn   strap on fucking pussy licking flogging Cherry Torn chastity caning ass worship

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Chronic Masturbator D. Seeks Sick & Twisted Therapy From Aiden Starr!! – Aiden Starr

Chronic masturbation is an American epidemic. It is the scourge of the 21st century. Men like D. Arclyte are spilling and wasting their seed when they should be using it for other things. Sex is for procreation only! It’s time for Aiden to teach this seed-spilling patriarchal slime case a lesson in the Feminine Divine. It’s not going to be fun, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s for his own good. Since D. is such a pathetic case Aiden has to take this session to a sick dark place with flogging, caning, cropping, extreme chastity, sounding, deep hard strap on fucking, pussy and ass worship, and verbal humiliation.

Chronic Masturbator D. Seeks Sick & Twisted Therapy From Aiden Starr!!   Aiden Starr   verbal humiliation strap on fucking flogging cropping caning ass worship Aiden Starr

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Dress Sexy – Artemis Faux, London River

London doesn’t start Artemis with a warmup. She wants to hear him groan in pain from her first lash at him and she succeeds. But he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it as much as he should. London knows from personal experience that pain feels better for a masochist who the masochist feels attractive, so London decides that Artemis would enjoy himself more if she replaced his boring athletic socks with some pretty heels. To make the heels fun she has placed bottle caps inside them so the balls of his feet will be pressed into the hard, sharp metal. He already seems to be enjoying himself more. London secures Artemis to the stage with an anal lock and has Artemis dress in lingerie and stockings. He completes his makeup while she torments him with a cane and electricity. Artemis gets tougher the more girly he appears. This is no surprise to someone like London who knows that for a man to even get close to being as tough as a woman he has to take on the persona of one. He is then bent over a table and notices that he has not done as good a job grooming as she expects of her men. She proceeds to fix this problem by waxing the hair off his taint. He squirms and squeals as she rips hair in strips off his sensitive skin. When she is finally satisfied she rewards him with a hard spanking and an even harder caning. Finally London secures Artemis’ cock and balls before she proceeds to vibrate and fuck his pristine, hairless ass.

Dress Sexy   Artemis Faux, London River   flogging electrical play corporal punishment caning anal penetration anal lock anal bondage

Dick Tied – Rick Hunt, London River

Rick Hunt saw Topgrl and knew he had to apply to be in a shoot with London. He was so enthusiastic that she decided that he wouldn’t go home disappointed. London loves a hard cock, especially when it only gets harder when she introduces pain. London first ties Rick on his knees, securing his member to the floor. She attaches some binder clips to some of his more sensitive areas before pulling out the single tail and adding stripes to his exposed chest. She canes his inner thighs as his screams are muffled by his tape gagged mouth. She then removes the clips, dragging them off his skin agonizingly slow and pinching the marks left over to get a few more screams out of him. London Then bending him over, propping his ass up by his balls and proceeds to whip him and shock his exposed testicles. She giggles with delights as he wails some more. Finally she puts a leather hood on him and bends him over, securing his cock in a fleshlight as she fucks his ass. She has a vibrator tied to his junk so she can play with him some more while she rails him hard. Rick cums hard before she is through with him and through with him, she leaves him panting in the darkness of his hood.

Dick Tied   Rick Hunt, London River   strap on sex London River electrical play deep throat corporal punishment caning big dick ass play anal sex anal penetration anal fingering anal bondage fucking anal bondage

This Femdom scene contains:

  • london river femdom

Rain Degre, Julie Simone

Rain Degre, Julie Simone   whore sucking strapon pussy pain Julie Simone cunt caning

Rain Degre, Julie Simone

Bondage Rigger Extraordinaire Julie Simone knows a dirty whore when she sees one. Bound tightly in expert rope bondage with elbows together, Rain suffers through the humiliation of being washed. She is scrubbed with a harsh brush and ordered to douche her dirty pussy for the world to see. With one leg raised, her tits are covered in clothespins and Julie’s fingers slide in to Rain’s wet pussy. This whore get’s aroused when pain is inflicted upon her so she is placed in a hogtie and receives a brutal soles-of-feet caning before being taught the art of cock sucking on Julie’s strapon. On her back, in a spider web of rope and with a mouthful of ball-gag, Rain is fucked hard. Julie flicks a whip at her tits intermittently as she thrusts her strapon dick into Rain’s whore cunt before leaving for the evening.

Excellent. Thanks for the foot tickling and caning scene. Keep it up.

— bastinado

This Femdom scene contains:

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Amber Rayne, Daac Ramsey

Amber Rayne, Daac Ramsey   whore tease and denial sex slave pain humiliating dominant caning bondage ass worship

Amber Rayne, Daac Ramsey

Dominant and serious as ever, Amber Rayne takes daac places he may have never dreamed. Harsh caning, humiliating tease and denial, and tight bondage reduce daac to nothing more than a man-whore piece of sex-slave meat to be used for Amber’s insatiable appetite for sex and inflicting pain.

Amber Rayne is the best! Would like to see some scenes with Ass Worship (lots of sniffing & smelling).

— David

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