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Young Mistress Fiona

That young mistress was not afraid of Peter; she started to spit on him and torment him immediately. She got crazy fucking his ass, but then Peter came inside her mouth and that was a big mistake for him.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • KAU8

Raven-Haired Slut

It’s always easy to get some bitches if you have money. This mistress was not so brutal — she prefers to tease and suck and fuck cocks. Still, it was a good lesson!

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • gangbang forced cockclod

Thomas Can’t Stand Up

He cant move when that expensive bitch enters our torment chamber. She can do anything with him, with his body, with his cock and especially with his ass. She wont even let him fuck her pussy, but just teases him until he cums. Angel-faced mistress.

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Chanel Preston Takes Payment From Reed Jameson in Painful Installments

The stunning goddess Chanel Preston is head of the Divine Investments Firm. This beautiful busty brunette demands your worship and attention. Dressed for business in her short skirt, stocking and high heels, this femdom mistress commands authority in her business. Today is a very special day though, it has come to her attention a pathetic worker Reed Jameson, a lead investor she has spent hard time training up, has been caught skimming. Tied up tight to a chair in rope bondage in the company basement, it’s time for him to pay back every penny. Still in his business suit, his pathetic cock hangs out ready for punishment. There is nothing this loser thief can say now to save his sorry ass. Chanel stuffs his mouth shut with a red ball gag to muffle his screams from the painful clover clamps on his nipples. It’s a good thing they are in the basement, because this pain slave gets a corporal punishment beating with the cane next before the flogger comes out. His thighs turn bright red before Chanel changes her focus to his sensitive cock and balls. Using her high heels she squashes that pathetic phallus as Reed squirms in pain. Chanel takes a bucket of clamps and slowly clips each one onto his sack. The pain gets Reed rock hard before Chanel takes her stocking foot and applies hard pressure to his most sensitive balls. Finally ripping each clamp off brings huge screams as she laughs in his face. And Chanel is just beginning. Tied up again in rope bondage, stripped naked, Reed is ready to pay everything back with his ass. With a big black strap-on Chanel pounds his horny hole. This deep anal causes Reed to scream even louder before she pulls out and shoves that cock in his mouth. Tied up once again with his hard cock out, it’s time for Chanel to take what she wants. Pussy licking, smothering, hard fucking, and foot worshipping brings this femdom mistress pleasure.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • bdsm tenderised balls
  • mistress pleasure cbt
  • rough cbt hqcollect

Lusty Cherry Torn Teases, Torments and Fucks K Dynamite

Cherry Torn is a brunette goddess, and an intimidating, determined dom to Kink newcomer, K Dynamite. His nervousness and apprehension are on full display as he submits to Cherry, and she takes immense delight in toying with that nervousness. Cherry starts out kind, teasing K with the light brushing of a flogger, before striking him with it increasingly hard. K Dynamite wears a mask with his mouth covered, so Cherry teases him with her luscious wet pussy, right up against his face. She leans over so he can feel her beautiful body against him, such an overwhelmingly wonderful sensation, as she licks and then bites his cock. The whole time all he can do is stare straight into her perfect pussy, just out of tongue’s reach. The torment continues as Cherry works K Dynamite for his absolute devotion, and a promise that he’ll offer up his asshole for her to fuck. He’s clearly not looking forward to that pounding, but he wants to please his mistress, so he’ll do what she demands. Cherry gets fucking crazy turned on by K Dynamite’s fear, and just as excited by his enthusiasm. A slave can be afraid, but brave, and K is both. Cherry starts him off with a finger in his ass, just to ramp up his fears. He knows her cock is going to slide inside him soon, and she’s going to peg him deep. But he’s ready to please. Ready to take that cock. Cherry flips him onto his back so she can see the look in his eyes when she finally rams her hard cock inside him and pegs him to within an inch of his life. She is not disappointed. She slides that hard strap-on in and out of K Dynamite’s insanely tight ass, and at the same time shoves her feet into his mouth. It’s a huge challenge for him, but he take it and takes it. He loves foot worship, but he struggles through the ass fucking. Cherry finally cums hard, satisfied by the predictability of a vibrator and the eager wetness of K’s hungry mouth and tongue. And once she’s satisfied, she concludes that K Dynamite–while a good sport and a dedicated submissive–has served his purpose.

Lusty Cherry Torn Teases, Torments and Fucks K Dynamite   vibrator slave rough sex pussy eating prostate stimulation pegging orgasm denial mask male sub humiliation foot worship fingering femdom feet face sitting dominatrix Cherry Torn CBT brunette bondage BDSM

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Fingered And Fucked: Sandra Romain Trains Secret Agent – Sandra Romain, Secret Agent

Busty Brunette FemDomme Sandra Romain is running the show in her dark dungeon room. She is stunning dressed in tight blue stockings with high heeled boots. Her beautiful big round ass controls your attention. And you will give her your attention as she trains her Secret Agent. Tall black and hung, this man is ready to be dominated. Tied up in tight rope bondage suspension and faced covered in leather. This hungry bottom will do anything to please his dominant mistress. Corporal punishment is up first. A brutal flogging from Sandra gets Secret screaming. Next the Femdom Sadra Romain focuses on Agents pierced hung hard cock. His cock and balls are brutally tormented. Stretched and abused.His thick black pubes ripped out with screams of pleasure. She puts her sex toy on the ground and ties him tight. Sandra uses her full body weight to crush her pet under those tall high heels. Stomping on his body he begs for more. Sandra delivers her dripping wet divine pussy to smother his face. Her obedient toy delivers pussy licking, but that is just to tease and torment him. She returns to punish the rest of his body before 69ing and taking what she needs. Finally on her twisted mind, she gets the black gloves out to stretch out this toys anal hole. She must get that ass ready and stretched before she puts on her strap-on. He is ready and begging for a pegging. Sandra Romain delivers a brutal strap on fucking to her willing pet bottom. Blindfolded he has no idea what’s to come, but he loves and devours every second of it. Do not miss this deviant and twisted, captive male. This one will deliver all your darkest fantasies for fem dom and male torment.

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Fingered And Fucked: Sandra Romain Trains Secret Agent   Sandra Romain, Secret Agent   suspension strapon fucking strap on stockings Sandra Romain rope bondage pegging leather high heels gloves flogging femdom dungeon corporal punishment brunette bondage

This Femdom scene contains:

  • sandra romain and secret agent femdom

Strapon makes slave moan

Gorgeous Tori is burning to demonstrate you her favorite toy, but to give a complete picture she invites Pavlik who doesn’t suspect of babe’s intention. Some minutes pass and the guy appears on his knees with a huge strapon deep inside his asshole. View the whole gallery and enjoy the brunette doing her favorite dirty work!

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Slave’s ass endures testing

Sexy Dana caught her lustful slave when he was jerking off while reading one of her numerous xxx magazines, and now the brunette is burning to punish the naked guy for taking it without permission. Kinky mistress will drill slave’s tight anal hole with her hard enormous strapon until the fella realizes his fault!

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