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Charley, Berlin

Charley, Berlin   strapado squirts slapped pussy painful suspension lick ass forced orgasm foot worship face slapping breasts bound bondage fuckdoll Berlin

Charley, Berlin

We have found another amazing bondage fuckdoll in Charley Chase! In a strapado tie, her clothes are cut from her body, she is gagged, flogged, slapped and given a forced orgasm before one leg is lifted, and the other, leaving her in a painful suspension. Next, with her breasts bound, Charley is spanked, ordered to crawl around, taught how to suck cock and lick ass, and squirts everywhere when given permission to cum. She is fucked hard in a difficult piledriver position and is then made part of the wall. Her elbows tied together and her pussy hooked leave her completely immobile for foot worship, face slapping and more forced orgasms! We think Berlin may be in love with this fresh piece of meat.

Diesel said it all…Charley will you marry me?..Mz Berlin is my favorite domme all time..what do you guys at tf call this set/room?…awesome shoot 5.0…

— russjob

This Femdom scene contains:

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  • mistress face slapping
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